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EYB wants to make your cooking life easier. Our main focus has always been indexing cookbooks and magazines so you can efficiently search your own collection instead of paging through individual indexes. We also aim to keep members up to date on the best new titles being published. Our new EYBDigital platform allows us to provide  EYBDigital Previews  (sample pages from cookbooks) and EYBDigital Books  (complete digital cookbooks you gain access to when you buy a print book). More information can be found on our EYBD Page.

Below you’ll find our latest EYBDigital Previews plus GIVEAWAYS and more!

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Our EYBD page has been updated with previews and registration pages and our 2019 Preview post has also been “topped” off this week! 

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Heritage Baking by Ellen King (US/CA)

Member Photo of the Week:

strawberry chiffon cake

Strawberry and lemon chiffon cake with honey-lemon glaze 
from Marbled, Swirled and Layered by Irvin Lin.
Photo submitted by darcie_b
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Featured Online Recipe:

chicken skillet

Herbes de Provence skillet chicken with potatoes and greens from indexed blog  Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer and Summer Miller


More EYBDigital Titles Have Launched!

The next batch of EYBDigital Books is now available! If you order any of our EYBDtitles during the EYB promotion period, you will have access to a digital version on your EYB Bookshelf after signing up on our registration page (all available on the EYBD page). Click on the book cover or the link below each book for more specific information. Learn more about EYBDigital Books and see our list of upcoming titles here.


8 recipes from  Carbs by Laura Goodman

EYBDigital Preview

Learn more about this title and enter our giveaway! (US, UK, AU & NZ)


New Low Carb

 12 recipes from  The New 500 Low-Carb Recipes: 500 Updated Recipes for Doing Low-Carb Better and More Deliciously by Dana Carpender

EYBDigital Preview

More EYBDigital Previews :

A selection of full sample pages is available for the following cookbooks.  Learn more about EYBDigital Previews.

Vegan treats

3 recipes from  Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats: Plant-Based Delights Free From Refined and Artificial Sweeteners by Marisa Alvarsson

EYBDigital Preview


Sous vide cooking

3 recipes from  Mastering the Art of Sous Vide Cooking: Unlock the Versatility of Precision Temperature Cooking by Justice Stewart

EYBDigital Preview


 Cookbooks with GIVEAWAYS!
Each of these featured titles has a current giveaway. Click the photo or blue button for more information on how to enter. For titles that also have an EYBDigital Preview, click on the orange button to view the available full sample pages.


Win a dozen cookbooks from Page Street Publishing! All of the titles shown above are being offered in this fantastic giveaway.

Learn more about these titles and enter the WORLDWIDE giveaway! 


The Beer Kitchen

3 recipes from The Beer Kitchen: The Art and Science of Cooking, & Pairing, with Beer by Melissa Cole

  EYBDigital Preview

 Learn more about this title and enter our giveaway for The Beer Kitchen! (US, UK, AU & NZ)


The German Cookbook

3 recipes from  The German Cookbook by Alfons Schuhbeck

  EYBDigital Preview

 Learn more about this title and enter the giveaway for The German Cookbook! (US, CA, UK, & AU)


Eat at the Bar

3 recipes from Eat at the Bar: Recipes Inspired by Travels in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Beyond by Matt McConnell and Jo Gamvros

EYBDigital Preview

Learn more about this title and enter the giveaway for Eat at the Bar! (US, UK, AU & NZ)

The Crock Pot Ladies

The giveaway for The Crock-Pot Ladies Big Book of Slow Cooker Dinners by Heidi Kennedy, Katie Handing and Sarah Ince (previewed last week) is now open! 

Learn more about this title and enter our giveaway! (US & CA only)

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