This week: 1,300 EYBD Previews; special virtual Diaspora cooking class; giveaway updates; recipes and more

In last week’s roundup, we shared that we had just uploaded our 1,296th EYBD Previews. Somehow, number 1,300 sneaked up on us and now we are at 1,306 total Previews! All of our EYB numbers continue to rise: As of this writing we have 2,228,024 indexed Recipes (370,844 of those Online); 11,334 indexed Books; (with over 608 indexing now); 80 indexed Blogs (Half Baked Harvest recently joined that list); and 4,780 indexed Magazines. We are working hard to get both older and newer titles indexed.

Diaspora Co has joined forces with League of Kitchens for a special online class: On May 21st, they will be making baghali ghatogh (a photo from one of our online recipes above) – lima beans cooked with dill, garlic, and spices, and topped with poached eggs – using Panneer Rose petalsPragati TurmericWild Cinnamon QuillsHimalayan TejpattaKashmiri Saffron, and Guntur Sannam Chillies. They will also be making mast o khiyar on the side: yogurt with cucumber and mint, topped with Panneer Rose Petals and nuts! There is even a little starter kit with all the spices, plus a 30% discount (pictured below). Signing up for this class with mom would make a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift; order the kit, invite mom over and have a feast that you prepare together.

Giveaways: Since COVID, shipments of prizes has been an absolute hair- pulling experience for all involved. Please know that I continue to follow up with publicists but as the turn over of publicity staff has been a constant issue with everyone’s workload stretched – I fear some of these prizes may never arrive.

We offer these promotions as a bonus for our members but want to be sure that members understand we cannot be responsible for books that are out of stock or orders that have been overlooked. Not to mention, accidental burial at seas and fires. Again, I am working diligently following up but want to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic during this time. I am also attempting (where I can) to have the publishers send me the books so that I can ship out and have control. We apologize for any disappointment this issue may cause you. Please feel free to email Jenny directly regarding any giveaway concerns:

The last week on Eat Your Books

Since our last roundup, Darcie has written these articles:

Darcie’s weekly food news antipasto is shared every Sunday and the tag #foodnews brings up these information-packed posts from the most current to the first one. Darcie can be followed on Instagram at darcie_bakes.

Since our last roundup, I have posted the following:

Please be sure to check our Calendar which has been recently updated this week. Note the addition of Books Inc in Palo Alto; Topping and Company’s May 19th CookForUkraine Supper; and Readings in Australia has an Indian cooking class with Christine Manfield on Apr 20th, 2022. We have learned that the Farm Cooking School in New Jersey has lost their lease and is in the process of trying to reopen. Shelley Wiseman has started Shelley’s Table where she offers various classes in different locations in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. We have added Shelley’s schedule to our Calendar. Lastly, Paul Arguin and Chris Taylor have a fairly large tour planned to support their marvelous new title Fabulous Modern Cookies: Lessons in Better Baking for Next-Generation Treats.

My Instagram is thecookbookjunkies.

Jenny and the EYB Team

Recently Indexed Titles

Our team of member and pro indexers are working hard indexing titles, both new and old. Below are just a few highlights. A reminder: newly indexed titles will always show up at the top of the EYB Library and your Bookshelf so you will always know which titles have just been indexed. Recent indexed magazines can be found here. For information on member indexing, please see this roundup with more details.

Member Photo of the Week

Old Bay shrimp cocktail with wasabi chojang from Korean American: Food that Tastes Like Home (page 170) by Eric Kim submitted by member mllamas

Monique (mllamas) is the owner of Hardcover Cook and her quarterly cookbook and ingredient boxes are amazing.

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Featured Online Recipe

Hot-cross-bun-and-butter pudding (page 29) from The Guardian Feast supplement, Apr 9, 2022 by Tom Hunt

The Guardian Feast supplement is one of our indexed Magazines.

EYBDigital Previews

Recently, we uploaded our 1,306th EYBDigital Preview where a selection of full sample pages are available including the titles below.

Learn more about EYBDigital Previews.

Note: To learn why you cannot add all EYBDigital Preview recipes to your Bookshelf, please read this Help page.

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  • Enter our worldwide giveaway to win one of three copies of The Cake Book: Beautiful Sweet Treats for Every Craving by Rebecca Firth. Contest expires May 16th, 2022.

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