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Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of The Shortcut Cook: Classic Recipes and the Ingenious Hacks that Make them Faster, Simpler and Tastier by Rosie Reynolds.

The Shortcut Cook: 75 Classic Recipes and the Ingenious Hacks that Make them Faster, Simpler and Tastier by Rosie Reynolds shares the chef’s extensive experience to deliver over 60 much-loved classic recipes – nine examples shared in our EYBD Preview below. Each recipe applies every smart, time-saving tip, flavour boost and genius twist that she has learned along the way to produce failsafe recipes with no compromises. 

Rosie provides great tips for freezing, storing and batch cooking as well as an explanation as to how the recipes work:

“To get the best out of the recipes, always read through the
ingredients list and the method before you start cooking. This will
allow you to familiarise yourself with the recipe, so you know what
is coming up. I always do this every time I cook something new. It’s
also helpful to look at the first line of the method before you start
prepping and chopping – if it says ‘preheat the oven’ you can do
this immediately so you’re ready to go!
All of the recipes have a prep time (this tells you how long it
will take you to get everything ready pre-cooking) and a cook time
(how long the recipe will take on the heat or in the oven). These are
a guide, please use them as such.
The ingredients are listed in the order in which they appear
in the recipe method, and the preparation required is listed next to the
ingredient (e.g. chopped, sliced, grated, etc.). If you work your way
down the ingredient list and prep the ingredients as you go, you
will be ready to start cooking as soon as you reach the end of the
list. There is a fancy chef term for this: mise-en-place (everything
in its place).
The ‘Shortcut’ box in the bottom corner of each of the recipes
highlights how this method will save you time or help you achieve
a more delicious result.
The ‘Make ahead’ box will tell you which bits can be done
in advance and if there are any freeze-able components that can
be used in the recipes.”

Rosie is a recipe developer, writer and food stylist and has authored several cookbooks including The Kitchen Shelf, Posh Kebabs and Doughnuts. She opens her latest book with the following paragraph which sums up Shortcut Cook perfectly:

As a trained chef, food stylist and cookbook writer, who has worked on
many books and written hundreds of recipes, my job often depends
on getting great food ready as fast as possible. Over the years, I’ve
developed ways to cook meals without sacrificing taste, look and
freshness. I am well placed to enlighten fellow meal-makers on the
joys of taking shortcuts in order to get food on the table that not only
tastes great, but looks great, too.

I was reading up on the chef and found this article “No one is allowed to open the cupboards but me“. Preach! I am the same way. No one is allowed in my kitchen and if someone goes to “help” by opening a cupboard for a glass (mind you, I’ve already set up everything on the dining room table) they may pull back a stump where their hand use to be. The cupboard thing is more about avalanche prevention than trying to keep people out of my space (yes, we’ll go with that reason).

Our EYBDPreviewButton takes you inside this beautiful book and features the following EYBD Recipe Button

This book would make a great gift for a new or experienced cook as we all need fabulous meals without having to sacrifice a large chunk of our day!

This giveaway is open to EYB members in the US/UK/AU/NZ. Entry options include answering the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Which recipe in the index of this title would you make first?

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    : )


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    A great one for one of those low energy evenings.

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