Celebrate National Pizza Day

This one almost slipped by me, but once I saw that it was National Pizza Day I could not let it go unmentioned. Pizza, after all, was what got me through my college years – literally, because I worked my way through school at two different pizza joints. In my heyday, I could toss pizza dough with flair, although enough time has passed that the scars I received from the huge deck oven have faded (and with them my dough-tossing ability). Despite four years of making and serving pizza on a daily basis, I never got tired of eating it because the variations are nearly endless.

One of my favorite flavor combinations at the time was a sauerkraut and green olive pizza (can you tell I like sour flavors?). Making this pizza also meant no one tried to bum a slice off of me so I could enjoy the whole thing. I am nondenominational when it comes to pizza styles, happily eating Chicago, Detroit, Neapolitan, New York, California, St. Louis and any other style that is tossed my way. As for the age-old debate: I believe that pineapple is fine on pizza (although it is not my favorite topping).

The EYB Library contains over 20,000 pizza and calzone recipes, with almost 4,000 of those available online. Below are some Member favorites – which is your favorite kind of pizza?

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  • lean1  on  February 10, 2022

    Roman style is my personal favorite. Chicago deep dish 2nd.

  • jay.moe  on  February 11, 2022

    24-48 hour pizza dough from The Elements of Pizza by Ken Forkish is my favorite pizza dough. The pizza compares to a crust made in a good pizza oven. Crispy kale pizza with marinara sauce from Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor is my favorite pizza toppings. Although it is a vegetarian recipe, I sometimes add a little italian sausage.

  • Plutarch  on  February 14, 2022

    My Gozney Roccbox is a dream for making pizza. 90 seconds or less to cook pizzas is definitely the way. I can use gas or the wood fired method and with more pizza books than you can shake a pizza peel at. Delicious.

  • sayeater  on  February 14, 2022

    Pizza is a food group in our house. We never met a style we didn’t like. I haven’t really perfected a home pie, but make a pretty good pan pizza copycat from that place with the red roof:)

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