Luxury fruit: are you buying it?

I enjoy buying quality ingredients to cook and bake with, reasoning that a splurge on a lovely steak or locally grown, perfectly ripe peach is no more expensive than a mediocre meal in a restaurant. That said, there are some food items that I just cannot fathom buying regardless of my curiosity, usually because of their exorbitant price. I'm talking… read more

Food news antipasto

We start the weekly recap with a bit of sad news. One of New England's preeminent chefs, Jasper White, has died at the age of 69. White is credited with elevating the cuisine of Boston and the broader region by pairing fine dining techniques with local ingredients. Named best chef in the Northeast in the first-ever national James Beard Foundation… read more

Ready, set, grow!

As gardening season ramps up for much of the Northern Hemisphere, hopeful gardeners gingerly plant all manner of fruits and vegetables in anticipation of a bumper crop of tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers, squash, and more. Earlier today I put in the majority of transplants and will be adding seeds tomorrow. One thing I love about gardening is it allows me… read more

What are your favorite festival foods?

Although next weekend is the official kickoff for summer here in US, festivals, fairs, car shows, swap meets, concerts, and other mainly outdoor gatherings are already taking place. One thing all of these events have in common is that someone will be selling food from a concession stand or food truck. The usual fare where I live includes tacos (street… read more

June 2024 Great Big Cookbook Club Summary

As our members know, each month we offer several cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. There are other fun cookbook clubs around the interwebs and we’d like to highlight those for those members who might want to cook or bake something other than our choices.  We want to get this information out to you so you can prepare… read more

Cookbook Deals

I will update this post when time permits– new additions are always at the top of each bulleted list below. If no update is available, be sure to check the publisher links and "cookbook deals" links under each region as they are updated periodically. If you spot a deal that isn't in the links below (publishers and or separate entries) please… read more

Love your leftovers

Are you someone who looks forward to eating leftovers or the type who grimaces at the aging container of leftovers at the back of the refrigerator and pushing them aside day after day until it's too late? If you are the latter, Sue Quinn wants to change your mind, saying that it's time for leftovers to shine. If you are… read more

Fruitful Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US and Canada giveaway to win one of three copies of Fruitful: Sweet and Savoury Fruit Recipes Inspired by Farms, Orchards and Gardens by Sarah Johnson. Sarah Johnson is a pastry chef who trained under Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in San Francisco and currently splits her time between Spring Restaurant, London, and the much-feted Heckfield Place in… read more

Beware of Big Butter?

It seems fitting that a couple of days after I post about the increased demand for cottage cheese, I spied another article about how the dairy industry is using social media partnerships to drive up their sales. It seems that people are not just rediscovering the joys of cottage cheese, they are being paid to promote cheese, butter, and other… read more

Newt A Cookbook for All – Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win one of five copies of Newt: A Cookbook for All by Newt Nguyen. Newt Nguyen's mother is a talented Vietnamese cook who worked in various Vietnamese restaurants ever since she arrived in America. Newt had his first taste of cooking when he started selling Spam musubis in high school. Every school day for three… read more

Food news antipasto

Fans of the FX series The Bear were delighted to learn that Season 3 of the show would be airing beginning on June 27. In addition, the smash hit has been renewed for a fourth season, which will begin filming soon. The network stated that this season will follow Carmy, Richie, and Sydney as "they do what it takes to… read more

Influencers create demand for cottage cheese

While I was reading a recent article in The Guardian about how UK cottage cheese sales were booming, I recalled that I had written about this topic before. It was back in September of 2019, when experts predicted that the dairy product was poised to make a comeback. It may have taken a little longer than those experts predicted, but… read more

Kitchen perils demand a first aid kit

Most chefs have scars that tell of kitchen mishaps: burns, cuts, and abrasions are a job hazard. Home cooks face these same perils and most of us also have physical reminders of injuries that occurred at the cutting board, cooktop, or oven. When I was in college, I worked at a pizza place and for the longest time I had… read more

Taste Canada Awards long list; UK Guild of Food Writer’s short list, new blogs indexed and more

Mark your calendars - the new season of The Great American Baking Show begins airing on Roku on May 24th. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith both return as judges with Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry returning as hosts. While we are thinking baking, I want to tell our Members more about Sift: The Elements of Great Baking by Nicola Lambs.… read more

New blogs indexed

In February, Eat Your Books began adding vendor links for particular ingredients to our database. Now we have started indexing the recipes from those vendor sites. A selection of recipes from Diaspora Co. The following four sites have been indexed: Burlap & Barrel (263 recipes)VanillaPura (80 recipes)Diaspora Co. (202 recipes)Hayden Flour Mills (126 recipes) A selection of recipes from Hayden… read more

Taste Canada Awards longlist released

Now in its 27th year, Taste Canada / Saveurs du Canada has announced the longlist of 73 cookbooks vying for its coveted culinary writing awards. The Awards are presented to outstanding Canadian cookbooks in both English and French languages. The shortlist will be announced online on June 12, 2024 and the winners will be announced in autumn of this year (for reference,… read more

The Giveaway Roundup

All of our current giveaways are now on one convenient roundup which will be continually updated! If you are having any difficulties with entering our giveaways, please see our step-by-step help post. Giveaways are tagged by the countries the contests are open to. Bookmark the searches below for easy reference! To enter our contests click on the blue link beneath the… read more

UK Guild of Food Writers announces 2024 shortlist

The UK Guild of Food Writers announced the shortlist for its annual Awards in food writing and broadcasting. The winners will be revealed at a ceremony at the Royal Institution in London on Wednesday, 12 June. The awards highlight emerging voices as well as the industry's best-known food writers and broadcasters. Without further ado, the First Book Award nominees include:… read more

Food news antipasto

Are you brand loyal or do you seek out bargains with off-brand items? If the latter, you might want to check out Walmart's latest foray into upscale store-label products. The brand is named Bettergoods and is targeted at younger shoppers who want chef-quality items at affordable prices. Walmart hopes to roll out 300 items by autumn including "frozen foods, dairy… read more

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Everyone appreciates a reason to celebrate, especially when the festivities involve great food. This is evident in the widespread celebration of Cinco de Mayo far outside the borders of Mexico. It’s likely that many people who celebrate this day may not fully comprehend the history behind it: it is not, as many people believe, Mexico’s Independence Day, which is September… read more

Pizza Night and Emile Henry Pizza Stone Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win a copy of Pizza Night: Deliciously Doable Recipes for Pizza and Salad by Alexandra Stafford along with a Emile Henry pizza stone - in addition EYB is providing one copy of the book worldwide. Alexandra has a few events remaining on her book tour including an Ask Me Anything event in the Food52 Cookbook… read more

Cook Simply, Live Fully – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win one of two copies of Cook Simply, Live Fully: Flexible, Flavorful Dinner Recipes for Any Mood by Yasmin Fahr. In addition, EYB is providing one additional copy open worldwide. Please note the Events that Yasmin has on our Calendar. Cook Simply, Live Fully: Flexible, Flavorful Dinner Recipes for Any Mood by Yasmin Fahr offers 120 recipes… read more

How important is the recipe’s photo?

These days it's rare to find a cookbook that isn't filled with dozens (if not hundreds) of gorgeous, perfectly-styled photographs that accompany the recipes. Not only do these photos make one's mouth water, they also provide valuable context for the recipe. I've frequently used an accompanying photo to clear up confusion on how a dish is to be assembled or… read more

How well do you know eggs?

carton of eggs
Eggs are a staple food in nearly every cuisine, nearly indispensable in both cooking and baking. Although chicken eggs are the most commonly eaten kind today, throughout human history eggs from other birds were more popular. Plus our ancestors were eating eggs over 300,000 years ago! I learned these facts and more in Great British Chefs' comprehensive guide to eggs.… read more

James Beard Foundation 2024 Media Award Nominees

The James Beard Foundation has announced the nominees for its 2024 Media Awards, which includes cookbooks. The Book Awards are open to cookbooks and other non-fiction food or beverage-related books that were published in the United States in 2023. In a press release, Erica Skolnik, Chair of the James Beard Foundation’s Book Awards program, said "Food is more than sustenance—it's also… read more
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