Kindle Cookbook Deals & Prime Day Sales

Act quickly if any of these cookbooks interest you, as I'm not sure how long they will remain on sale. I will be updating this post frequently. If you are new to this post, please be sure to click on the "long term kindle deals" page for some great sales!

Please note:  Once a new kindle post is published, the previous week's post will be deleted. If you wish you can bookmark this search #kindle and the current post will always come up. Doing this you can check the post every day or couple days to find additions.


Long term AU Kindle deals can be found here.


Long term UK Kindle deals can be found here.



For those who love to read fiction and nonfiction - see other deals

Newer Kindle sales - look for updates throughout the week (see this link for long-term deals)

Seen anything interesting? Let us know & we'll share it!