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This week while cruising through my recommended articles – thank you Google – I came across one entitled The Unexpected Condiment That Adds Color and Flavor to Chocolate Cake.

“Just a tablespoon in the batter can transform a dense, heavy dessert into something lighter, fluffier, and even more delectable. Vinegar not only affects the texture of a cake, but its color and flavor as well. Though at first this might sound unappetizing, as vinegar has such a harsh flavor, it works well in concert with the cake’s other ingredients to form a harmonious finished product.”

I do put a teaspoon of vinegar in my pecan pie filling as it cuts a little of the sweetness – I learned that from Carla Hall. But I have not tried vinegar in cake recipes? Have any of our Members?

If it works for cakes, can it work in brownies? There are 70 recipes in our Library for brownies with vinegar as an ingredient – I cannot wait to try vinegar in my next chocolate cake or batch of brownies.

There are 576 recipes184 online recipes – for chocolate cake with vinegar as an ingredient in our Library.

For those who are new to our site or who may have missed the news, last month we announced that we have connected the EYB database to ckbk’s library of digital cookbooks. ckbk is a cookbook subscription site where you can access the full content of more than 700 great cookbooks, the majority of which are indexed here on EYB (and more will be indexed). For all the details, please see Jane’s post.

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Member Photo of the Week

Japanese milk bread rolls from The All-Purpose Baker’s Companion (Revised and Updated) (page 182) by King Arthur Baking Company submitted by member anya_sf

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Featured Online Recipe

Ham and cheese omelette from RecipeTin Eats by Nagi Maehashi

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Featured EYBD Preview Recipe

Summer berry tartlets with vanilla bean cream from Summer Fruit Pastries: 60 Sumptuous Recipes from Galettes to Tartlets by Ryland Peters & Small

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