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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Blueberry muffins

    • jzanger on July 29, 2012

      I was really unimpressed by these. Just mediocre. It needed a little cinnamon or nutmeg and some whole grain flour for interest. Probably won't be making these again.

  • Blueberry cobbler with gingered biscuits

    • stacey on August 29, 2010

      Recipe calls for lemon zest and juice, not lemon curd

  • Banana bread

    • mfto on February 26, 2011

      p 24 Finally I have found a banana bread recipe that is easy and really works for me. You would think that all such recipes are easy but they are never successful for me. I followed the recipe exactly except I had to use sour cream instead of yogurt. Also I baked it 5 minutes longer in my oven. The bread was OK 2 hours after baking but improved dramatically overnight. At first I thought I would add cinnamon the 2nd time but now I will leave the recipe as is because the banana flavor comes through.

  • Bakery-style french baguettes

    • jtodes on May 31, 2020

      Wonderful. Not difficult. Lost the seam, not a problem

  • Date-nut bread

    • hillsboroks on January 31, 2016

      I think this is my new favorite date recipe. The bread is rich, tender, moist and loaded with luscious dates. There are a couple of unusual steps and more than one bowl involved but the final result makes it all worthwhile. Originally I looked this recipe up to email to a friend who was traveling through the date growing area of S Calif. in an RV and wanted a date bread recipe that didn't require too much equipment or too many odd ingredients. This recipe really fit the bill. All you need besides a couple of bowls are a rubber spatula and a whisk. After emailing the recipe off I just had to try it and now I am very glad that I did.

  • Yule log cake

    • Medamida on January 28, 2014

      I use the Yule log cake recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor but the filling and ganache recipes from this book. Next I am going to try making homemade Mascarpone from Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.

  • Classic Irish soda bread

    • TaffyDeb on March 17, 2022

      In addition to the cupboard staples, one will also need cake flour and buttermilk. These are things that I don’t usually have on hand. P41-44

  • Chewy, fudgy triple-chocolate brownies

    • TaffyDeb on January 16, 2015

      This will be the only brownie we will ever make from now on. When they say let it cool, they really mean it. If you cut it before it cools it will ooze. You will think that you undercooked them but when it cools they solidify. Also they are so rich the 1"x1" serving is valid.

  • Vanilla cream pie

    • LisaO on January 02, 2020

      Making this base, then using it for the banana cream pie is delicious. I use banana liqueur instead of brandy.

  • Banana cream pie

    • LisaO on February 17, 2015

      I make this every Thanksgiving. (Don't know why I don't make it more often.) I use Banana Liquor instead of the brandy from the mother recipe the vanilla cream pie. I didn't like the crust so I use a traditional graham cracker crust.

  • Lemon bars

    • lawrencecharcuterie on April 24, 2022

      Have all the ingredients prepped and laid out. Watch the temperature when making the curd, it's very easy to exceed 170 and get scrambled eggs.

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Reviews about this book

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Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • Orange-almond biscotti

    • I Made That!

      First, I’m gonna make some biscotti. A biscotti flavored with orange zest and almonds.

      Full review
  • Puff pastry

    • Everyday Annie

      If you’re anything like me, your first bite of the homemade stuff will be all you need to kiss the store-bought variety goodbye. The glorious buttery, flaky delicate layers of dough...

      Full review
  • Glazed butter cookies

    • Lottie and Doof

      What is great about this recipe is that the addition of cream cheese into both the dough and the glaze provides a little bit of sourness to counter the sugar. The dough is so easy to make and roll out

      Full review
  • ISBN 10 0936184752
  • ISBN 13 9780936184753
  • Published Jun 02 2005
  • Format Hardcover
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Cook's Illustrated
  • Imprint Cook's Illustrated

Publishers Text

Packed with 350 recipes and 500 illustrations, Baking Illustrated brings you inside America's Test Kitchen, where the test cooks and editors have exhaustively examined every ingredient, technique, and piece of equipment that is critical to your baking success. Have you wondered how long you can keep that can of baking powder in your cabinet or what brand of chocolate will yield the best brownies or flourless chocolate cake Or puzzled over the key to making pizza crust that is thin and crisp or cookies that bake evenly An authoritative and one-of-a-kind reference, Baking Illustrated pulls back the curtain on the seemingly complex world of baking to give you the answers to these and thousands of other questions.

The recipes here range from quick breads and yeast breads to pizza, cookies, cakes, pastries, crisps, and cobblers to all manners of pies and tarts. And they include Americam home classics that have delighted families for generations (including Southern Cornbread, Pecan Sandies, and Sour Cream Coffee Cake) as well as more contemporary favorites (such as Rosemary Foccacia, Orange-Almond Biscotti, and Chocolate Truffle Tart).

Also included are recipes for timeless European baked goods such as croissants, Black Forest Cake, and baguettes. Every recipe has been exhaustively researched and tested with hundreds of ingredients and techniques to bring you the absolute best recipe along with detailed and precise explanations for everything from why you should use unsalted butter to what is the best oven temperature and why either one matters.

Also tested are every kind of baking equipment available, from mixers and food processors to the humblest spatualas and loaf pans, and the results of the experiments are described throughout so you can benefit from their trial and error.

A master baking class between two covers, Baking Illustrated takes the guesswork out of baking and will expand your repertoire without every losing sight of your ultimate goal: making those family favorites that will taste better than you ever imagined.

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