James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists


The James Beard Foundation has just announced its 2018 Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists. The list recognizes the best new restaurants, established restaurants, chefs, bakers, and bar programs across the United States. Many of the chefs on the list have written outstanding cookbooks, including Hugh AchesonJoanne ChangAshley ChristensenRenee EricksonGabrielle HamiltonDavid KinchDonald Link Vikram SunderamJody WilliamsVivian Howard and Alex Stupak

According to Eater, this year the JBF added a new criteria regarding chef behavior for judges to consider when choosing semifinalists this year. In correspondence sent to judges earlier this year, the JBF said “If you have concerns about a chef, restaurateur or beverage professional, or about the culture around a restaurant or restaurant group, leave the person or business out of your nominations.”

In mid-March, the JBF will winnow this “long list” down to a shorter list of nominees, and also announce the nominees for Media and Restaurant Design Awards. The nominees will be live-tweeted during an event that is being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March 14. Once the cookbook award nominees are announced, we will provide a list for you just as we did for the IACP 2018 Nominees. You can see the complete list of JBF Restaurant and Chef semifinalists on the James Beard Foundation website.

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  • mjes  on  February 16, 2018

    Others with cookbooks worth noting Ken Forkish (baking), Renee Erikson, Blaine Wetzel (coffee table cookbook), Rachel Yang, Ethan Stowell . . . Yes, these are all people in my state or with roots in my state. It's called food culture diversity ๐Ÿ™‚

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