Looking forward to 2022 cookbooks

Every September, I begin cataloging the following year’s cookbook releases. I do this for several reasons: 1) so our members know what is waiting down the pipeline and 2) it makes the monthly new cookbook reviews a little easier for me as I keep the original post updated when changes occur. Preview posts for the second half of 2021more sneak peeks – are just going out and we still have loads of great books coming our way in 2021, but if I do not get this post ready now, I fear with September through December being so busy, it might not be done. So now you know the method to my madness.

Publication dates, covers and titles may change, but I will continually update this listing as well as add new books when they are announced. I will add new titles to the top of each month so when you check you will not have to review the entire post! It is already a huge listing and it is not nearly complete. I have highlighted in bold font major titles whose authors are member favorites or those I specifically wanted to call to your attention. I had to restrain myself with the bold font – somewhat.

From the looks of this compilation (so far), 2022 will be another great year for cookbooks. A few authors have mentioned that the amount of pre-orders weigh into how much money the publishing companies put into publicity for a particular cookbook, so preorder your favorites. Using our Buy Book button earns EYB an affiliate commission but also please remember your local bookshops.

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White Rabbit: Recipes & Stories from Russia by Vladimir Mukhin (UK) – publication moved from April. Will update when new date is available.

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  • EmilyR  on  August 31, 2021

    Perfect timing for the wish list addition. So many fun new titles to look forward to!

  • Rinshin  on  August 31, 2021

    Was not interested in Kenji Lopez Alt’s previous books, but looking forward to buying this new book on wok.

  • annmartina  on  August 31, 2021

    So excited for Turkey and the Wolf!

  • annmartina  on  August 31, 2021

    Maybe all the cookbooks written during lockdowns are due to come out in 2022 🙂 A bumper crop

  • lkgrover  on  September 1, 2021

    Thank you! My new EYB wishlist has significantly increased.

  • bob.mack  on  October 2, 2021

    I was just about to comment that I am most interested in ‘The Wok’ by J. Kenji López-Alt but I see Rinshin had the same thought below. I already have it on pre-order.

  • metacritic  on  November 13, 2021

    Two that stand out to me are:
    Berber & Q: on vegetables
    Mallmann’s Green Fire

  • EmmaZim  on  December 9, 2021

    Thanks for including my book on this list-The Miller’s Daughter! Always fun to anticipate the books of the new year. Quite a few I’m excited about here.

  • GoodLifeVan  on  January 3, 2022

    Another stellar year for cookbooks! Where will I put them all?

  • monasli  on  May 29, 2022

    So many books! So little space! What to do?! Looking forward to Win Son, Smitten Kitchen, Ina Garten. I really want them all but have to limit myself. Great list!

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