Holiday Cookies & Cocktails Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/CA giveaway to win one of three sets of the following festive titles: Dessert Cocktails: 40 Deliciously Indulgent Sweet Drinks by David T. Smith and Keli Rivers; Festive Cocktails & Canapes: Over 100 recipes for seasonal drinks & party bites by Ryland Peters & Small; and Christmas Cookies: More Than 60 Recipes for Adorable Festive Bakes by Hannah Miles.

Nothing says holidays more than the gathering of friends and family, a cocktail or two and a selection of cookies and nibbles to enjoy. Today, I have three special books to share with you to make your spirits bright. Ryland Peters & Small is graciously providing three of our Members a set of each of these beautiful little books in our giveaway below. Any of these books would be a beautiful hostess gift or stocking stuffer this season.

Dessert Cocktails shares recipes for sweet cocktails that are so special they can double as dessert. Our EYBD Preview shares some recipes you can whip up for your next party. I have the Banoffee and Mudslide on my agenda for my birthday celebration next month.

Our for takes you inside Dessert Cocktails: 40 Deliciously Indulgent Sweet Drinks by David T. Smith and Keli Rivers and features the following

Festive Cocktails & Canapes shares both nibbles and cocktails that will level up your next celebration. Spicy Mexican corn and queso fresca quesadilla wedges, Hot crumbed shrimp with tomato aioli and Peppered beef with blackberry sauce and watercress toasts are examples of the canapes in this beautiful little book. These bites can be paired with any number of the drinks offered such as a Chambles – black raspberry liqueur based cocktail or a Sparkling Manhattan. The variations are plentiful. See our EYBD Preview for three recipes to try now.

Our takes you inside Festive Cocktails & Canapes: Over 100 recipes for seasonal drinks & party bites by Ryland Peters & Small and features the following

Christmas Cookies is a gorgeous book which was previously published as Cute Christmas Cookies in 2017. Filled with tips and tricks for throwing your own cookie exchange, displays, and packaging – it has everything to keep the cookies flowing and your guests happy. Buy a couple copies of this book for the baker in your life – and hopefully you will be the recipient of a batch of treats to repay your kindness. Our EYBD Preview provides two recipes to add to your baking menu this season.

Our takes you inside Christmas Cookies: More Than 60 Recipes for Adorable Festive Bakes by Hannah Miles and features the following

Special thanks to the publisher for providing three sets of each of the above titles in our promotion. Entry options include answering the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

What is your go-to holiday cocktail and/or favorite holiday cookie recipe?

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  • Katm83  on  November 15, 2022

    I love oatmeal raisin cookies with walnuts

  • JanetF2  on  November 15, 2022

    Spiced rum and eggnog.

  • ravensfan  on  November 15, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • matag  on  November 15, 2022

    Italian pizzelles

  • dataentrytard  on  November 15, 2022

    I really like the Iced Pumpkin Cookies.

  • ZiemkeFamilyKitchen  on  November 15, 2022

    Cranberry gin and tonics!

  • oduong930  on  November 16, 2022

    thumbprint cookies

  • Lissalana  on  November 16, 2022

    We love Bon Appetit’s Cranberry Daiquiris.

  • kaityblueeyes  on  November 16, 2022

    These would be perfect for my cookies and cocktails annual party! My go-to cookies are these spiced molasses cookies with white chocolate. Incredible!

  • Kristjudy  on  November 16, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • JRumi  on  November 16, 2022

    Our family favorite cookie is a Hungarian nut horn

  • youngsvnnhrs  on  November 16, 2022

    Sugar cookies!

  • rkosully  on  November 16, 2022

    My favorite cookies to bake for the holidays are gingerbread cookies.

  • Amypie  on  November 16, 2022

    Santa’s Little Helper

  • demomcook  on  November 16, 2022

    A Manhatten is my favorite cocktail, and mulled apple cider for those who prefer non-alcohol. For cookies, a nice biscotti with chocolate drizzle.

  • GreenhouseCheryl  on  November 16, 2022

    Decorated cut out cookies are my favorite holiday cookie.

  • riley  on  November 17, 2022

    Hot Mulled Wine

  • wildchild  on  November 17, 2022

    Chewy gingerbread girls

  • kmn4  on  November 17, 2022

    My favorite holiday cookies are mantecaditos (lemon and anise), but rock cookies (date and walnut spice cookies) are a close second.

  • chrisma232  on  November 17, 2022

    I don’t like gingerbread much so I make chocolate chip cookies into Christmas shapes.

  • Plumbobmummy  on  November 17, 2022

    It has to be gingerbread cookies at Christmas time and a spiced mulled wine

  • TheLongestCat  on  November 17, 2022

    My favourite cookie recipe is my Kinder Bueno cookie recipe 😁

  • Emmormous  on  November 18, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • Dendav  on  November 18, 2022


  • sayeater  on  November 18, 2022

    My friend from Puerto Rico taught me about coquito a couple decades ago and I prefer that to egg nog during the holidays. I love a good sand tart cutout at the holiday but admit that I haven’t found the perfect recipe to replicate my favorite bakery ones.

  • BMeyer  on  November 18, 2022

    spiced rum and eggnog

  • BMeyer  on  November 18, 2022

    Mrs. Fields cookie recipes.

  • caliwoo  on  November 18, 2022

    Love the mitten cookies

  • trudys_person  on  November 19, 2022

    I don’t have a go-to Christmas cocktail recipe, but I always make Swiss mountain shortbread – a whipped shortbread with shards of Toberlerone for the mountain peaks and a dusting of icing sugar – yum!

  • prettypistol  on  November 19, 2022

    mitten cookies

  • kellilee  on  November 19, 2022

    Not a go-to yet but on my list is Sun Liquor’s Aged Eggnog recipe

  • agreaves19  on  November 19, 2022

    thumbprint cookies

  • virjeania  on  November 19, 2022

    Toma and Jerry

  • Elbyem  on  November 19, 2022

    Cranberry margaritas

  • Lora724  on  November 19, 2022

    My favorite cookie recipe is thumbprint cookies with jam.

  • emi10383  on  November 19, 2022

    Bloody Mary

  • mpdeb98  on  November 20, 2022

    My favorite holiday cookies are gingerbread men and my favorite holiday cocktail is hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys.

  • maci234  on  November 20, 2022

    Spiced rum and eggnog.

  • lilmiztam22  on  November 20, 2022

    Cinnamon cookies and I love eggnog!

  • paulbing  on  November 20, 2022

    Sugar cookies

  • RSW  on  November 20, 2022

    Egg nog and pizzelles

  • loumazoo  on  November 20, 2022

    Classic sugar cookies!

  • Rachaels21  on  November 21, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • coryphaeus  on  November 21, 2022

    Manhattan Cocktai

  • theBlackbird  on  November 21, 2022

    Eggnog and Ginger Molasses cookies

  • rchesser  on  November 21, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • Lilli_  on  November 22, 2022

    I love spiced rum & gingerbread!

  • Lonion  on  November 22, 2022

    Mulled wine!

  • InAHealthyKitchen  on  November 23, 2022

    I make a champagne cocktail with raspberry vodka and lemon soda (or limoncello) that I love for the holidays.

  • kmwyman  on  November 23, 2022

    Russian Tea Cakes

  • dusksunset  on  November 23, 2022

    Cape Cod (vodka with cranberry juice and lime wedge)

  • edyenicole  on  November 23, 2022

    peppermint cookies!

  • foodie16  on  November 23, 2022

    I make gingerbread snowmen and reindeer, ice them, and make them into bunting.

  • maggz19671  on  November 23, 2022

    Hungary nut horn

  • nancytownsend  on  November 24, 2022

    My go to holiday cocktail is a vodka-based Papaya Daiquiri. Yum!

  • lucymajor94  on  November 24, 2022


  • Sand9  on  November 24, 2022

    Love a Blue Lagoon x

  • LaurenE  on  November 24, 2022

    Thumbprint cookies

  • Shelley.b  on  November 25, 2022

    Gingerbread Cookies

  • reader1trees  on  November 25, 2022

    Mince pies and mulled wine.

  • ceejayen  on  November 26, 2022

    I love a martini gin mix served with ice

  • sarahawker  on  November 27, 2022

    Sangria, easy to make in batches and only gets better if it’s made ahead.

  • teamkies  on  November 29, 2022

    Egg nog

  • SPea  on  November 29, 2022

    Santa’s Little Helper looks like a great cocktail, and the perfect way to start Xmas Day!

  • NaomiH  on  November 29, 2022

    I always make a large batch of Palmiers every December.

  • dzm  on  November 30, 2022

    gingerbread cookies

  • TBipp  on  November 30, 2022


  • DimensionAEB  on  December 1, 2022

    My favourite holiday cocktail is a mojito.

  • lindaeatsherbooks  on  December 2, 2022

    My fav cookie recipe is German cinnamon cookies.

  • roxlet  on  December 2, 2022

    thumbprint cookies

  • skyejaden  on  December 2, 2022

    My favorite cookie especially this time of year is a chocolate crinkle cookie!

  • eyreka  on  December 2, 2022

    I love making and eating ginger snaps.

  • LoraWiley  on  December 2, 2022

    Gingerbread Cookies!

  • daniellespinato1  on  December 2, 2022

    Gingerbread and egg nog cookies

  • MissKoo  on  December 2, 2022

    Iced mitten cookies!

  • roseryan1972  on  December 2, 2022

    My Grandma’s Anise cutout cookies

  • michelle666  on  December 3, 2022

    Christmas spiced biscuits

  • Maryd8822  on  December 4, 2022


  • leilx  on  December 5, 2022

    Linzer cookies or frosted sugar cookie cutouts. Eggnog or Tom and Jerry

  • ChicagoJen  on  December 6, 2022

    So many yummy cookies, but the chocolate chip cookies always seem to go first.

  • sarahteertzah  on  December 7, 2022

    Best holiday cocktail is the coquito!

  • babiafi  on  December 8, 2022

    mulled wine 🙂

  • calguire  on  December 8, 2022

    Gingerbread cookies

  • Lesevans6  on  December 9, 2022

    Cranberry Gin and Tonic

  • Dannausc  on  December 10, 2022


  • janv  on  December 10, 2022

    mulled wine

  • Siegal  on  December 10, 2022

    I like cocito

  • banba1  on  December 11, 2022

    Hard to choose just one! I’ve been making the King Arthur recipe for dark chocolate buttercrunch the past few years, though.

  • betsyradelow  on  December 13, 2022

    milk punch

  • redcurrant  on  December 15, 2022

    Linzer cookies

  • Mrs.Was  on  December 17, 2022

    Gingerbread, decorated!!

  • clairew137  on  December 18, 2022

    espresso martini

  • maria411  on  December 18, 2022

    I love a Gin Martini on xmas

  • LEKcookbooks  on  December 19, 2022

    Farfel clusters are great for every holiday!

  • vinochic  on  December 22, 2022

    mulled white wine with pear brandy

  • vdealmeida  on  December 23, 2022

    Mulled wine and gingerbread cookies

  • bluetigerlily  on  December 23, 2022

    I love any kind of cookie!

  • GrooveHeart  on  December 24, 2022

    Sloe Gin Fizz

  • PixieDee  on  December 26, 2022

    A cocktail of Chocolate, milk, water and marshmallows – oh a Hot chocolate then haha

  • JamieLiz  on  December 26, 2022

    My favorite holiday cookie is Orange Hazelnut Chocolate Biscotti from the book Christmas 101. I also love Candy Cane and White Chocolate Biscotti at Christmas.

  • Jow  on  December 26, 2022

    I like to make an all spice Christmas biscuit recipe

  • e4b4  on  December 26, 2022

    We love baking gingerbread cookies of every kind!!

  • Isis1981uk  on  December 27, 2022

    I love a Bananacolada (my boyfriend’s creation!)

  • Pizzacat13  on  December 27, 2022

    A Fireside Martini. It contains Goldschlager and cranberry juice, it sounds kind of gross, but actually is really delicious.

  • krnries  on  December 27, 2022

    My daughter makes the best chocolate chunk cookies xx

  • BizzyBek  on  December 27, 2022

    I’m all about the Aperol Spritz at the moment!

  • Lfcno1  on  December 29, 2022

    A dennis the menace cocktail

  • Charlieemma  on  December 29, 2022

    Hot mulled cider is my favourite

  • RickPearson54  on  December 29, 2022

    spiced rum

  • Hekna  on  December 29, 2022

    I prefer shortbread, but am partial to a white chocolate chip cookie. Have never made them though.

  • sgreiff  on  December 30, 2022


  • ickle0ne  on  December 30, 2022

    Raspberry Gin Fizz

  • Emmamaryd  on  December 30, 2022

    White Russian cocktail

  • silversand  on  December 30, 2022

    oatmeal raisin cookies are the best!

  • t.t  on  December 30, 2022

    My mom has this one cookie that she always makes at Christmas

  • misty33  on  December 30, 2022

    White chocolate and raspberry cookies

  • hubbalance  on  December 30, 2022

    I love making spritz cookies

  • petaljuice2  on  December 31, 2022

    I love to make Spiced Apple Fizz cocktails with Ginger Beer and Vodka and I also love to make peppermint bark.

  • Poppyjoey  on  December 31, 2022

    I love white chocolate and raspberry cookies

  • zeeenie  on  December 31, 2022

    gingerbread cookies

  • starzine  on  December 31, 2022

    Snickerdoodle cookies.

  • skvalentine  on  January 5, 2023

    I love a boozy eggnog for the holidays. I’ve always wanted to have a party big enough to warrant making something in a punch bowl!

  •  on  January 8, 2023

    oatmeal craisin cookies

  • Roofle  on  January 9, 2023

    The classic mulled cider.

  • Lora724  on  January 9, 2023

    My favorite cookie recipe is Peanut butter blossoms.

  • tarae1204  on  January 13, 2023

    Peppermint white chocolate meringues (old Sunset Magazine recipe) and a White Russian (with cacao-infused vodka from the cookbook Kachka)

  • kmellen  on  January 13, 2023

    My gram’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

  • EmilyR  on  January 13, 2023

    glühwein + lebkuchen

  • ceroooss  on  January 14, 2023

    Christmassy cosmo

  • elysedc  on  January 14, 2023

    knowing that it’s impossible to pick a favorite cookie and that I’m always trying new things… I have to say Sarah Kieffer’s Brown Sugar Cookies (in 100 cookies) reeeeeeaallly hits the spot for me

  • Jammyegg  on  January 14, 2023

    Tom and Jerry

  • Kellythesocialfoodie  on  January 15, 2023

    I love the look of santas little helper

  • milly_matthews  on  January 15, 2023

    Not a cocktail as such but I love a baileys hot chocolate over Christmas!

  • portkey  on  January 15, 2023

    My favourite is a snowball and ginger cookies

  • hazyjo  on  January 15, 2023

    What is your go to holiday cocktail and/or favorite cookie recipe?

    Love a Cosmopolitan (on holiday and at home!)! Got to be white choc chip cookies – yum! Ta x

  • ClaireHamilton  on  January 15, 2023

    Gingerbread Cookies

  • PatBarrett  on  January 15, 2023

    Long Island Ice Tea

  • thewoobdog  on  January 16, 2023

    My go-to holiday cocktail is probably an Old Fashioned, but we make ours with 2 oz bourbon, 1 tsp smoked pecan maple syrup, craft bitters, and an orange peel twist.

  • debbiehb  on  January 16, 2023

    Spritz cookies

  • kalina813  on  January 26, 2023

    I love trying new cookie recipes every holiday. This year the favorite was a chocolate chip black sesame and seaweed cookie from NYT food. So good!

  • mswager  on  January 26, 2023

    Sugar cookies!

  • hypothermia  on  January 28, 2023

    Vegan egg nog with Kraken rum.

  • hawaiieat  on  January 29, 2023

    I go-to holiday cookie is a decorated sugar cookie!

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