Vietnamese Food Any Day: Simple Recipes for True, Fresh Flavors by Andrea Nguyen

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    • Categories: Rice dishes; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: jasmine rice
    • Categories: Chutneys, pickles & relishes; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: daikon radishes; carrots; distilled white vinegar
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Sauces, general; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: limes; fish sauce
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red chiles; garlic; distilled white vinegar
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: rice vinegar; cane sugar
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Middle Eastern; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: pomegranate juice; lemons; sugar
    • Categories: Stocks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: chicken backs; chicken pieces; fresh ginger; apples; yellow onions
    • Categories: Stocks; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: fresh ginger; yellow onions; carrots; celery; white mushrooms; napa cabbage; apples
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; How to...; Appetizers / starters; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: rice paper wrappers; filling of your choice
    • Categories: Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: chicken drumettes; black peppercorns; paprika; fish sauce; Vietnamese chile garlic sauce; light corn syrup
    • Categories: Snacks; Vietnamese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cauliflower; rice flour; black peppercorns; paprika; Bragg's Liquid Aminos; Vietnamese chilli garlic sauce; light corn syrup
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: canned baby clams; fish sauce; white mushrooms; lemongrass; paprika; ground cayenne pepper; black peppercorns; green onions; dry-roasted peanuts; cilantro; limes; sesame crackers
    • Categories: Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: corn; Fresno chiles; fish sauce; smoked paprika; green onions; furikake
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Snacks; Vietnamese; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: dried shiitake mushrooms; shallots; white mushrooms; black peppercorns; frozen puff pastry; eggs
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: shallots; ground pork; shrimp; jicama; black peppercorns; eggs; frozen pie crust
    • Categories: Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: baguette bread; shrimp; black peppercorns; eggs; celery; green onions; paprika
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: bread of your choice; mayonnaise; Bragg's Liquid Aminos; cooked chicken meat; eggs
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Snacks; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: soy sauce; tahini; Sriracha sauce; hoisin sauce; eggs; garlic; jicama; sausage links; maple syrup; five spice powder; baby lettuce; rice paper wrappers
    • Categories: Soups; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: yellow onions; fish sauce; mustard greens; shrimp; fresh ginger
    • Categories: Soups; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: yellow onions; fresh ginger; carrots; celery; bean sprouts; shiitake mushrooms; fish sauce; kale; green onions; soft herbs of your choice; black peppercorns; Vietnamese chilli garlic sauce
    • Categories: Soups; Quick / easy; Cooking ahead; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: cooked white rice; chicken stock; fresh ginger; green onions
    • Categories: Soups; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: garlic; pomegranate molasses; fish sauce; pineapple; fish fillets; shrimp; clams; celery; unripe tomatoes; bean sprouts; soft herbs of your choice; ground cumin; Fresno chiles
    • Categories: Soups; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: sweet corn on the cob; coconut oil; yellow onions; dried shiitake mushrooms; chile oil; cilantro
    • Categories: Soups; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: green onions; ground pork; toasted sesame oil; fresh ginger; wonton wrappers; chicken stock; vegetables of your choice
    • Categories: Soups; Lunch; Appetizers / starters; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: fresh ginger; green onions; chicken stock; chicken breasts; dried shiitake mushrooms; glass noodles; fish sauce; cilantro

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Easy soy sauce-glazed zucchini

    • vickster on September 15, 2020

      Maybe my new favorite way to cook zucchini!

    • julesamomof2 on June 17, 2021

      Love this for a simple side - agree that 1/2 tsp chile garlic sauce is plenty spicy.

    • patioweather on August 31, 2020

      A good zucchini recipe is hard to find. This was easy and we liked it so it's entering the permanent lineup.

    • Skamper on February 18, 2021

      We both liked. Made a full batch and we ate all with a light main. Used 1/2 tsp chile garlic sauce and that was the right spice level for us.

    • cheffreddie on August 02, 2021

      Next time I make this I'm gonna skip the step of salting the zucchini and pressing out the liquid because I found it actually gave it a mushier texture....that said, the simple combination of soy and chili sauce here was delicious and it was a quick and easy side dish. Definitely will revisit this one.

  • Umami garlic noodles with shiitake mushroom

    • vickster on March 31, 2019

      Really good! I love the sauce, and will definitely make this again. The butter seems to mellow out the usual Asian flavors.

    • meggan on October 18, 2020

      Good flavor - I would use more mushrooms or add some greens next time.

    • julesamomof2 on April 27, 2020

      I didn't love this dish, but it could have been the noodles I bought as 'wheat noodles' as called for in the recipe were too nondescript for me to find. Either way, it was a little bland for us and will not be repeated.

    • Lepa on February 11, 2020

      These noodles were so much better than I expected. My local market didn't have MSG so I used chicken soup base/bullion, as recommended in the recipe. I also used fresh lo mein noodles. Definitely a repeat!

    • KaraCooks on October 07, 2020

      This is was so tasty and easy peasy. I will certainly keep some ramen on hand for this in the winter for a quick weeknight meal. I would add lots of heat to it next time.

    • Livia on June 16, 2021

      Added chilli oil and tenderstem broccoli plus a mix of Brown mushrooms and dried shitake. Love it

    • patioweather on September 22, 2020

      These were outstanding. The sauce is what really punches up the dish, so it would be equally good if you need to sub other veggies for the shiitake.

    • Skamper on April 05, 2019

      This was delicious. I used a 6 oz package of chuka soba so eyeballed the rest of the ingredients proportionately (including the cooking water). I used granulated splenda instead of sugar, and used MSG.

    • Jviney on August 13, 2020

      I thought this was so so good. I used 1/2 tsp chicken boullion in place of the MSG and added shrimp. Japanese ramen noodles were great although I overcooked them. Everyone at the table had seconds.

    • lholtzman on September 20, 2020

      A definite favorite. I used mushroom bullion base instead of MSG/nutritional yeast/chicken bouillon base. I also used Irish butter instead of European butter since it was not stocked at my grocery store.

  • Ginger-garlic fish parcels

    • JoanN on July 04, 2022

      Loved this. Made it with wild haddock and used a bed of arugula because I forgot to order bok choy. Used half the ingredients for just a single serving of fish and would do the same again.

    • TrishaCP on August 12, 2022

      This was really flavorful and easy. I used halibut and subbed sliced zucchini for the bok choy, since that’s what I had at hand.

    • stockholm28 on March 09, 2019

      This is a good weeknight meal as it is about 15 minutes of prep and 15 minutes in the oven. It was pretty flavorful for the effort ... ginger, garlic, soy, and oyster sauce. The leaves of the bok choy were a little overcooked for my preference. I used salmon and cut the recipe down to a single portion

    • snoozermoose on July 29, 2022

      Tasty and pretty easy to throw together on a weeknight. My husband didn't feel like this stood out compared to other fish en papillote recipes we've made, but I liked it quite a bit.

  • Shrimp in coconut caramel sauce

    • IvyManning on October 31, 2019

      Too sweet for me.

    • Astrid5555 on December 29, 2021

      Finally made this recipe and it did not disappoint. Did not bother with the caramel sauce but used maple syrup instead. Delicious!

    • southerncooker on March 23, 2019

      I served the shrimp and Brussels sprouts from page 170 over brown rice. Mixed all together it was enjoyable, but the shrimp by itself was a little too sweet and salty for me. I didn't add any extra salt to the shrimp so was probably from the fish sauce. I didn't make the caramel sauce but used the option of adding molasses instead. Hubby didn't care for either the shrimp or the B sprouts. Daughter said she liked everything mixed together with a big bite of rice included.

    • hirsheys on October 17, 2019

      I found the dish tasty, but not nearly coconut-y enough given its name. My issue was with the coconut oil - I don't keep any in my house, and naively thought that it could be replaced easily with a neutral oil. And refined oil *can*, without any difference. But in this case, Nyugen calls for virgin (unrefined) oil, which actually is very coconut-y, apparently. Since the coconut water is pretty flavorless (as saragema mentions), it doesn't add much in terms of taste. Anyway, I made the caramel as described in the book. The rest of this dish was very simple, other than peeling the shrimp. My only other change was using very thinly sliced yellow onion instead of the shallot (mine had gone bad). I am contemplating stirring in a small spoonful of coconut cream to the leftovers to get some of the coconut flavor I'm craving, but honestly, it's a pretty good dish even without it.

    • imaluckyducky on November 15, 2019

      Enthusiastic 5 stars. This recipe really benefits from making the caramel sauce in the book - molasses will be far too sweet for the dish. Start low with the fish sauce and add until it tastes full of umami without being overly fishy or salty. Longest part of the whole recipe was peeling and de-veining the shrimp. 4yo approved with rice and bites of the charred Brussels sprouts from this book all together in one bite.

    • stockholm28 on May 09, 2020

      I liked this and if you have made the caramel sauce in advance, the most time consuming part is peeling the shrimp. This was better the day made than as leftovers. I felt it needed a little kick (maybe more red pepper flakes or ginger or extra black pepper).

    • mzgourmand on July 28, 2019

      This dish is fantastic! And easy! I did make it witrh the homemade caramel sauce as recommended, but subbed butter & coconut cream (from top of coconut milk) in lieu of coconut oil b/c I didn't have any. The dish was incredibly flavorful - my spouse went back for thirds! I served it with rice and her soy glazed zucchini, which was also a really excellent easy dish.

    • Lepa on November 18, 2019

      We liked this. A large amount of black pepper (as recommended in the recipe) made it even better. Next time I will take better care to avoid overcooking the shrimp.

    • cdglamontagne on November 11, 2019

      Really tasty shrimp recipe! I added a few jalapeno slices to the sauce as it was cooking down. Will be a repeat.

    • lholtzman on September 15, 2020

      Absolutely delicious. I slightly overcooked the shrimp, but still good. Serve over rice to sop up the sauce.

  • Char siu chicken

    • IvyManning on April 30, 2019

      Too sticky sweet for me by itself. Maybe it's really meant for bahn mi? Made for a very hard to clean grill pan, had to soak for 2 days and scrub like crazy to detach the burnt sugar from my pan.

    • TrishaCP on October 02, 2021

      I agree that this was quite sweet. We used this for banh mi though, so the flavors worked out very well for us. We did grill this using our outdoor grill, and didn’t have the cleanup problems mentioned by others.

    • southerncooker on March 03, 2019

      I'm so proud of myself. I got a great deal on bone in chicken thighs so I went online and watched several videos of how to debone them and that's what I did for this recipe. Used the bones and skin along with more chicken to make some stock. The chicken was delicious. We used some to make the Banh Mi Sandwiches from the pick and choose options in the book. Only thing was my cast iron grill pan was a mess to clean after cooking this chicken with the glaze. Worth the taste though.

    • lizbot2000 on October 07, 2019

      Very sweet, so you need something sour to go with it. Tastes great cold in lunchboxes. It is an enormous pain if you try to cook it inside, but it does pretty well on an outdoor grill. Kid approved after I told them it had ketchup in it, haha.

    • damjih on October 27, 2020

      Had the same cast iron issues, was really good in banh mi, which I ate for 3 straight lunches ~

    • Cathyschuh on July 05, 2021

      I made with ground chicken to support some digestion issues. I'm sure it was not the same but it was super easy and cleaned up in a teflon pan. Ate on grilled flatbread with roasted veggies.

  • Curry-scented grilled beef lettuce wraps

    • mziech on January 02, 2021

      I used minced meat (combination pork/beef) and really loved this recipe. Flavor combinations really worked. Also, I was generous with the spices and seasonings (no exact measurements) so no lack of flavor.

    • seherhussain on March 31, 2019

      I made the rice bowls version of this and my meatballs turned out dry. It could have just been the kind of ground beef I used (too lean). I halved the spices & seasoning to fit the quantity of meat I had, but it definitely needed more oomph. If i make it again, I would keep the spices to the full amount specified.

    • KaraCooks on October 07, 2020

      I had high hopes for these but the meat just didn't have enough flavour. I love the idea of turning them into a bowl for a subsequent meal. I will work on this because it is a great light meal.

    • Riya08 on October 07, 2020

      I made these and I really didn't care for them. I think there are much more interesting and easier lettuce wrap recipes out there. For me the brand of curry powder may have something to do with it, and also the beef was a tad dry.

  • Honey-glazed pork riblets

    • sarahcooks on April 26, 2022

      Way too much five spice powder, it was overwhelming and all we could taste. I thought the sauce was too thick to really be a glaze too.

  • Roasted cauliflower “wings”

    • Vand11 on February 27, 2021

      These are very, very good. However, the sauce is pretty hot - may want to tone it down a little.

    • EmilyR on March 11, 2019

      I made this twice and had varying degrees of success. The breading and rice flour was slightly challenging because the consistency was different both times (once a bit smoother / thin and the other time slightly thicker and not coating as well). It's a bit fool proof as they tasted the same. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the author's encouragement to make it your own. I like the idea of this, but it was just OK.

    • peaceoutdesign on December 30, 2021

      My batter turned out a bit grainy and thick and it tasted perfect. I like the whole idea of this because it is baked but tastes fried. Changing up the seasoning could add variety. Love the sauce but I did seed the serranos I used to make sure it wasn't blistering hot.

  • Any day Viet pickle

    • TrishaCP on October 02, 2021

      Simple and perfect. I used daikon and carrots.

    • southerncooker on March 03, 2019

      These are delicious as a snack or on a Banh Mi sandwich. I can't find daikon around here but can usually find purple top turnips but no luck this time so I just did carrots and not a combination.

    • wcassity on February 23, 2020

      My first time making myself. Delicious, quick, straightforward. Used baby carrots and radishes.

    • Skamper on August 22, 2019

      Makes a good basic pickle. I used a combination of daikon, purple top turnips, red radish, and carrots.

    • excurvatus on July 27, 2019

      This is a bit of a fridge standard for me since making it from Andrea's banh mi book - it's excellent.

  • Banh mi sandwich

    • TrishaCP on October 02, 2021

      Yes, this was very good. My combo was char siu chicken, Vietnamese quick pickles, and avocado lightly dressed with soy sauce. Will be making this again with a different variation.

    • southerncooker on March 03, 2019

      I used the Char Siu chicken recipe from this book to put on the sandwiches. From the list of options I used cucumbers, any day Vietnamese quick Pickled carrots, mayonaise and instead of hot peppers Sriracha on a hand span of Baguette. Yum! There are several options to choose from and I'm sure I'll be trying more.

  • Chicken, lemongrass, and sweet potato curry

    • TrishaCP on December 23, 2021

      We loved this curry. I didn't have lemongrass, so used two tablespoons of lemongrass paste that also has fish sauce, galangal, etc, plus 1/2 tsp of dried lemongrass powder- which might have bumped up the flavors. I also used homemade Madras curry powder.

    • bernalgirl on September 15, 2020

      Good although not as complex as we would have liked, that balance of sharply defined flavors was missing even after finishing the dish with a dash of fish sauce and a squeeze of lime

    • jenmacgregor18 on June 21, 2022

      We loved this curry too. It had a great flavor and good heat for us from my curry powder. Because of the richness of the coconut, I agree that a little bit of lime juice would help. It did take about twice the time for my sweet potatoes to cook through. I may give them a headstart in the microwave next time.

  • Crispy lemongrass salmon

    • TrishaCP on February 19, 2022

      This was easy and tasty, though the skin didn’t get super crisp (likely user error).

    • wcassity on February 23, 2020

      Quick, tasty. Served with the rice noodle salad.

    • ebalk02 on December 12, 2021

      Super simple and delicious. I'll make this again.

    • jenburkholder on July 03, 2022

      Easy and good, but leaned a bit sweet for our tastes.

  • Shaking beef

    • TrishaCP on August 27, 2022

      Simple and delicious.

    • jenmacgregor18 on October 11, 2022

      This is very promising. It tastes quite good. Quick to put together. She recommends a well-marbled steak, as the juices end up in the dressing. I used sirloin, which was what I had but was too lean for this purpose. In the future, I'd use flank or maybe even strip.

    • chawkins on April 30, 2021

      Very easy and quite good. I subbed lime juice for the rice vinegar. Even though we enjoyed the watercress salad, next time to save time, I’ll use bagged arugula that I don’t have to clean and spin dry.

    • Mollyh on June 15, 2020

      Easy, versatile, light and delicious. I accidentally let it marinate for 48 hours and it was still good. I added lime juice and cucumbers and put the salad on top of rice noodles. Even the kids ate it!

    • julesamomof2 on April 27, 2020

      I've made this recipe twice - it's the perfect balance of salty, acidic, sweet, crunchy, all in one dish. We used filet mignon for the meat which is pricey - but could try less expensive cuts.

    • KaraCooks on October 07, 2020

      I just made this with flank steak and OMG so awesome and came together so quickly. I will be playing with this for sure.

    • Frenchfoodie on April 23, 2021

      Brilliant effort to reward ratio; this was fast and really delicious. The salad I did with iceberg rather than watercress as I love the crunch, otherwise stuck to the recipe.

    • damjih on February 02, 2021

      I have made this a few times, just using whatever Living lettuce they have at the store, instead of watercress, which they definitely don't have. and used Sirloin tip, probably should have just asked the butcher for the correct cut, but this combo worked prefect for me and I wrote it into my copy of the book~

    • jgreenheck on April 29, 2022

      This is a great dish. Simple, fresh, easy. Putting it in my weeknight rotation…and on my list of easy dinner party options.

    • Apepin on June 02, 2020

      I used New York strip steak, it was terrific. The watercress is important.

  • Vibrant turmeric coconut rice

    • TrishaCP on March 20, 2020

      The texture of this rice made with coconut water is far superior to any that I have made with coconut milk. This recipe is a keeper for sure.

    • bernalgirl on September 12, 2020

      Be sure to use unrefined coconut oil for best flavor, and a less sweet coconut water (no sugar added for sure). This is a beautiful dish to serve along side the lemongrass pork chops from the same cookbook

    • Lepa on February 21, 2020

      I have made rice with coconut milk before but this is made with coconut water and it has a lovely taste, silky texture and beautiful color from the turmeric. Definitely a repeat!

    • jenburkholder on July 03, 2022

      We liked this, but with the dishes we served it with it was a bit too sweet. Better with punchier, less sweet sides.

  • Spicy sweet pomegranate tofu

    • TrishaCP on March 20, 2020

      We loved this recipe too. I used a red jalapeño (what I had) and it wasn’t too spicy.

    • jenmacgregor18 on March 10, 2022

      This is pretty quick and very good. I enjoyed the leftovers even more than the first serving. As it already has sriracha, I omitted the chiles and used up some red & green bell pepper I had. I had to steam saute the peppers for a few minutes to cook them, but otherwise made as directed.

    • Lepa on February 21, 2020

      I made this as written but omitted the chile because I didn't want it to be too hot for the children. Adults ate it with additional Sriracha on top. This was delicious - a hit with everyone. It was especially good with the turmeric coconut rice and coconut Brussels sprouts!

    • snoozermoose on July 04, 2022

      Pretty good, though not special enough for me to make again. Mine came out more saucy/liquidy than others pictured here.

  • Charred Brussels sprouts with coconut

    • Astrid5555 on December 29, 2021

      Made as a side for the shrimp in coconut caramel sauce. So quick to make and very good, almost as if charred in the oven. Used soy sauce instead of the fish sauce.

    • southerncooker on March 23, 2019

      Made to go with the caramelized shrimp and brown rice. Mixed all together it was good.

    • imaluckyducky on July 18, 2019

      The longest part of this recipe is preparing the b. sprouts, which isn't that intensive. Merely slicing them in half. I added more fish sauce at the end than required, and the fish sauce is balanced nicely by the faint sweetness of the coconut water (used a can with pulp) and the smokiness from charring the b. sprouts. Very easy. Served with the coconut ginger meatballs from smitten kitchen.

    • Lepa on September 12, 2019

      These were so easy and delicious! My seven year old asked for seconds. This is a great recipe.

    • patioweather on September 28, 2020

      These are easy enough that I could cook then daily, and my family would probably be fine with that!

    • Skamper on August 19, 2019

      Made the cabbage variation to serve with lemongrass marinated pork tenderloin. Not all of the wedges stayed together, but it was tasty.

  • Coconut-kissed chicken and chile

    • Astrid5555 on January 07, 2022

      Quick and easy to make, used maple syrup instead of the caramel sauce. Sautéed some chard in the same pan after removing the chicken for a quick side dish, Will make again!

    • stockholm28 on October 24, 2019

      I liked this. This is a quick dish (assuming you make the caramel sauce in advance). The flavors are good and I enjoyed this over rice.

    • cdglamontagne on May 26, 2019

      This was pretty good, but I felt needed more than just jalapeno to zip it up. I served with a green salad using the Vietnamese vinaigrette in the later chapter, but next time I'll mix in some herbs and lime with the chicken when adding the jalapeno.

    • dc151 on January 23, 2021

      Easy weeknight dinner. I just used molasses. Mild flavor, pleasant

  • Streetside corn and chile

    • southerncooker on September 11, 2020

      I used a jalapeno and sushi nori. It was really good and simple to make. I would make again.

    • bernalgirl on June 02, 2021

      So easy and delicious, a hit with the whole family

    • seherhussain on March 31, 2019

      This was an easy way to cook a few ears of corn. Surprisingly the paprika & fish sauce combo works great and adds deep savory flavor. Would make again.

    • jenmacgregor18 on April 21, 2022

      Excellent -a lot of flavor for very little work. I used the suggested maggi seasoning instead of fish sauce and roasted nori instead of furikake.

    • jgreenheck on July 13, 2021

      Tastes way more complicated than it is to make. It’s a keeper!

  • No-churn Vietnamese coffee ice cream

    • southerncooker on March 10, 2019

      Daughter and I love Vietnamese iced coffee and this ice cream has many of those flavors. It was delicious. She also gives an option of adding some fine chopped chocolate to the mixture before freezing and I think next time I'll try that.

  • Smacked cucumber and shrimp salad

    • bernalgirl on September 12, 2020

      Great salad with or without the shrimp

    • cdglamontagne on May 26, 2019

      Easy and delicious. We made this with cucumber only as a side, didn't have chili sauce so we subbed sriracha and it was very tasty.

  • Eggplant with smoky green onion oil

    • bernalgirl on September 12, 2020

      Great flavors, very easy

    • Skamper on October 31, 2020

      Tasty and easy. Made a half batch but used the full amount of smoked paprika because I love it. 1/31/21 - Had a large eggplant so made the full patch of green onion oil. Definitely better with only half the amount of oil.

    • jgreenheck on September 02, 2021

      This didn’t turn out as expected. The oil became brown instead of orange. I’ll try it again because I could taste the potential.

  • Baby kale stir-fried with garlic

    • bernalgirl on September 12, 2020

      Very quick, excellent with water spinach/ong choy

    • lizbot2000 on February 17, 2019

      Tasty and easy! I added the sugar and a little soy sauce.

    • Skamper on October 28, 2020

      Made a half recipe with 5 oz baby kale and it yielded 2 quite light portions.

  • Smoked turkey pho

    • bernalgirl on November 27, 2022

      I used the carcass of a grilled turkey and added leftover shredded breast meat as a way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. Fantastic! Will make this an annual event.

  • Panfried pork cutlets

    • bernalgirl on November 20, 2020

      Absolutely fantastic, the seasonings accent the pork beautifully and the cooking instructions yield chops that are just the right combination of tender and crispy.

    • chawkins on January 05, 2021

      Quick and easy dinner. The pork was quite flavorful with just a 30- minute marinade, while you prepared the side dishes.

  • Grilled lemongrass pork chops

    • bernalgirl on May 24, 2021

      I used white pepper rather than black to get that funky flavor, these were delicious and I’ll be making them again

    • FJT on May 15, 2020

      Very nice; will likely make this again.

    • chawkins on June 01, 2020

      These were seriously good, much better than Grace Young’s version in The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen. I halved the recipe and marinated for an hour.

    • julesamomof2 on April 26, 2020

      Lemongrass makes this marinade special - used paste which makes it easier. Will be repeated.

    • Skamper on April 05, 2019

      I made the full amount of marinade and used it instead on a pork tenderloin, letting it marinate for about 27 hours, then grilled. Delicious! Will definitely try with pork chops. Edit: now that I've made this with pork chops, we prefer it with pork tenderloin.

    • cdglamontagne on May 09, 2020

      Looove this and will be using the marinade again and again. Made exactly as written and it tastes just like a restaurant. Can't recommend this one enough!

  • Crispy caramelized pork crumbles

    • bernalgirl on September 17, 2020

      A little sweet for my taste

    • bernalgirl on September 17, 2020

      This would be great in a bun bowl where there are lots of other flavors and textures, while I did not find this too salty, it is one-dimensionally sweet with the full amount of caramel sauce

    • hirsheys on November 01, 2019

      I found this to be too salty on its own - I think it definitely needs pickles to balance it.

    • mzgourmand on July 25, 2022

      We thought these were insanely delicious and loved them as is. However, if you add some fresh herbs etc. it does take it to a next level experience - which was already pretty high. But they are ADDICTIVE! Very hard to limit oneself to a small, medium, or even large portion!

    • patioweather on August 31, 2020

      I cooked this with ground Beyond Meat. I thought it was alright and not salty at all. I am not sure it was worth the effort of making the caramel sauce though.

    • cdglamontagne on May 26, 2019

      YUM. these are suuuper good and come together really easily. I think the caramel sauce is key here to get the flavor you recognize from restaurants. Great on noodle bowls!

  • Nuoc cham dipping sauce

    • seherhussain on March 31, 2019

      I made this with lemons instead of limes, and turned out great. I appreciated the instructions on how to make this sauce more/less assertive.

    • wcassity on February 23, 2020

      Delicious. Had to keep tinkering to get the right balance.

    • mzgourmand on July 28, 2019

      Delicious & so easy.

    • excurvatus on July 27, 2019

      The vegetarian variation is SO good, it tastes pretty much identical to the fish version.

  • Rice noodle salad bowl

    • wcassity on February 23, 2020

      Delicious! Like a Vietnamese restaurant dish. Lots of work - made the quick pickle, nuoc nam, lemongrass grilled salmon, the noodles, and chopping of all of the veggies and herbs.

    • julesamomof2 on May 17, 2022

      This was just ok - I expected the flavors to really come together in the bowl but they didn't. I made most of the components too- fried shallots, nuoc nam, marinated tri-tip, quick pickles. Probably not a repeat but I love this book and am looking forward to trying more recipes.

    • ellencooks on August 30, 2021

      I've made this with boneless skinless chicken thighs and with pork butt. Loved it both times!

    • excurvatus on July 27, 2019

      This was incredible, but i really took it in my own direction as a kind of "use up CSA vegetables" dinner. i topped it with some pre-made marinated tofu from the grocery store instead of the meat options, used vegetarian nuoc cham (from earlier in the book), and for vegetables I seared/sauteed some hakurei turnips, cabbage, and radishes.

  • Roast chicken noodle soup

    • jenmacgregor18 on March 25, 2022

      This surpassed my expectations. Really tasty! I didn't have bok choi, so I subbed cabbage, and button mushrooms for shitakes.

    • dbruijn on August 17, 2020

      Didn’t have bok choi at the store so I used Napa cabbage successfully. Yummy.

  • Pomegranate Sriracha shrimp

    • jenmacgregor18 on September 04, 2022

      I didn't have tamarind, I used the pomegranate molasses. It's very good-a sweet, sour & spicy dish. I also had problems getting it balanced correctly, but I think I prefer it a little sweeter & spicier.

    • mjes on August 22, 2021

      This recipe is annoying using pomegranate molasses because "tamarind isn't available yet at many supermarkets" ... in my part of the country tamarind has been available for many years due to its use in Mexican and South Asian cuisines. Pomegranate molasses is a newer, harder to find produt. I followed the directions for substituting tamarind for the pomegranate molasses. If you like spicy shrimp, this is an excellent dish.

    • allisonsemele on February 08, 2022

      I would try this again. I don’t think I got my sauce completely balanced, and I forgot the cornstarch slurry to my detriment. I used 3T of tamarind paste and that was more than enough for me.

  • Beef stew with star anise and lemongrass

    • jenmacgregor18 on October 13, 2022

      This is really lovely. Great flavors. I omitted 5 Spice and added allspice, a pinch of cloves, ground fennel seed, &black pepper. My IP doesn't have a simmer function. So, I cooked the beef under pressure for 20 minutes. Natural release for 15 minutes. Then added the carrots and cooked them with the beef under pressure for 4 minutes. I added 2 teaspoons of cornstarch to thicken the broth a little. I would go 2 minutes under pressure for the carrots. They weren't mushy, but I prefer a bit of a bite to them.

  • Shaking tofu

    • Bloominanglophile on May 31, 2022

      This was great! My family absolutely loved it, and my college-age son wanted me to forward the recipe to him. I was thrilled to have another tofu dish to cook when the urge to eat vegetarian arises. I used arugula (can't seem to find watercress that hasn't decomposed in the veg area), and mint. Can't remember if I used red onion or shallot--no matter, as it would be delicious no matter what options you choose!

    • chawkins on July 12, 2019

      I used Maggi seasoning sauce and a mix of arugula, basil and shallot for the salad. the drained tofu absorbed the sauce and went well with the slightly wilted (by the heat of the tofu and the sauce) salad.

    • stockholm28 on October 06, 2020

      I thought this was solid, but didn’t find it all that special. I used soy sauce (a suggested substitute for the Braggs liquid aminos).

    • Tinala523 on February 08, 2022

      Made this for my vegetarian daughter and she loved it! So did everyone else, it flew off the table. She said she didn't expect to like the salad but she did. She kept saying how good it was! Will definitely make again.

    • Lepa on July 17, 2019

      I thought this was a very flavorful and easy dish. The greens and herbs tasted so fresh. This was a perfect summer main! Like others, I used Maggi and also used a mix of baby asian greens for the salad.

    • patioweather on August 15, 2021

      I've made this once as a salad and once just the tofu. It was great both times. I'm not sure what the secret is because the sauce is very simple. Next time I will use the air fryer for the initial fry.

    • Skamper on May 31, 2019

      This was a delicious and easy weeknight dinner. The recipe serves 2-3 but the two of us gobbled up the full amount! I used 1 T soy sauce and 1/2 T maggi seasoning, red onions, arugula, and a mix of basil and mint.

    • cdglamontagne on July 11, 2019

      Love this recipe! I have never ever been able to cook tofu right before, and this is SO good and comes together quickly. One of many favorites from this book.

    • excurvatus on January 11, 2020

      What can I say? I made this three hours ago and can't stop thinking about it. I used a mix of watercress, radicchio, and a "bright herb" salad mix, as well as mint. It was a little bit bitter, but not a complaint at all. The dressing shouldn't be as amazing as it is. Regular rotation bound.

    • lholtzman on September 15, 2020

      Flavor is excellent and even better the next day. This makes a great lunch or dinner.

  • Caramel sauce

    • imaluckyducky on November 15, 2019

      Adding another raving view of this recipe! The beautiful thing about Andrea's recipes is that she does such an excellent job vividly describing what's you're looking/smelling/hearing for during the cooking process, and includes key pictures of the process. She ensures that there are no surprises during the cook. That said, this sauce is complex and lends itself well to making in larger batches.

    • mzgourmand on July 28, 2019

      This sauce adds a particular note of complexity, bitter/sweet/smoky that really adds depth to the dish. I followed her instructions to the letter & it came out perfectly.

    • cdglamontagne on May 26, 2019

      Andrea makes this so easy to do, something I otherwise would never have tried. I think it's worth making ingredient for other dishes to get the real flavor you're looking for.

    • lholtzman on September 15, 2020

      This took significantly longer than 2 minutes to come to the color of dark tea. It did taste a bit bitter, but that bitterness did not come across in the recipe I used this in.

  • Matcha “pandan” waffles

    • EmilyR on February 17, 2019

      I doubled this recipe and there were none left over. The flavors are excellent. I should note I did use a bit less sugar than called for and mixed it in a kitchen aid. The kids loved the taiyaki and “pretzels”.

  • Pomegranate molasses

    • EmilyR on March 11, 2019

      I would have said this feels like a filler recipe of sorts, but seeing as the grocery I went to no longer carries pomegranate molasses I made this and it worked nicely. It took a little time to reduce, but the results were good. I probably won't replace purchasing it at the store for ease, but I'm glad this is a fall back.

    • Mtetpon on March 04, 2020

      This took over an hour to reduce but the results were so much better than I have been buying.

  • Chile garlic chicken wings

    • julesamomof2 on May 17, 2022

      Really good, quite easy to make and easy clean up. First time making wings - will repeat!

    • sharpcatherine on November 20, 2020

      Quick, easy and a big hit.

  • Crab and coconut fried rice

    • Lepa on July 17, 2019

      This is so simple, easy and delicious! It was, however, barely enough to feed our family of four as a side. I recommend scaling up.

    • patioweather on March 08, 2020

      Extremely easy and tastes like crab fried rice. Win!!

  • Blistered green beans and bacon

    • Lepa on March 27, 2020

      This was quick and delicious!!

  • Silken tofu and mandarin oranges in ginger syrup

    • kitchen_chick on March 20, 2019

      I didn’t have mandarin oranges, but I supremed some oranges and that worked quite well.

  • Sriracha tofu

    • lizbot2000 on February 17, 2019

      I threw these in the air fryer, and they turned out amazing. I was popping them like candy.

    • excurvatus on August 05, 2019

      this recipe works! i don't have a non-stick skillet, so i used my enameled cast iron. it worked, with a bit of cleanup necessary. i used this as a banh mi filling - it was great! i would add it to my rotation of tofu preparations, for sure. mostly a note to myself, but i'd definitely prefer to use extra firm.

  • Quick slaw

    • lizbot2000 on October 07, 2019

      Easy and delicious. Goes really well with the char siu chicken and some rice. This is going to be a standard in my lunchbox rotation for sure.

    • cjxn on March 24, 2019

      Easy recipe. Clean favors. We made it as a side for Korean Fried Chicken. The acidity and tartness of the lime dressing cut through the chicken’s gochujang sauce.

  • Lemongrass tempeh crumbles

    • patioweather on October 07, 2020

      This was great but the lemongrass was actually my least favorite part. This is going to be my standby tempeh recipe, minus the lemongrass.

    • lholtzman on September 29, 2020

      These were fabulous. Served with rice and tortillas like tacos.

    • lholtzman on September 29, 2020

      Used the crumbles, cucumbers, rice, and sriracha as filling for tortillas.

  • Zesty lime-chile vinaigrette

    • patioweather on September 08, 2020

      I enjoyed this! Not my favorite salad dressing in the world, but worth keeping in the regular lineup.

    • dc151 on January 23, 2021

      It was fine, but too much lime without enough counter balance. This from someone who loves lime

  • Gratitude chicken and celery rice

    • Skamper on July 15, 2022

      I wanted to make this since hearing the lovely story behind the recipe. I used a combo of duck fat and olive oil because I didn't have chicken fat. This is simple comfort food.

  • Hanoi-style bacon and grilled pork rice noodle bowls

    • Skamper on August 22, 2019

      Made a use-up-leftovers version of this with pork tenderloin in lemongrass marinade on p. 131, rice noodles, green lettuce, basil, chopped green onions, pickle on p. 29 and nuoc cham sauce on p. 30. We both really liked it.

  • Mushroom pâté puffs

    • damjih on October 27, 2020

      These are really good, was worried about the cost of dried mushrooms, I never buy em, but dried shitake are super cheap from the H Mart

    • Riya08 on November 28, 2020

      This was really good. I used to make ahead directions per the book, and it turned out wonderfully. I will keep this as an easy app idea for the future!

  • Grilled slashed chicken

    • cdglamontagne on November 24, 2019

      Another amazing and easy recipe that tastes like a Vietnamese restaurant. Marinated the chicken overnight and served at a BBQ with friends the next day, everyone wanted the details. Our chicken legs were not small as the recipe calls for, so we had to finish them in the oven after being on the grill awhile, but that worked fine for a few mins at 325.

  • Versatile vegetable soup

    • cdglamontagne on May 26, 2019

      This was fine. It had flavor but nothing special, I would only make again if craving something super simple.

  • Jicama and sausage rice paper rolls

    • lholtzman on October 11, 2020

      Use char sui tofu to make vegetarian. Excellent.

  • Herby oven-steamed eggs

    • lholtzman on September 15, 2020

      So yummy and love the texture. Made the vegetarian version with mushrooms.

  • Sizzling rice crepes

    • Riya08 on October 06, 2020

      This is delicious and her recipe is perfect. The key is to make sure to use a good non-stick skillet. Also, make sure all the ingredients are ready to go when you're ready to start cooking.

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