Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Today is World Chocolate Day, fêted on 7 July because that is ostensibly the date that chocolate was introduced to Europe in 1550. We will help you celebrate by listing several revered chocolate recipes from the EYB Library. But first, let’s learn some interesting facts about this delicious subject. Express (UK) lists ten things you probably never knew about chocolate, while CNN provides other fun chocolate facts.

Chocolate has been revered for ages: the ancient Mayans used cocoa beans as currency, and the cultivation of cacao was restricted to prevent inflation. (I would literally be ‘putting my money where my mouth is’ if this were the case today.) One bizarre fact is that during WWII the Nazis planned to use chocolate bars to kill Winston Churchill. They coated explosives with dark chocolate and tried to get them into the War Cabinet dining room. Luckily British intelligence foiled the plan.

You may not want to know this tidbit, but it is likely that your favorite chocolate bar contains insects. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, “most foods have natural contaminants in them, but there are levels which the FDA deems safe. Anything more than 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate is rejected by the FDA.” Think of it as extra protein.

While you’re absorbing these chocolate facts, make one of these highly rated recipes from the EYB Library (and tell us your favorite chocolate recipe in the comments!):

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  • MarciK  on  July 7, 2020

    A couple of my favorite chocolate recipes:
    *Gingerbread Cake by Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S’more
    *Milk chocolate soufflés with nougat whip by Bon Appetit Feb 2010
    *Chocolate, hazelnut & cinnamon krantz loaf by Golden: Sweet & Savory Baked Delights from the Ovens of London’s Honey & Co.
    *Mississippi mud pie by The Perfect Pie: Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More

  • HomespunHouse  on  July 12, 2020

    World Peace Cookies are little bits of heaven!

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