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  • Pan-seared chicken breasts

    • ashallen on September 01, 2019

      Excellent recipe - these are the best pan-cooked boneless chicken breasts I've ever made. The flavor reminded me a bit of the excellent bone-in sautéed chicken pieces recipe from Julia Child's The Way to Cook and the meat stayed moist(!). It was good to have the digital thermometer handy to be able to follow the cooking temperature guidance in the recipe - my cooking times at each step ended up being longer than those noted in the recipe. Also, like a lot of recipes for pan-seared meat, there was spatter - I cooked it outside on the grill side burner to take care of that. Leftovers kept well. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine/Cook's Ill. Cookbook.]

  • Beef Stroganoff

    • ashallen on October 12, 2019

      Tender beef morsels in a deliciously creamy sauce - this was great. I did make the effort to track down the bavette/flap meat cut specified as the first choice for the recipe - it was available only from a specialty butcher in my area. On the positive side, the meat was really high-quality and so delicious after the initial searing that I felt bit bad eating it with the creamy sauce which mellowed the beef flavor!! Overall the sauce had good flavor - I did find the tomato paste to be a bit distracting in terms of both flavor and color (made the sauce kind of pink) - I'll try leaving it out/cutting down the quantity next time. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/ Magazine/ Science of Good Cooking/Cook's Ill. Cookbook.]

  • Rum raisin bread pudding with cinnamon

    • ashallen on January 23, 2021

      Really delicious. Maybe my expectations for bread pudding were too low, but this one launched me into a blissful reverie after eating a chunk warm from the oven. Crispy-sugary on top and soft and custardy below. I really liked how it didn't have any of the "eggy" flavor I've sometimes gotten from bread puddings made with whole eggs. Made a half-batch in an 8-inch square Pyrex dish. Used a homemade challah we love - that probably helped with the deliciousness factor. Rum would have been great but we were out - I subbed cognac and that worked fine. It's pretty rich and sweet on its own, so it was great even without the suggested sauce or whipped cream.

  • Ultimate banana bread

    • ashallen on September 15, 2019

      Great banana bread recipe!! Strong banana flavor and a firm but tender texture. With some recipes, the slices are so tender/fragile that they start to fall apart as you cut or butter them - this bread slices just fine. It also uses a lot of bananas - 5-6! I use 20 oz peeled. Starting with frozen bananas (which I often do) is actually a benefit - recipe calls for draining the juice from the thawed bananas and cooking it down to a syrup. Recipe also calls for layering banana slices on top of the bread, but I don't like their texture and replace them with a thick sprinkling of turbinado sugar which bakes into a crunchy crust. I've also found that although loaves baked in the 8.5x4.5-inch loaf pan specified in the recipe are very pretty (nice high center ridge), loaves made in a 9x5-inch loaf pan bake through more evenly - I prefer the latter. Taking them from the oven once the center hits 195F works well. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine/Cook's Ill. Cookbook.]

  • Bread stuffing with fresh herbs

    • ashallen on September 26, 2019

      Excellent stuffing recipe. It cleverly bakes stuffing with turkey/chicken wings nestled on top in order to replicate the flavor/moisture you get from true stuffing baked inside a turkey. Texture was very moist. Flavors were excellent. Now for personal preferences... We're not sure we like it better than our usual, non-turkey wing Cook's Illustrated recipe (circa 1998) without a side-by-side comparison. It does require some extra steps beyond that other recipe and I find it's pretty easy to replicate some baked-in-bird flavors with the 1998 recipe by reserving drippings and rendered fat from roast chicken and subbing them for chicken stock and butter. The moisture from the wings prevented a crunchy crust from forming on top of this stuffing - I missed it! I tried chewing on a couple of the leftover turkey/chicken wings but found them pretty tough. I used them for stock vs. soup/salad as suggested by Cooks. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine/Cook's Ill. Cookbook.]

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  • ISBN 10 1933615753
  • ISBN 13 9781933615752
  • Published Dec 31 2010
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Cook's Illustrated
  • Imprint Cook's Illustrated

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Perfect for long-term reference, the Cook’s Illustrated 2010 Annual contains all six 2010 issues bound in one cloth-covered edition. Bound inside you’ll also find an invaluable 2010 Recipe and Article Index to help search a year’s worth of test kitchen recipes and cooking information- fast! Attractive enough for a library, the case-bound construction makes it a sturdy tool for the real world of the kitchen, able to withstand many years of sauce spatters and spills.

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