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How to Eat a Peach: Menus, Stories and Places by Diana Henry

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Notes about this book

This book does not currently have any notes.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Burrata with fennel, roast peppers, anchovies and capers

    • Jane on October 03, 2018

      This was a very fresh and healthy-seeming meal. I liked the combination of fennel, capers, anchovies and roasted peppers with the smooth, creamy cheese. It was very quick to put together - I cheated and used jarred roast peppers.

    • Foodycat on July 10, 2018

      I used caperberries because I'd run out of capers. To me this tastes very Italian, with the very olive oil-heavy dressing and only a touch of acidity from lemon juice. With some nice bread, this would be a good meal on its own.

  • Roast tomatoes, fennel and chickpeas with preserved lemons and honey

    • Jane on September 29, 2018

      This packs a lot of flavor. From the harissa on the roasted tomatoes to the caramelized fennel to the preserved lemon dressing there is a lot going on. I found I didn't have chickpeas so I used white beans instead. This is a recipe I will repeat.

    • Foodycat on September 25, 2018

      It's a bit of a fiddle - you make different dressings for the fennel and tomatoes and then roast them separately, before adding them to the chickpeas and a third dressing - but it's very nice. And with maple syrup or something instead of honey it would be a good vegan main course. I used parsley instead of mint or coriander, and I think mint would have been better.

  • Roast pumpkin and cauliflower with black beans and cascabel chillies

    • Jane on September 29, 2018

      I made this with butternut squash instead of pumpkin and ancho chiles instead of cascabel. It was a very straightforward roasted vegetable dish. There was quite a bit of heat from the chile dressing in which the vegetables roasted. The lime/garlic/cilantro dressing at the end is fairly essential to lift the dish. I think this would be better as a side dish than a vegetarian main.

  • Elderflower gin and tonic

    • SheilaS on September 11, 2018

      Since I didn't have elderflower blossoms on hand nor a wish to shake them in a bottle of gin every day for a week, I modified this by adding 1/4 oz elderflower liqueur to my gin and tonic. I always think of a G&T on super hot summer days but this one is perfect for springtime.

  • Crostini with crushed broad beans and 'nduja

    • SheilaS on September 15, 2018

      This is beans on toast taken to a whole different level. If serving as a starter, I'd recommend using very small slices of bread. I used a sliced ciabatta and it was satisfying enough to be a light supper on its own. I used frozen fava beans and believe that other beans (in addition to the recommended peas) will also be delicious here.

  • Melon and goat's curd with red wine and lavender dressing

    • SheilaS on September 11, 2018

      This is nice enough. Easy to put together and pretty on the plate but not as interesting as I thought it might be. Slices of melon drizzled with lavender-infused red wine and goat cheese. In the photo in the book, the red wine dressing looks rich and syrupy - as if it was a reduction - but there is no instruction to reduce it. Mine looked more like I spilled red wine on my melon.

  • White peaches in chilled Moscato

    • SheilaS on September 08, 2018

      Just delightful. I chose the Cardinale Lanata Moscato d'Asti, described as having peach and honey flavors. I'd normally find the wine quite sweet to drink on its own , but as Foodycat said, it was just perfect here.

    • Foodycat on June 17, 2018

      I tend to think moscato is bland and over-sweet as a wine, but it really works well in this incredibly simple but lovely dessert. I used white doughnut peaches which weren't all as ripe as they could be, but the slightly spritzy wine and peaches played so beautifully together.

  • Apricot tart

    • TrishaCP on July 02, 2018

      The flavors of this are good. (I did have to throw in a few blueberries because I was just a bit short of apricots. I added them with the almonds.) I didn't love the pastry- it was a bit too thick and crumbly for me.

    • Foodycat on June 29, 2018

      Recipe also online https://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/10872486/Apricot-and-almond-tart-recipe.html (a couple of changes to the wording) So good. Lovely balance of flavours and a very obedient, crumbly pastry.

  • Kir Breton

    • lilham on December 24, 2018

      A very simple red sparkling alcoholic drink. Looks great and so simple to make. It literally is just a bit of creme de cassis with cider.

  • Leeks with Breton vinaigrette

    • Foodycat on July 02, 2018

      Incredibly delicious dressing! I grilled baby leeks on the bbq instead of steaming larger ones. Will make again.

  • Korean cucumber salad (Oi muchim)

    • Foodycat on July 29, 2018

      A very good side dish for cutting through rich meaty flavours.

  • Courgette, ricotta and pecorino fritters

    • Foodycat on May 23, 2018

      My mixture was a really stiff dough, so I added another egg. It took a few batches before my pan was properly up to temperature (so fortunately I wasn't making them for company) but once they were turning nicely they were so delicious. Used 3 large courgettes, which makes them one to remember for the summer glut.

  • Roast split aubergines with goat's cheese

    • Foodycat on June 18, 2018

      So simple! The aubergine ends up perfectly creamy and juicy, even with just the drizzle of oil after cooking, and the sumac punches up the goats cheese. I'm sure it would be good with labneh if you are a goats cheese avoider, though.

    • sosayi on June 06, 2018

      We grilled our eggplants, instead of roasting in the oven, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I might be a little more heavy handed on the sumac next time, but overall a great quick and easy side dish (especially during grilling season). I loved the goat cheese/eggplant combo. Served with the Lamb Kofta and Sweet Pickled Cherries from the same menu, along with WW grilled flatbreads and garlic yogurt.

  • Cheddar, onion and spinach tart

    • Foodycat on January 24, 2019

      Incredibly delicious. I added some grated nutmeg because I can't help myself.

  • Wild mushrooms and potatoes

    • Foodycat on September 22, 2018

      I used a mixture of girolles and button mushrooms, but I wish I had access to fresh ceps - they would be ideal for this. It's a bit of a fiddle, doing the bits separately, but it is delicious.

  • Onglet with roast beets and horseradish cream

    • Foodycat on September 22, 2018

      Each element of this is worth doing on its own - excellent horseradish cream recipe, and a really good technique for cooking onglet, which can be a tricky thing.

  • Tonno del Chianti

    • Foodycat on September 16, 2018

      So delicious and so simple but good grief it makes a mess - the process of pouring off the cooking liquid left me and the kitchen absolutely coated in grease.

  • White beans with red onions, parsley and lemon

    • Foodycat on September 16, 2018

      Delicious with the Tonno del Chianti. The process of cooking the beans with aromatics and then adding them to more flavourings was fiddlier than I usually do with beans, but the end result was excellent.

  • Lamb kofta

    • Foodycat on June 17, 2018

      I halved the mixture and just formed it into patties, because it was just for family and I couldn't be bothered impressing. The step of squeezing out the onion is well worth doing. Really well-flavoured kofta. I wasn't sure about the pickled cherries, but I had some in the cupboard (made to the recipe in Salt Sugar Smoke, which is slightly different to the one in this book) so I added them. They worked so well together!

    • sosayi on June 06, 2018

      Delicious lamb kofta, that I think were even better on the grill. The mixture was a bit wet, so I used a double pronged skewer and, once formed, I refrigerated it well before cooking so that it would firm up. I think you'd need that or a bigger flat skewer to keep it together, fyi. Good mix of spices, and the meat played gorgeously with the pickled cherries (which I wish I'd made more of). This recipe makes a fair amount, so I froze half prior to cooking. Even with that, we had plenty for 3 with leftovers for a lunch.

  • Tomates Provençales aux anchois

    • Foodycat on July 02, 2018

      Too hot to have the oven running, so I did these in a foil dish in the kettle bbq. Lovely summer vegetable dish.

  • Spatchcocked chicken with chilli, garlic, parsley and almond pangrattato

    • Foodycat on May 20, 2018

      I didn't do the onions, and cooked the chicken on a charcoal grill for 45 minutes. Really delicious - the pangrattato is wonderful and I want to put it on other things, maybe just on spaghetti aglio e olio, or over a cauliflower cheese.

  • Crab cakes with cucumber pickle

    • Foodycat on July 30, 2018

      I only made the crab cakes - they were very good. Delicate, and they need to get a good crust on them before you flip them, but a lovely taste and texture.

  • Spinach and ricotta gnudi

    • Larkspur on September 07, 2018


    • grindabod on August 20, 2018

      These pillowy clouds of ricotta and spinach are hard not to fall in love with. Easy to make, classy and just delicious. Makes you thankful that butter exists.

  • Pumpkin with shatta and black barley

    • e_ballad on May 21, 2018

      I’d trust Diana implicitly when it comes to matters of the kitchen, however, I’m not about to repeat the instructions to half-roast the pumpkin, toss in spiced butter, then continue roasting. The mush was tasty though, as was the fiery shatta & mellow black barley. A great dish, but I’d add the spices from the beginning of the roasting.

  • Sweet pickled cherries

    • sosayi on June 06, 2018

      We had these with the paired Lamb Kofta and the mix of spices, herbs and gamey meat with the sweet pickled cherry was outstanding. I only prepped them a day in advance, but they were still good. I'll have to see how they change over the next week, but don't be put off if you don't make them that far in advance. They still will taste great.

  • Tinga poblana

    • pattyatbryce on February 15, 2019

      Very good recipe. I really wouldn't use feta or goat cheese. Prefer queso fresco.

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Reviews about this book

  • Food52

    Picked for Food52's December 2018 Cookbook Club.

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  • Joy the Baker

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  • ISBN 10 1784722642
  • ISBN 13 9781784722647
  • Linked ISBNs
  • Published Apr 05 2018
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 256
  • Language English
  • Countries United Kingdom
  • Publisher Mitchell Beazley

Publishers Text

'This is an extraordinary piece of food writing, pitch perfect in every way. I couldn't love anyone who didn't love this book.' - Nigella Lawson

When Diana Henry was sixteen she started a menu notebook (an exercise book carefully covered in wrapping paper) in which she wrote up the meals she wanted to cook. She kept this book for years. Putting a menu together is still her favourite part of cooking. Menus aren't just groups of dishes that have to work on a practical level (meals that cooks can manage), they also have to work as a succession of flavours. But what is perhaps most special about them is the way they can create very different moods - menus can take you places, from an afternoon at the seaside in Brittany to a sultry evening eating mezze in Istanbul. They are a way of visiting places you've never seen, revisiting places you love and celebrating particular seasons.

How to Eat a Peach contains many of Diana's favourite dishes in menus that will take you through the year and to different parts of the world.

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