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The Gourmand Cookbook Awards winners were recently announced, with a whopping 45-page listing by country. Each category in the awards contains multiple winners, considered the “Best in the World” for their respective topics or regions. The list is sprawling and contains worldwide submissions for various cities, countries, and subjects. While you may not recognize all of the authors or titles, there are many chefs and other food writers familiar to cookbook aficionados. One of Jenny’s favorite books Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu took best first book, US.

This week’s cooking tips come to us from Australian chefs Orazio D’Elia and Matteo Ernandes. They are co-owners of the Italian restaurant Da Orazio, and they offer several tips and tricks on making the best homemade pizza. Their number one piece of advice: invest in a really good cheese. Of course, you can use one of the 4,000+ online pizza recipes in the EYB Library for inspiration, like the Seventy-two-hour pizza dough from Baking with Steel by Andris Lagsdin and Jessie Oleson Moore.

Around the holidays leftovers seem to propagate in the refrigerator. Between parties, open houses, and family gatherings, containers filled with various mains, sides, and desserts threaten to spill out of the fridge. It can be a challenge to get through them before another round takes its place. If you have something hiding in the back of the fridge you might wonder if it’s still okay to eat, and that can involve using the tried-and-true “sniff test”. But is this actually a reliable way to tell whether something is safe to consume? Southern Living answers this question and provides us with food safety advice. In case you missed it my The luxury of leftovers was posted yesterday.

Saveur is one of the most popular magazines in the EYB Library, and its corresponding website is home to more than 7,000 recipes. Recently that website received a massive overhaul. As Kate Berry explains, Saveur “debated everything from the placement of buttons to the reorganization of all our content—but we’re thrilled to bring nearly 30 years of award-winning storytelling onto a platform that’s more immersive, intuitive, and designed to serve as your daily destination for food inspiration.”

Just like clothing, hairstyles, and furniture, food and drink go in and out of fashion. What’s hip and exciting one year can be old-fashioned and stuffy the next. This phenomenon even happens with wine grapes, as The Guardian explains in its story about what happened to merlot, formerly one of the most popular varietals that now barely even registers to most wine drinkers.

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  • averythingcooks  on  November 28, 2022

    I scanned the full Gourmand document casually looking for Canadian titles that might interest me and was thrilled to see The Artful Pie Project listed as a winner in the pastry category. Thanks to EYB, I had discovered / ordered this title and only then found out that it was photographed & illustrated by an old friend (Deb Garlick) from my years on Vancouver Island…and we have now reconnected after at least 30 years! The book is full of wonderful recipes and Deb’s talents truly bring them life.

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