Food Gifts Cookbook and Gift Box Giveaway

Enter our US giveaway to win a copy of Food Gifts: 150+ Irresistible Recipes for Crafting Personalized Presents by Elle Simone Scott and America’s Test Kitchen, along with a box of lovely items to level up your food gifting. Please be sure to check out the author’s events.

Food Gifts: 150+ Irresistible Recipes for Crafting Personalized Presents by America’s Test Kitchen and Elle Simone Scott is a book that is jam-packed with inspiration. Elle is a food stylist, ATK cast member, and author of the bestseller Boards. Here she turns her considerable talents to expanding the boundaries of what food gifts are and proving that food is one of the best gifts you can give.

Elle knows first hand how gifts of food can be a blessing especially during times of illness. In September 2016, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent six months of chemotherapy. She had a recurrence in 2020. She continues to advocate for ovarian cancer awareness. She is the co-founder of SheChef Inc., a professional organization for women of color in the culinary industry.

Food Gifts is rooted in the belief that food fosters connection. There is nothing more meaningful than giving a personalized food gift that you’ve prepared and packaged yourself. This book would make an ideal hostess gift or a gift for Mother’s Day. Whip up one of the recipes and present the dish and book as a special gift for someone you love – including gifting yourself a copy.

Our takes you inside this beautiful book and features the following

There is also one online recipe to try now: Chocolate babka buns.

America’s Test Kitchen is well-respected for their researched content and fool-proof recipes. This year ATK is celebrating their 25th year anniversary and to commemorate this milestone they have an anniversary cookbook slated to be published in September. In addition, there are several other titles that are being published this Fall/Autumn as follows:

Be sure to visit the America’s Test Kitchen site to check out what they have to offer, please note, there is a 14 day free trail available. In our Rafflecopter options, we ask that you visit the ATK Facebook page as well as follow their Instagram page to keep up with their great products and recipes.

America’s Test Kitchen is generously providing one of their special gift boxes – pictured above – which includes the book, Burlap & Barrel spices, a silicon baking mat and spatula, and a tea blend from the book.

Special thanks to the publisher for providing this title and gift box in our promotion. Entry options include answering the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Which recipe in the index would you like to try first?

Please note that you must be logged into the Rafflecopter contest before posting or your entry won’t be counted. For more information on this process, please see our step-by-step help post. Once you log in and enter your member name you will be directed to the next entry option – the blog comment. After that, there are additional options that you can complete for more entries. Be sure to check your spam filters to receive our email notifications. Prizes can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from the publishers. If you are not already a Member, you can join at no cost. The contest ends at midnight on June 22nd, 2024.

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  • demomcook  on  April 26, 2024

    Salted caramel-filled brownies

  • sarahawker  on  April 26, 2024

    Raspberry-dipped shortbread cookies

  • Mrsrkfj  on  April 26, 2024

    Not a recipe but the technique about packing cookies. I would definitely bake more cookies!

  • matag  on  April 26, 2024

    Nutella rugelach

  • lean1  on  April 26, 2024

    peanut butter banana granola

  • exploringfood  on  April 26, 2024

    Orange-Cardamon Coffee Cake

  • mcrimmins  on  April 26, 2024

    Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal

  • rmpostonmfandt  on  April 26, 2024

    I would love to make the Smoked trout pâté. It sounds so good!

  • hibeez  on  April 26, 2024

    It never dawned on me to give dukkah as a gift – but I love it and it would be a great way to share a new thing with people! so I’d like to try Hazelnut-nigella dukkah.

  • ravensfan  on  April 26, 2024

    Bacon jam

  • catsears  on  April 26, 2024

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

  • stahl_amy  on  April 26, 2024

    Dulce de leche!

  • dataentrytard  on  April 26, 2024

    I would like to try preparing the classic raspberry jam first.

  • TBipp  on  April 26, 2024

    Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

  • Ryanejaco  on  April 26, 2024

    I would like to bake the orange cardamom coffee cake

  • rdkellams  on  April 27, 2024

    Dark chocolate-orange fudge sauce.

  • Patoliv1312  on  April 27, 2024

    I would make the Nutella Rugelach.

  • JRumi  on  April 27, 2024

    Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal

  • tmitra  on  April 27, 2024

    Granola! I’ve been wanting to experiment with making it myself.

  • LaurenE  on  April 27, 2024

    Nutella rugelach

  • amylou61  on  April 27, 2024

    Sweet zucchini pickle chips

  • vickster  on  April 27, 2024

    Sweet Zucchini Pickle Chips – for when I have zucchini in the garden!

  • mswager  on  April 27, 2024

    Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal sounds so interesting.

  • Acratli28  on  April 27, 2024

    Basil pesto!!

  • Ljhfike  on  April 27, 2024

    Summer tomato sauce

  • Skorpyoh  on  April 27, 2024

    Hazelnut-nigella dukkah

  • jessicadkh  on  April 27, 2024

    Almond torrone

  • LeMinou  on  April 27, 2024

    Bacon jam

  • Jillyb3  on  April 27, 2024

    What a fun book! I’m curious about Earl Grey baked oatmeal in a jar.

  • bvilanova  on  April 27, 2024

    Banana-caramel pie in a jar

  • BMeyer  on  April 27, 2024

    raspberry dipped shortbread cookies, salted caramel filled brownies

  • hillsboroks  on  April 27, 2024

    Fisherman’s Friend party mix

  • Alleycat  on  April 27, 2024

    Chili crisp and the whipped feta dips!

  • infotrop  on  April 27, 2024

    Sichuan chili-ginger chicken salad

  • takemori  on  April 27, 2024

    The Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal looks delicious! So excited to get cooking. Loved ATK’s Savory Baking, this is sure to be another hit.

  • rkosully  on  April 28, 2024

    I would first like to try the pancake mix. 🙂

  • davisesq212  on  April 28, 2024

    Vanilla extract

  • roxlet  on  April 28, 2024


  • GreenhouseCheryl  on  April 28, 2024

    Smoked trout pâté

  • hangryviking  on  April 28, 2024

    cardamon orange coffee cake, yum!

  • threefourpfeif  on  April 28, 2024

    I’d love to try the Sweet and spicy zucchini pickle chips

  • itssteph  on  April 29, 2024

    Raspberry-dipped shortbread cookies

  • Laluzdelaluna  on  April 29, 2024

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

  • hae1123  on  April 29, 2024

    Chocolate babka buns! Sounds so good!

  • betsyradelow  on  April 30, 2024


  • caliwoo  on  May 1, 2024

    You had me at hazelnut spread

  • braabpro  on  May 1, 2024

    Vanilla extract!

  • kimtrev  on  May 2, 2024

    Fruits of the forest liqueur

  • cellenly  on  May 2, 2024

    mocha hot chocolate mix

  • hrk  on  May 3, 2024

    Overnight kale salad with roasted sweet potatoes and pomegranate vinaigrette

  • virjeania  on  May 4, 2024

    Classic peach jam

  • theBlackbird  on  May 4, 2024

    Earl Grey baked Oatmeal

  • jberry  on  May 5, 2024

    The Sichuan chili-ginger chicken salad has that kind of wow factor, no?

  • Laura1  on  May 5, 2024

    chocolate sour cream bundt cake

  • elysedc  on  May 6, 2024

    Dark chocolate-orange fudge sauce

  • clairew137  on  May 6, 2024

    Raspberry-dipped shortbread cookies

  • Bake4one  on  May 7, 2024

    Firecracker party mix

  • tarae1204  on  May 7, 2024

    Fruits of the forest liqueur

  • TazinaTlo  on  May 7, 2024

    Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal

  • rchesser  on  May 7, 2024

    Orange Cardamom Coffee Cake

  • nomadchowwoman  on  May 8, 2024

    Sichuan chili-ginger chicken salad sounds fantastic.

  • Starry_Joce  on  May 8, 2024

    I would like to try the Malted hot chocolate mix first.

  • dusksunset  on  May 10, 2024

    Nutella rugelach

  • Amdon  on  May 10, 2024

    Orange cardamom coffee cake

  • laureljean  on  May 10, 2024

    Sweet Zucchini Pickle Chips

  • porcupines  on  May 10, 2024

    The taco seasoning sounds really versatile!

  • ktpotat  on  May 11, 2024

    Peach Jam

  • davisesq212  on  May 11, 2024

    Pancake mix

  • oduong930  on  May 11, 2024

    Salted caramel-filled brownies

  • clickclick  on  May 11, 2024

    I would try the Baked macaroni and cheese. I could eat that every day!

  • artthecat  on  May 12, 2024

    Sichuan chili-ginger chicken salad

  • tucsonsandy  on  May 13, 2024

    Nutella rugelach

  • sarahteertzah  on  May 13, 2024

    Earl Grey baked oatmeal in a jar

  • RSW  on  May 14, 2024

    Brandied cherry and hazelnut conserve

  • hibeez  on  May 14, 2024

    Bacon jam.

  • debbiehb  on  May 14, 2024

    Dark chocolate fudge sauce

  • DLC  on  May 14, 2024

    Thai panang curry paste

  • jluvs2bake  on  May 15, 2024

    Bacon jam

  • JenjiD  on  May 15, 2024

    Malted hot chocolate mix

  • Babycarrot  on  May 20, 2024

    Basil pesto – just in time for prime basil season

  • laurenodell  on  May 20, 2024

    baked macaroni & cheese

  • rebekahgrmela  on  May 23, 2024

    I want to try the strawberry and black pepper rim sugar

  • ktrum7  on  May 25, 2024

    Earl Grey baked oatmeal!

  • roseryan1972  on  May 25, 2024

    Firecracker snack mix

  • Leonard5854  on  May 25, 2024

    Bacon jam – because who doesn’t like bacon anyone you can get it?

  • kula  on  May 25, 2024

    Green granola

  • lookitstracey  on  May 26, 2024


  • banba1  on  May 27, 2024

    I love giving food gifts! Would like to try the Turkish bride soup as we have been eating more and more soups as of late.

  • Lafauvette  on  May 30, 2024

    Herb syrup

  • sallansd  on  May 30, 2024

    Sweet and spicy zucchini pickle chips

  • ChicagoJen  on  May 30, 2024

    Sweet and spicy zucchini pickle chips would be great for the surplus from my garden.

  • cajundweeb  on  May 31, 2024

    Looks like it could be a font of gift ideas.

  • LABeachGal  on  May 31, 2024

    I would love to try Chicken and ramen soup!

  • rennots  on  May 31, 2024

    I would love to cook Ginger Nutmeg Coffee Cake

  • Lora724  on  June 1, 2024

    Peanut butter-banana granola sounds great!

  • abdouglass  on  June 2, 2024


  • LSanders  on  June 2, 2024

    Thai penang curry paste

  • caliwoo  on  June 2, 2024

    Chocolate hazelnut spread

  • ChefClaireFVS  on  June 3, 2024

    Macarons with Raspberry buttercream or perhaps one of the hot chocolate mixes

  • Shelley.b  on  June 4, 2024

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

  • offenbach  on  June 5, 2024

    Green granola

  • OverSeasoned  on  June 5, 2024

    Thai panang curry paste. I love making curries from scratch! The tea blends would be super fun too.

  • dtremit  on  June 8, 2024

    I love Elle Simone! Always happy when she pops up on an ATK segment.

    I’ve always wanted to make my own shichimi togarashi, so I’d probably start with that!

  • AnnaZed  on  June 8, 2024

    Brandied cherry and hazelnut conserve

  • Karla123  on  June 14, 2024

    Overnight kale salad with roasted sweet potatoes and pomegranate vinaigrette!

  • dbourdo  on  June 14, 2024

    Earl Grey Baked Oatmeal is something I look forward to trying first.

  • sayeater  on  June 14, 2024

    Hazelnut-nigella dukkah is an interesting take and I love the flavor of nigella seeds. Also like the idea of making my own Thai panang curry paste since that is one of my fave curries. This book might be just what I need to make holiday gifts this year.

  • KarenDel  on  June 14, 2024

    Thai panang curry paste

  • curafresh  on  June 14, 2024

    zucchini chips or torrone!

  • PumpkinTravels  on  June 17, 2024

    Orange-Cardamon Coffee Cake

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