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Enter our giveaway open to US/UK/AU/NZ to win one of three copies of  Wings and Things: Lip-Smacking Chicken Recipes by Ben Ford and David Turofsky.

Ben Ford, chef and author of Taming the Feast (and son of actor Harrison Ford) and David Turofsky joined forces in April 2015 and opened Wingmans in the UK. In their cookbook, Wings and Things they share the tried and true recipes that made Wingmans a hot spot in London. Ford and Turofsky were childhood friends growing up in London but started working together after Turofsky returned from a year studying in America. Our members can read more about the Wingmans’ concept in this Irish News article.

Warning: Do not look at this cookbook while you are the least bit hungry. The photographs are swoon-worthy and the recipes will bring a tear to your chicken loving heart. I am making the Sticky BBQ chicken thighs tomorrow. I had a package of chicken thighs planned for dinner and this book decided the delicious course those thighs would take.

I want to make/eat so many of these dishes from Bang bang bon bons (think chicken fritter with Bang-bang dip), the Beijing block party (chicken sandwich meets Asian cuisine), and the Crumplestiltskin (fried chicken sandwich with Stilton butter and Candied bacon). Charge the paddles – I’m ready, Lord, what a way to go. The book also shares condiments, vegetable sides, drinks, and desserts.

Our EYBDPreviewButton takes you inside this beautiful book and features the following EYBD Recipe Button

I love the twists and turns these wing and chicken recipes travel. You need this book. Father’s Day is coming up – buy this book for the man in your life and then steal it for yourself . Or better yet have him cook up poultry nirvana for you!

Special thanks to the publisher for providing the materials for our EYBD Preview.

Special thanks to Quadrille Publishing for offering three copies of Wings and Things: Lip-Smacking Chicken Recipes in our giveaway.  Entry options include answering the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Which recipe in the index would you try first?

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  • rchesser  on  May 18, 2020

    Bang Bang Bon Bons!

  • hbakke  on  May 18, 2020

    Grilled wings with stateside sauce

  • gilmonster  on  May 18, 2020

    ko phan bang

  • miggsy  on  May 18, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • matag  on  May 18, 2020

    Cajun persuasion

  • MiMi60  on  May 18, 2020

    The Route 66

  • Shelley.b  on  May 19, 2020

    Maple candied pecans and bacon

  • riley  on  May 19, 2020

    Sweet & spicy Buffalo nuts

  • mph993  on  May 19, 2020

    Seoul Sista Sliders

  • mpdeb98  on  May 19, 2020

    Mama’s peach crumble with boozy apples and caramel custard

  • dbielick  on  May 19, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • lean1  on  May 19, 2020

    Miso caramel!

  • ndyson  on  May 19, 2020

    The Route 66

  • nvernon  on  May 19, 2020

    Cajun liver sliders with burnt corn mayo and chicken-fat onions

  • MarciK  on  May 19, 2020

    The Route 66

  • fmd518  on  May 19, 2020

    Cajun persuasion

  • dbranigan27  on  May 19, 2020

    Perhaps I would try the Sticky-icky blackened lime, tequila and honey drumsticks.

  • southerncooker  on  May 19, 2020

    So many interesting sounding recipes. Hard to choose where to start but I think either the Seoul sista sliders, or the Mac and Cheese with the short ribs. Also the Route 66 and the Ko phan bang so amazing as well.

  • Ecngreg5  on  May 20, 2020

    I would definitely want to try “What da pho!”

  • Apepin  on  May 20, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • mrduphily  on  May 20, 2020

    Grilled Wings with Stateside Sauce

  • Lkitchings  on  May 20, 2020

    Buffalo wings

  • sarahawker  on  May 20, 2020


  • kmn4  on  May 20, 2020

    Miso caramel

  • babyfork  on  May 20, 2020

    Seoulja Boi!

  • tcjanes  on  May 20, 2020

    Route 66.

  • LeMinou  on  May 21, 2020

    Bang bang bon bons

  • ravensfan  on  May 21, 2020

    What da pho’

  • chefthomas  on  May 21, 2020

    Szechuan salt and pepper

  • Cs2Cook  on  May 21, 2020

    The Route 66! Having lived in Oklahoma for 13 years and now back in Australia. Adding this one to burger night! Followed closely by the Ko Phan Bang. What’s not to love! Using that sauce for sure. Thanks!

  • eyupitsjohn  on  May 21, 2020

    Without doubt, I’d try The Route 66

  • maria411  on  May 22, 2020

    I would try the Cajun Persuasion

  • Blackeyedsusans  on  May 22, 2020

    Grilled wings with state side sauce

  • wildchild  on  May 23, 2020

    The Route 66

  • t.t  on  May 23, 2020

    Seoulja boi

  • LaurenE  on  May 23, 2020

    ko phan bang

  • roxlet  on  May 23, 2020

    Route 66

  • foodie16  on  May 23, 2020

    Bang bang bon bons

  • maci234  on  May 23, 2020

    The Route 66

  • kmetcalfe727  on  May 23, 2020

    The Route 66 sounds so good!

  • Roosta  on  May 23, 2020

    The Route 66

  • Auntie  on  May 23, 2020

    Ko phon bang!

  • debbiehb  on  May 23, 2020

    Maple-candied pecans and bacon

  • HArlow  on  May 24, 2020

    Maple candied pecans and bacon sounds unusual and delicious

  • Tutu81  on  May 24, 2020

    I would love to try the Ko phon bang 😋

  • maisietoo  on  May 24, 2020

    Mama’s peach crumble with boozy apples and caramel custard sounds absolutely delicious!

  • ElizM  on  May 24, 2020

    jerk it!

  • ceejayen  on  May 24, 2020

    Maple-candied pecans and bacon

  • Jow  on  May 24, 2020

    I’d like to try the buffalo wings first

  • agreaves19  on  May 24, 2020

    Cajun persuasion

  • divamode  on  May 24, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • Natlovesgib  on  May 24, 2020

    Hoisin buff ting

  • clairew137  on  May 24, 2020

    Bang Bang Bon Bons!

  • bopper  on  May 24, 2020

    Ko Phan Bang

  • Carolyn99  on  May 24, 2020

    I’d like to cook Sticky-icky blackened lime, tequila and honey drumsticks first

  • Dendav  on  May 24, 2020

    Buffalo wings, of course.

  • michelle666  on  May 24, 2020

    The route 66

  • nicoles212  on  May 24, 2020

    The Route 66! Because you can’t go wrong with a big old juicy burger!

  • emi10383  on  May 25, 2020

    The Route 66

  • Scotsman61  on  May 25, 2020

    Ko Phan Bang

  • Adele10  on  May 25, 2020

    The Route 66

  • sarahkatef  on  May 25, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • Gregzyfhechef  on  May 25, 2020

    Cajun persuasion

  • Rea12  on  May 25, 2020

    Cajun persuasion for me please!!

  • fujirw  on  May 25, 2020

    bourbon glazed bacon jerky!

  • lgroom  on  May 25, 2020

    Kho phang ban

  • maggz19671  on  May 25, 2020

    Ko phan bang

  • Dannausc  on  May 25, 2020

    Seoulja boi

  • RuthHarwood  on  May 26, 2020

    Cajun persuasion

  • jrossington  on  May 26, 2020

    Ko Phan Bang

  • Loveinhighgate  on  May 26, 2020

    Jerk’ it

  • monasli  on  May 27, 2020

    Ko phang bang

  • Isis1981uk  on  May 27, 2020

    The Buffalo wings

  • banba1  on  May 27, 2020

    The Ko phan bang looks great!

  • blazin  on  May 27, 2020

    Seoulja boi

    One of my best friends worked for Chef Ford at his “Ford’s Filling Station” restaurant. He’s also a customer at the restaurant I work at. Would love to add his book to my collection!

  • luccio  on  May 27, 2020

    Szechuan salt & pepper

  • Leonard5854  on  May 27, 2020

    Bang bang bon bons

  • Sandra64gcr  on  May 28, 2020

    Bang Bang Bon Bon

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