Finally some good news about food prices

As shoppers faced escalating prices for everything from butter to vegetables in the past couple of years, it felt like there was no end to the rising cost of groceries. It seems as though we may have turned a corner recently. Food prices have inched down in the last couple of months for many categories including dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

Regarding the last item in that list, NPR recently reported that egg prices in the US have come down substantially in recent weeks, and there are no more shortages being reported. Egg prices had been affected by several factors, including an avian flu outbreak and general inflationary pressures. Thankfully the flu outbreak appears to be contained, and prices have returned to their lowest level in months. I noticed that the sign noting a limit on the number of cartons shoppers could buy of one particular brand has been removed after being in place for several months.

This bit of good news is tempered by the fact that prices are still substantially higher than pre-pandemic levels and families are still feeling the pinch. A few items such as cereals and grains have even crept up a bit in recent weeks. But overall, it feels like the pressure is easing when it comes to grocery bills. I might celebrate by making a chiffon cake, perhaps the Strawberry and lemon chiffon cake with honey-lemon glaze from Marbled, Swirled, and Layered by Irvin Lin, one of my favorites that seemed indulgent of late because it requires over half a dozen eggs. When I could only find eggs sporadically at the height of the pandemic shortages, it felt like a chiffon cake might never be in reach again, so any time I make one now it feels extraordinarily special. When I bake this cake it serves as a reminder of my good fortune and I revel in every delicious bite.

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  • Rella  on  June 9, 2023

    Same brand, same place Eggs price per dozen 6-6-22 $5.99; 3-2-23 $7.49 – % increase in 9 months abt. 25%.

    But now on 5-31-23, the price decreased back to $6.99 per dozen, which makes the increase to 17%.

    However, only spouse eats thy eggs! I’m allergic~~~
    No cakes here,

  • yvettelee  on  June 9, 2023

    I saw a carton at Kroger this week for about 1.99 or so. I am so relieved! I love eggs and eat them often.

  • bittrette  on  June 9, 2023

    So glad to see the price of eggs come back down from the stratosphere.

  • Rinshin  on  June 9, 2023

    We do not eat out at restaurants in the US anymore unless we are traveling or only few of our local favorite lower cost restaurants such In and Out, Jersey Mike’s, Armadillo Willy’s BBQ for family pack which feeds us 4-5 separate meals, and take out only sushi place. These are all take outs that we bring home and eat with our regular beer or wine. Since I no longer work, I can certainly cook foods much cheaper at home even with the inflation.

  • angrygreycat  on  June 10, 2023

    It is certainly true that eggs have come down but I have not noticed other items reducing at all. I think most of eggs increase was just artificial because they could justify it. Coffee, vegetables, flour, milk are still all at inflated prices.

    As an aside, I have not been able to justify making an angel food cake from scratch in years due to the price of eggs.

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