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  • Classic chicken salad

    • mfto on August 10, 2014

      A variation included in this recipe is Curried Chicken Salad with Cashews. This is my favorite chicken salad recipe. There is just the right amount of curry powder with the added sweet touch of golden raisins plus a touch of heat from cayenne pepper and the crunch of cashews. Since I cook for two, I always have leftovers when I bake a chicken. This chicken salad is a delicious use of the leftovers.

  • Italian vegetable stew (Ciambotta)

    • ecasey830 on October 06, 2019

      Labor-intensive but worth it

  • Chocolate-espresso Dacquoise

    • jtodes on April 20, 2014

      This is a showstopper of a cake. Everyone loved it and it makes a great presentation.

    • Njacovina on January 21, 2021

      This is not only delicious but looks great as well. The steps can easily be broken down so it becomes very manageable. I brought it to an annual holiday dinner and everyone raved about it. A bonus is that it is gluten free, so if you know anyone who can't have gluten, make this for them. It will be the best cake they ever had.

  • Catalan-style beef stew with mushrooms

    • Delys77 on November 19, 2012

      Pg 6. Technique and flavour wise this was a winner. I used my LD braiser to good effect here. The sofrito did add a huge depth of flavour and the white wine was very nice. Also, the suggested uncovered roasting did result in somewhat browned meat, not quite as much as browning the traditional way but definitely a reasonable cheat. I also loved the short ribs in this , I think I might try them in other stew recipes as they definitely stayed juicier. My only quibble is that my food processor didn't grind the nuts down quite a enough and there was a slight crunch to the sauce. In the future I might grind the nuts in a mortar and pestle to get more control over the texture of the ground nuts.

  • Chicken Marbella

    • Delys77 on March 04, 2012

      This was my first test kitchen recipe from cooks illustrated and I definitely see the advantage of this approach. The recipe yields an extremely flavourful sauce and super juicy breast. I actually went with two large breasts and it was just right for three people. The breast should fry skin down for 5 in your cat iron skillet. The only note would be that the sauce isn't too salty but the whole olives with the sauce are a bit salty. I would suggest cutting the number of whole olives back a bit, and maybe halve the olives.

  • French apple cake

    • emiliang on October 13, 2013

      Delicious, light, and easy to prepare. Texture in between a cake and a custard. Great for entertaining at home or for taking along to a dinner party because it needs to be prepared at least 3-4 hours before serving. Skipped the apple brandy and it was still great. Don't have a microwave so I sauteed the apples for a few minutes on the stove instead in a little bit of the oil.

  • Fresh pasta without a machine

    • bookrabbit66 on February 03, 2019

      Exceptionally easy recipe - plan on using regularly

  • Indian-style spinach with fresh cheese (Saag paneer)

    • ashallen on August 09, 2019

      So far I've only used this recipe to make paneer - not the saag curry part. This was my first time making paneer, but the instructions were easy to follow and the cheese turned out super! Firm, creamy, and sturdy enough to handle being sautéed before getting mixed into a curry. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine.]

  • New England fish chowder

    • ashallen on December 08, 2019

      My husband had a craving for a warm bowl of old-fashioned fish chowder made with cod - this recipe fit the bill. The flavors are gentle - more subtle than I prefer, but my husband really enjoyed it! Texture is not very thick with Yukon Gold potatoes which hold their shape well - Russet potatoes disintegrate more easily and might thicken the broth more. A nice piece of salt pork hasn't always been easy to find (and we didn't enjoy its texture once cooked) so I've also made this with rendered bacon fat which worked well. Best when fresh, though leftovers hold OK to the next day. Freezing, however, does unkind things to both the textures of both the fish and the potatoes! [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine.]

  • Sage, walnut, and browned butter pesto for cheese ravioli

    • ashallen on August 24, 2019

      This pesto is a great alternative to a more traditional sage-and-butter sauce. Its savoriness was excellent when combined with the sweetness of butternut squash ravioli. Using some toasted hazelnuts in addition to the walnuts called for the recipe worked very well. Great way to use up sage if you're trimming back an overgrown sage plant in the garden since it calls for 3/4 cup. Freezes well. [Cross-post for Annual Edition/Magazine.]

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  • ISBN 10 1936493330
  • ISBN 13 9781936493333
  • Published Dec 31 2012
  • Format Hardcover
  • Language English
  • Edition 2012
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher America's Test Kitchen

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Perfect for long-term reference, the Cook's Illustrated 2012 Annual contains all six 2012 issues bound in one cloth-covered edition. Bound inside you'll also find an invaluable 2012 Recipe and Article Index to help search a year's worth of test kitchen recipes and cooking information- fast!

Attractive enough for a library, the case-bound construction makes it a sturdy tool for the real world of the kitchen, able to withstand many years of sauce spatters and spills.

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