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    • Categories: Cocktails / drinks (with alcohol); Fall / autumn
    • Ingredients: cinnamon sticks; Cabernet Sauvignon wine; apple cider (alcohol-free); Calvados; pear brandy; apples; tart apples; red-skinned pears; green-skinned pears; pomegranate seeds; oranges
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters
    • Ingredients: bay scallops; limes; cucumbers; shallots; scallions; avocados; red peppers; parsley; jalapeño chiles; Sriracha sauce
  • Classic daiquiris, updated
    • Categories: Cocktails / drinks (with alcohol)
    • Ingredients: sugar; limes; dark rum
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters
    • Ingredients: Medjool dates; Bleu d'Auvergne cheese; prosciutto
  • Roasted shrimp cocktail Louis
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; American
    • Ingredients: shrimp; mayonnaise; chili sauce; lemons; horseradish; Sriracha sauce; Worcestershire sauce; capers; scallions
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Appetizers / starters; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: sweet Italian sausages; chicken sausages; butter; yellow onions; cremini mushrooms; fennel seeds; mascarpone cheese; white bread; phyllo dough; breadcrumbs
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: shishito peppers; limes; Maldon salt
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Grills & BBQ; Middle Eastern; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggplants; Greek yogurt; mint; Sriracha sauce
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Canapés / hors d'oeuvre; Cooking ahead; Italian; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: cerignola olives; Kalamata olives; oranges; garlic; fennel seeds; thyme; dried red pepper flakes
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; American; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: pearled farro; apple cider (alcohol-free); bay leaves; lemons; roasted salted pistachio nuts; parsley; mint; cherry tomatoes; radishes; baby arugula; Parmesan cheese; Maldon salt
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; American
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; bacon; salted Marcona almonds; walnuts; apple cider vinegar; liquid honey; baby frisée; kale; baby spinach; golden raisins; extra-sharp cheddar cheese; red-skinned apples; eggs; roasted salted cashew nuts
    • Categories: Egg dishes; How to...
    • Ingredients: eggs
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Cooking ahead; Middle Eastern; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: pearled farro; cucumbers; canned chickpeas; scallions; parsley; mint; olive oil; lemons; feta cheese; Kalamata olives
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Israeli; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: canned chickpeas; tahini; lemons; garlic; ground cumin; Sriracha sauce; cucumbers; heirloom cherry tomatoes; red peppers; red onions; mint
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Cooking ahead; Mexican
    • Ingredients: pork loin; yellow onions; poblano chiles; yellow peppers; chile powder; dried oregano; chicken stock; salsa verde; canned white hominy; canned black beans; tortilla chips
    • Categories: Salads; Lunch; Fall / autumn; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: beets; butternut squash; red-skinned apples; shallots; balsamic vinegar; oranges; liquid honey; baby arugula; salted Marcona almonds
  • Tomato & avocado salad
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Salads; Side dish; Summer; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: lemons; avocados; cherry tomatoes; red onions; baby arugula
    • Categories: Soups; Cooking ahead; Italian
    • Ingredients: eggplants; yellow onions; fennel; garlic; chicken stock; canned crushed tomatoes; fennel seeds; dried oregano; thyme; dried red pepper flakes; canned tomatoes
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Summer; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: scallions; dill; chives; mixed heirloom tomatoes; basil; fleur de sel; milk; heavy cream
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Salads; Side dish; Winter; Italian; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: shallots; apple cider vinegar; radicchio; endive; baby arugula; navel oranges; Kalamata olives; lemons
    • Categories: Salads; Sandwiches & burgers; Lunch
    • Ingredients: Brussels sprouts; mayonnaise; whole grain mustard; apple cider vinegar; ciabatta rolls; turkey breast
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cherry tomatoes; mozzarella cheese; sourdough bread; basil
    • Categories: Main course; Lunch; Italian
    • Ingredients: beef fillets; egg yolks; anchovies; lemons; Parmesan cheese; capers; baby arugula; Maldon salt
    • Categories: Lunch
    • Ingredients: cauliflower; dried red pepper flakes; mascarpone cheese; Gruyère cheese; prosciutto; nutmeg; country bread; paprika; Parmesan cheese; chives; Maldon salt
    • Categories: Pasta, baked; Main course
    • Ingredients: eggplants; penne rigate pasta; mozzarella cheese; Parmesan cheese; fusilli pasta; yellow onions; fennel; garlic; chicken stock; canned crushed tomatoes; fennel seeds; dried oregano; thyme; dried red pepper flakes; canned tomatoes

Notes about this book

  • cadfael on March 30, 2021

    Very good

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Autumn sangria

    • anya_sf on November 13, 2021

      I chilled the syrup overnight before making the sangria, which chilled 24 hrs before serving. It was sweet and yummy - easy to drink, but stronger than it tasted. My husband thought it was the best sangria he'd had.

  • Bay scallop ceviche

    • anya_sf on May 09, 2021

      Very chunky, best eaten like a salad, rather than on tostadas like most ceviches I've had. Lots of vegetables relative to seafood. Light, zesty, and citrusy, with just a bit of heat (I removed the jalapeno seeds).

    • stef on June 20, 2020

      Bay scallops are marinated in lime juice for one hour. The salad was delicious on a very hot day and will make it again.

  • Classic daiquiris, updated

    • anya_sf on December 16, 2018

      I scaled the recipe down. As written, each drink has about 1.75 oz each lime juice and rum, 1.33 oz simple syrup. I used gold Havana club rum. Good balance of tart and sweet, although I might reduce the syrup, since I like a tart drink (or else skip the sugar rim).

  • Warm dates with blue cheese & prosciutto

    • anya_sf on December 10, 2018

      Even easier using pitted dates. Mine were Halawi, which are a bit smaller, so I used less blue cheese. I used the full amount of prosciutto, but wrapped it around the dates more. Very tasty! Great for a party.

    • vickster on January 02, 2020

      Delicious, easy appetizer. Dates, blue cheese and prosciutto make a great combination.

  • Roasted shrimp cocktail Louis

    • mharriman on December 31, 2020

      I made a third of the recipe as part of a NYE dinner for my husband and me. I was very happy with the results of roasting the shrimp. I only needed 7 minutes in my oven, and will remember this method again. I modified the dipping sauce a bit- I didn’t have chili sauce so I used ketchup and chili powder. I also used Hellman’s light mayo instead of full fat. The dip was delicious, even with the changes.

    • anya_sf on July 23, 2019

      I made half the recipe and served it over salad, turning it into a main course for 2 people. The dressing was deliciously zesty with a kick; I swapped half the mayo for yogurt to lighten it. There was plenty of dressing for both salad and shrimp, plus a little extra. My salad contained butter lettuce, cucumber, boiled potatoes, and blanched snap peas and haricots verts. The dressing would make a nice dip for veggies. The shrimp were cooked perfectly and weren't tough or rubbery at all.

  • Sausage & mushroom strudels

    • anya_sf on September 05, 2020

      Only 15 (large) phyllo sheets are used for this recipe. I just needed 10 Tbsp butter: 2 for sauteing, 8 for brushing. These were a bit of a chore to assemble, but worth it (and can be done ahead), as they were absolutely delicious. We had them as a main course with salad. As hors d'oeuvres, they'd be tricky to eat, as each slice is more than one bite and tends to fall apart once bitten into.

  • Sautéed shishito peppers

    • anya_sf on December 10, 2018

      Simple and delicious!

    • CordovaBayCook on April 23, 2023

      I loved the idea of this quick recipe: fresh, easy to make and very versatile. Unfortunately, the shishitos I bought ended up being SO hot that I was unable to eat this dish. Having said this, if you love the heat, and/or your shishitos are not too spicy, consider trying this one.

  • Smoky eggplant dip with yogurt & mint

    • anya_sf on August 31, 2019

      Half the recipe made a generous amount for 3 people. Very nice flavor, not too heavy.

  • Warm marinated olives

    • anya_sf on May 07, 2021

      Super quick, easy, and tasty appetizer.

  • Charlie Bird's farro salad

    • anya_sf on January 26, 2019

      Farro was very flavorful. I added a sliced Persian cucumber, doubled the arugula, and topped with roasted chicken for a main course, serving 3 for dinner. I only added 2/3 of the dressing to the farro as I didn't want too much dressing. I did end up adding a bit more with the arugula, using about 3/4 of the dressing total. The salad was delicious. Leftovers made a nice lunch.

    • SpatulaCity on May 19, 2023

      Wow I really made a dumb mistake and used apple cider vinegar! ?? I mean, really! Well, the farro came out a bit more tart than probably intended, but together with the lemon vinaigrette it really isn’t so bad. The herbs help brighten it up for sure. Still very tasty and I can only imagine how good it would have been if made with apple cider full stop. Am putting myself in cooks time out for a while.

    • bwhip on August 10, 2020

      I've made this one before (previous version from Melissa Clark), and it's always great. I think about half the dressing quantity would be fine, as this seemed like far too much to me.

    • Kinhawaii on August 28, 2021

      Agree with everyone- delicious! Did use half the amount of olive oil & added water to boiled cider since didn’t have fresh apple cider.

  • Chicken & spinach Waldorf salad

    • Kinhawaii on September 29, 2019

      Yummy salad- even though didn’t have chicken or kale. Used regular almonds & mixed greens with spinach. Had leftover dressing. Will definitely make again! time with chicken.

    • JJ2018 on April 15, 2022

      Loved this. Really quick to put together and tasty, if you used pre cooked rotisserie’s chicken it would be super quick. Will definitely make again

    • anya_sf on July 07, 2019

      Prepped everything ahead so the salad was quick to throw together at the last minute. Chicken took an extra 15 min to cook through. For the eggs, I used my usual method: brought them to a boil, then turned off the heat and let them sit for 8 minutes, then put in an ice bath. I made 2/3 of the dressing, but there was still a bit left over. I couldn't find frisee, so I substituted a bagged salad mix which included frisee, but did use the kale and baby spinach per the recipe. At the end, I only added 1/2 tsp salt, which seemed just right to me (was actually surprised any would be added with all the salty ingredients). The flavor of this salad was fantastic! My family even ate the kale without complaint.

    • jackiecat on September 30, 2019

  • Soft-boiled eggs

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Eggs turned out well this way: partly jammy, partly runny. Note: in other recipes, Ina gives a cooking time of 6.5 minutes for the same result.

  • Farro tabbouleh with feta

    • anya_sf on July 25, 2019

      I made half the recipe, but with the whole can of chickpeas. I cooked the farro a day ahead and mixed it with the dressing and scallions, but added the remaining ingredients the day of serving. I didn't think I'd end up wanting all the salt, but I did. The salad was really delicious and leftovers were great the next day.

    • EN1 on September 01, 2019

      I omitted the mint and halved the recipe. It’s a winner I will add to my regular rotation of recipes

  • Israeli vegetable salad

    • anya_sf on August 31, 2019

      I made the hummus earlier in the day. Although I added 2 Tbsp water to thin it, it was still quite thick and never got completely smooth. Perhaps I should have processed the hummus for longer. The vegetable salad was very tasty and refreshing, but I'll use less onion next time. The salad and hummus went well together. This dish is best as an appetizer for many people, rather than lunch. We had it as a main with pita bread and felt it was too much of a good thing. When serving, be sure to put out a serving spoon as it's rather difficult to scoop up with just pita bread.

  • Pork posole

    • averythingcooks on May 02, 2021

      I came here with around 8 oz of leftover roast pork loin and lots of odds & ends in the fridge/freezer to use up. I cut this back to roughly 1/3 & simply changed the cook order a bit. I also used some minced jalapeno (more heat!) in place of poblano. I must admit that I can not get hominy (dried or canned) here and so I added chickpeas & corn. I suppose this means I did NOT actually make "posole" BUT I did make a delicious dinner for 2 that made good use of what's in my kitchen:)

    • damazinah on August 06, 2022

      I absolutely loved this posole! I used pork shoulder rather than loin, and cooked it in the slow cooker instead of stove top. The flavors were wonderful, even before adding the optional toppings.

    • anya_sf on January 14, 2019

      I used pork tenderloin, 1 25-oz can hominy, and omitted the poblano pepper (couldn't find). Did not need extra salt at the end. Served with cilantro in addition to other toppings. I don't love radishes, but liked them here. The soup isn't spicy, but you could add hot sauce to taste. I'm sure this isn't traditional, but it was quick and easy, and my family devoured it.

  • Roasted beet, butternut squash & apple salad

    • anya_sf on December 17, 2019

      I preferred to double the arugula for more greens (it was still mostly roasted vegetables). About half the dressing was enough to coat everything. Great combination of flavors. Although the salad is fairly hearty, I bet it would also be good with cheddar cheese or some roasted chicken on top.

    • cookbook.chronicles on May 10, 2020

      Great warm salad with roasted vegetables. The warm balsamic vinaigrette with garlic, shallot, orange and Dijon mustard bring the flavor of the salad out.

    • laur0684 on January 19, 2019

      Really tasty and unique fall/winter salad. I’m allergic to nuts so I subbed roasted squash seeds from the butternut squash for the almonds.

  • Tomato & avocado salad

    • anya_sf on July 14, 2019

      The vinaigrette was quite lemony since the vegetables were already marinated in lemon juice, but the acid wasn't overpowering. I accidentally added the larger amount of salt and pepper, which are supposed to be sprinkled at the end, to the vinaigrette, so I didn't add the smaller amount of salt and pepper (which was supposed to go in the vinaigrette) to the vinaigrette. The seasoning seemed just right to me; no extra salt was needed.

    • Lepa on September 09, 2021

      We didn't love this. It was too lemony (and I love lemon!) and one-note.

    • mharriman on January 01, 2019

      This was an easy salad. I substituted shallots for the red onion, but other than that, I made it by following all the ingredients and directions. I was able to use cherry tomatoes grown on the vine in a greenhouse, so unlike most tomatoes in winter, these were very flavorful and tasted great with the avocados in the lemony vinaigrette.

  • Tomato & eggplant soup

    • anya_sf on January 16, 2019

      Thick and chunky soup with a bright, sweet tomato flavor, but also a peppery bite. Could add more salt (Ina adds more for the pasta dish). Quick and easy to make. I used less oil to saute the eggplant. My eggplant was probably bigger, so I ended up with a LOT of soup, but that was OK since I really wanted to make the pasta.

    • Kinhawaii on April 30, 2019

      Made half a recipe & still ended up with lots of soup. Nice & chunky, we liked it even better the next day.

  • Heirloom tomatoes with herbed ricotta

    • anya_sf on September 05, 2019

      I made half the ricotta mixture, but probably used nearly the full amount of tomatoes - 5 medium heirlooms cut in 6 wedges each. There was enough ricotta for us (served as a side salad). I didn't have scallions, so I doubled the chives. This dish tasted absolutely delicious made with in-season, vine-ripe heirlooms.

  • Tricolore salad with oranges

    • anya_sf on March 10, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe, but adjusted the greens to 3 endives (both red and green), 7 oz arugula, no radicchio. There was still extra dressing. The flavors went together very well. Although the cider vinegar softened the bite of the shallot, there was still too much for my taste.

    • jackiecat on January 20, 2019

    • ellencooks on January 20, 2019

      This was fantastic! I made it as written except I just add the dressing ingredients to a jar then shake it up.

    • ginger2212 on May 24, 2022

      I love this salad in the winter! It's perfect with a roast chicken or roasted salmon.

  • Turkey sandwiches with Brussels sprout slaw

    • ginger2212 on May 24, 2022

      Delicious! I made this in a pita instead of ciabatta bread because that is what I had on hand. I would cut the amount of mayo in the recipe - the slaw is VERY mayo heavy.

    • on February 06, 2022

      These are good sandwiches when made following the recipe. When I'm in a hurry, I substitute premade Thousand Island dressing and the sandwich is still very tasty.

    • anya_sf on December 06, 2021

      Nice flavor combination, but the sandwiches were rather bready (or maybe my ciabatta was extra tall). Generous amount of dressing helped ensure the sandwiches were not dry. Used freshly roasted turkey and would have liked more of that relative to the other ingredients.

  • Tuscan tomato & bread salad

    • anya_sf on September 03, 2019

      I served this on a bed of greens and half the vinaigrette was plenty for everything. I only used 8 oz mozzarella as I didn't want it too heavy (served as a side dish). There was too much salt on the bread cubes, so I was careful to lift them out of the pan so the excess salt didn't get swept into the salad bowl. Still, no additional salt or pepper were needed at the end. Made with in-season grape tomatoes, this salad was absolutely delicious.

    • cookbook.chronicles on June 06, 2020

      Great summer salad. I love it.

  • Filet of beef carpaccio

    • anya_sf on December 08, 2021

      The beef was in the freezer closer to 3 hours, but it was still fine and actually easier to slice, plus allowed me to plate a little ahead of time without the meat getting too warm. I used the blender for the dressing (1/2 recipe) since it works better for smaller quantities; there was extra dressing. This was a fabulous, albeit pricey, first course for a special occasion.

  • Cauliflower toasts

    • anya_sf on December 17, 2019

      I only had 8 oz mascarpone and it was just enough. I reduced the gruyere cheese to 4 oz and the prosciutto to 3 oz. With so many salty ingredients and the salt added before roasting, 1/2 tsp salt in the mix was plenty, and no extra sea salt was needed on top. My bread was a batard and there was enough cauliflower mixture for 8-9 toasts. I was out of chives, so I topped the toasts with parsley instead. The toasts were delicious!

  • Baked pasta with tomatoes & eggplant

    • anya_sf on January 16, 2019

      I scaled the recipe up for 12 oz pasta, made in one large casserole (metal, because I don't think pyrex or ceramic dishes are oven safe at 500 degrees). I used 8 oz mozzarella because I didn't want leftover cheese. This is super quick to make if the soup is already made, but the soup doesn't take that long. My family enjoyed this with extra Parmesan cheese.

    • Kinhawaii on April 30, 2019

      I also made this in 1 large flat Le Creuset dish so took a little longer to heat up. We liked the crunchy pasta bits- used farfalle. Not sure if I would make it again if I didn't already have leftover soup.

  • Chicken Marbella, updated

    • Skamper on November 12, 2019

      Good flavor, but the skin was a bit flabby.

    • anya_sf on October 22, 2019

      I liked this, but didn't love it. Next time I'd use chicken legs or thighs (well trimmed), as the breast was somewhat dry. The sauce was flavorful, but rather greasy. The prunes were meh - I prefer Ottolenghi's version made with dates.

  • Cioppino

    • anya_sf on December 07, 2018

      I used bottled clam juice instead of seafood stock, which I'm sure would be more flavorful. Also, I was in a hurry and only simmered the broth for 15 minutes. Still, the cioppino was very good. Here in San Francisco, cioppino usually contains Dungeness crab, halibut instead of cod, and clams instead of (or in addition to) mussels. But you can use whatever seafood is available in your area. This was easy and enjoyed by all; will make again.

  • Garlic toasts

    • anya_sf on December 07, 2018

      Good method, but the toasts were quite brown and crisp after 15 minutes. Next time I'd take them out of the oven sooner. They were good dunked in the cioppino broth.

  • Chicken thighs with creamy mustard sauce

    • anya_sf on December 30, 2018

      I used boneless, skinless thighs, which weren't as pretty, but still worked fine. Added some tarragon with the parsley. Served over mashed potatoes. Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious!

    • mharriman on February 04, 2021

      Very good. My bone in thighs cooked in 20 minutes. The onions could have been spooned from the pan at 8 minutes. I only had two tablespoons left from my container of creme fraiche, so I supplemented with a couple tablespoons of half n half and that worked well. I wanted to reduce the fat content, so my chicken was not swimming in sauce as the recipe intended. We liked the chicken and sauce over white rice. This was more of a cream- based sauce than mustard- based but still very tasty. Went well with steamed green beans.

    • stef on February 18, 2021

      Used boneless chicken thighs and sour cream and cream instead of creme fraiche. Nice sauce. Mushrooms would be a nice addition.

    • averythingcooks on June 22, 2021

      I used 5 boneless, skinless chicken thighs & made 1/2 the sauce using sour cream & a swirl of 5% cream. With potatoes and broccoli on the side, we both agreed - delicious!

    • Skamper on January 30, 2022

      Very good. Made a rough half batch but didn't add the full amount of salt at the end. Subbed light sour cream for creme fraiche.

    • arosfd on February 09, 2021

      Was pleasantly surprised by how well this cut down for two--I used the two boneless, skinless thighs I had on hand in an 8" cast iron pan and it was perfect! I even used plain lowfat yogurt as the dairy and it didn't break at all. Very flavorful and quick to make!

    • on November 02, 2019

      I substituted sour cream for the crème fraiche. It made an unpleasantly thick sauce. Next time I will try cream or half and half since crème fraiche is not a staple for me.

  • Crispy mustard chicken & frisée

    • Skamper on January 09, 2023

      Very tasty. Used small yukon golds, quartered. Everything was done in 45 minutes. Served over arugula. Particularly liked the mustard vinaigrette.

    • bwhip on August 21, 2020

      This was really good, and quite easy to prepare for a weeknight. Really nice combination of hot and crispy, with cool and acidic. I'll definitely make this one again.

    • anya_sf on August 27, 2019

      There were a lot of crumbs, but I piled them all on top of the chicken thighs as directed. However, half the crumbs fell off when I removed the baked thighs from the sheet pan. I just sprinkled them back on top of the salad like flavorful crouton crumbs. I couldn't find frisee, so I used bagged salad mix that contained frisee plus some arugula. I also supplemented the salad with blanched haricots verts, which were nice with the chicken and dressing. Both the chicken and potatoes were done in 50 minutes as specified. I didn't bother flipping the potatoes halfway through and they turned out fine. Very tasty.

    • KarinaFrancis on October 02, 2019

      I took a few liberties with this recipe but it still turned out great. I used skinless, boneless thighs and added some Parmesan to the crumb mix. Was a very easy weeknight dinner.

    • SpatulaCity on May 20, 2023

      Simple and enjoyable. I used very small fingerlings, so didn’t halve. Our grocery didn’t have frisée, so used a bagged mix of crunchy greens. I think the lightness of the frisée is really needed though, so would seek it out next time. Would also use boneless thighs, only because it’s kind of a pain to dig them out when you’re cutting over a salad of small lettuces. I added enough butter and oil to the crumbs so they could be compacted and molded onto the chicken skin and they stayed on perfectly. The mustard and wine combo gave a beautiful flavor to the chicken!

  • Mustard vinaigrette

    • anya_sf on August 27, 2019

      Easy to make. The flavor is fairly strong even when made ahead. It was a good match for the chicken and frisee, but I wouldn't use it on more delicately flavored salads.

  • Filet of beef with mushrooms & blue cheese

    • anya_sf on December 26, 2019

      Fantastic! My filet was 3.3 lbs, and although Ina says the cooking time will be the same, my roast did take 35 minutes to reach medium-rare. I used Tawny port in the sauce because that's what I had on hand. The sauce was wonderful.

  • Flounder Milanese

    • anya_sf on September 16, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe, but the full amount of arugula (extra on the side); 1/4 of the vinaigrette was plenty. I had unseasoned bread crumbs, so I seasoned them with oregano, onion and garlic powders, salt and pepper. We can't get flounder here and our local sole are very small, so I used snapper. Unfortunately, the fish burned on the outside before the inside was cooked through. I was able to salvage the fish by finishing them off at very low temperature (only one side was actually overly charred). The overall flavor of the dish was good, so I would try this recipe again using thinner fish, such as 2 small sole fillets per person.

    • SpatulaCity on May 19, 2023

      Made with cod and it was a perfectly simple and tasty preparation, yielding a light and crispy fish. Made my own seasoned panko bread crumbs. I liked the quick fry capers at the end - so much easier than making a whole caper sauce, and the results tasted fresh.

    • Ezair92 on April 27, 2023

      I really enjoyed this. Very easy. I made it for two but I can see that it would be great for a dinner party. I had some breadcrumbs that I had mixed up with sunflower seeds and it was yummy

  • Lemon vinaigrette

    • anya_sf on September 16, 2019

      An assertive vinaigrette with plenty of lemon and salt, but that was perfect with the fish and arugula.

  • Buttermilk herb mayo

    • anya_sf on September 14, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe a day ahead to put on 3 sandwiches. There was extra, but not as much as I'd expected. The mayo was very tasty, great with the chicken. We liked a generous amount on the sandwiches.

  • Fried chicken sandwiches

    • anya_sf on September 14, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe, but cooked 4 chicken cutlets (2 breasts). There was extra flour mixture, but it helps to have an ample amount when dredging. The chicken marinated about 25 hours (recipe states no more than 24) but it was still okay. In a 9" wide, 4.5" high Dutch oven with 2" oil, I didn't feel comfortable frying more than one cutlet at a time, since the oil was near the top. The cutlets curled up during frying, but still worked for the sandwiches. The sandwiches were delicious!

    • bwhip on August 10, 2020

      Fantastic recipe for chicken sandwiches. Lovely crunch and a bit of zip from the spices. Looking forward to having these again (and again).

    • cadfael on March 30, 2021

      Very good

    • JJ2018 on February 22, 2020

      These were amazing! The nicest chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had. The coating was so crisp and the chicken so tender and flavourful. Absolute winner!

  • 1770 House lamb & chickpea curry

    • anya_sf on January 27, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe, but used the full amount of onion and carrots, and substituted 3 small zucchini for the celery. The sauce cooked down a lot, so I had to add an extra cup of broth for the final 30 minutes of cooking. It smelled AMAZING while simmering. I used mild curry powder and rose harissa, so there was a spicy kick, but not too much. I found it a tad sweet and would reduce the brown sugar and maybe omit the raisins next time. A squeeze of lime juice might also be good. Didn't need extra salt at the end. My family loved it and three people finished it all.

    • averythingcooks on August 30, 2020

      I made a 1/2 recipe but full disclosure means I admit to using 1 lb of cubed pork loin in place of lamb (#1....lamb is not readily available here AND #2... I don’t actually like lamb anyways). Now that that is out of the way, I now have a lovely hot pot to serve over rice. I did make most of it yesterday and added a few extra veg (chopped green onions & a handful of peas) when reheating tonight. At the last minute I added some hot pickled peppers with their brine and as a result we are eating this with a good scoop of yogurt to tame the extra heat. This IS really good!

  • Panko-crusted rack of lamb

    • anya_sf on December 24, 2019

      After the lamb was coated with crumbs, it roasted another 16 minutes, at which point I thought it was done. But apparently, I didn't take the temperature correctly, so after resting and slicing into double chops, I discovered it was way too pink inside, although at least it did not bleed any juices at that point. I returned the sliced chops to the oven for another 5 minutes and they were good. The panko coating was delicious, but much of it fell off when the lamb was sliced.

  • Pork souvlaki with radish tzatziki

    • anya_sf on January 24, 2019

      I was skeptical that pork shoulder would be tender with such a short cooking time, so I used loin (1.5 lbs). Marinated the pork about 6 hours. Cooked everything in a 12" cast iron skillet and it wasn't quite large enough for everything to be a single layer. I cooked the mixture a few minutes extra so that all the vegetables would soften and brown more. The souvlaki were super flavorful and didn't need extra salt at the end. My family really enjoyed this.

    • averythingcooks on July 22, 2020

      I cut this in half and used 1 lb of thick cut boneless pork loin chops (freezer find!) cubed as suggested. I also had to use a smaller amount of dried oregano in place of fresh. Next time, I would absolutely use more onions & peppers but after 9 hours in the marinade, the result was a delicious pan of souvlaki. I served it with the radish tzatziki, home made naan and a green salad. A definite repeat!

  • Radish tzatziki

    • averythingcooks on July 22, 2020

      T is a big fan of cucumber, not so much BUT we both loved this radish version. I did use fresh parsley in place of mint and served it with Ina’s cast iron pan of pork souvlaki and freshly made naan. Absolutely a new favorite.

    • anya_sf on January 24, 2019

      Half the recipe and there was just barely enough for the souvlaki (made with 1.5 lbs pork instead of 2). Make the full amount if you like a lot of sauce. Made 6 hours ahead. The tzatziki had a definite bite from the radish and I didn't love it plain, but it was perfect with the souvlaki.

  • Red wine-braised short ribs

    • anya_sf on December 11, 2018

      My short ribs were very fatty, so I didn't add the roasting "juices" (fat) back to the pot. I still skimmed a ton of fat off the surface. Flavor is best if made ahead. Cooked in the oven covered for probably an extra hour so ribs were quite tender. Added peas at the end for extra nutrition, color, and texture, since the other vegetables were very soft. Very good served over mashed potatoes.

    • jackiecat on December 11, 2018

      Recipe on line

  • Roast duck breast with dried cherries & Port

    • tmitra on February 28, 2023

      My duck breasts were around 8 oz each, and they were overdone when I checked them after 10 minutes in the oven. Maybe this recipe works better with 16 oz duck breasts? I too wanted the sauce to be thicker, and overall, I've had better cherry sauces with meats. It's rare that one of Ina's recipes is a miss for me, but after seeing that anya_sf's feedback is similar, I do think this one needed more work.

    • anya_sf on April 12, 2020

      My duck breasts were smaller, about 6 oz each. No oil was needed to cook the duck skin; tons of fat was rendered. I roasted the duck for the shorter amount of time, 12 min, but the breasts were overdone, although still very tender. Apparently, my duck breasts had less meat/more skin than I'd realized. Tawny port worked in the sauce, which was delicious with the duck. I just wish the sauce were a little thicker. The amount of sauce was generous.

  • Roasted eggplant Parmesan

    • anya_sf on December 07, 2018

      I didn't measure the oil that was brushed on the eggplant slices - just brushed a small amount on each side, which was probably around 1/2 cup oil total. I assembled the casserole one day ahead. Baking time was still only 45 minutes, so if you bake it right after assembly, the cooking time might be less. There was just as much cheese as eggplant, but no one complained about this. It was delicious.

    • Rradishes on July 15, 2022

      This was very good and very cheesy. Next time might reduce amount of cheese

  • Shells with broccoli rabe & pancetta

    • Lepa on May 03, 2021

      I love broccoli rabe so I enjoyed this. It was quick and easy. It seemed a bit bland until I mixed the ricotta, olive oil and parmesan in at the end and then it all came together.

    • anya_sf on December 08, 2018

      I used what I had on hand: regular broccoli, 12 oz wagon wheel pasta, 4 oz pancetta. Only used half the red and black peppers, since my son is sensitive to spice. It was a delicious, quick, and easy weeknight dinner. I'm sure it would be even better with more pancetta and broccoli rabe.

  • Shrimp & grits

    • anya_sf on May 23, 2020

      The grits got very thick and started to stick after 5 minutes (when they were "done" according to the package), so definitely check them often; I had to turn the heat down to extra-low. They got so thick that bowls were not required. I would have liked them thinner, but the flavor was good, and grits tend to be super bland. The sauce made from quick shrimp stock was very flavorful - zesty, rather than spicy. We really liked the shrimp and 3 people finished it all.

    • Lepa on January 07, 2020

      I've never made shrimp and grits before but I was craving it and found this recipe. While it was pretty easy to make, the taste was so complex and delicious! My husband and I loved it.

    • ellencooks on January 17, 2022

      Yes, the grits got thick soon but the timing in this recipe matched the directions on my grits package for creamy grits. Taste was fantastic! I’ve never eaten shrimp and grits before but I found the bacon distracting. Sauce was great!

  • Spiced lamb-stuffed eggplants

    • tmitra on April 13, 2022

      I've made and loved most of the dinner recipes in this book, but I found this one to be just okay. The flavors are reminiscent of moussaka, but each element (the eggplants, lamb filling, and bechamel-like ricotta) is inferior to the real thing. Sadly, the goat cheese gets lost altogether. I used two medium-sized regular eggplants and learned that I should have baked them longer than 30 minutes.

    • anya_sf on May 18, 2019

      I couldn't find baby eggplants, so I used 2 large eggplants. There was definitely more than 2 cups eggplant flesh, but I used it all, so there was extra filling. I assembled the dish ahead of time and chilled it, so the baking time was about 10 minutes longer. The flavor was very good. We ate this with couscous with peas and mint.

    • ginger2212 on May 24, 2022

      This is one of my favorite recipes! I've made it for multiple people and it's always so delicious and gets rave reviews. While I love moussaka, I like that this doesn't require a bechamel. The lamb/meat sauce is delictable.

  • Warm lobster rolls

    • anya_sf on February 14, 2020

      I just made 2 rolls using 2 4-oz lobster tails, which I poached for 4 minutes. There wasn't a huge amount of meat - just enough that you could actually eat these sandwiches with your hands, rather than fork and knife. The only buns I found which were split on top were brioche, which were extra decadent toasted in butter. The lobster rolls tasted fabulous - worth a splurge. I'd use more lobster if I could afford it.

  • Baked spinach & zucchini

    • anya_sf on April 23, 2019

      I used 2 cups rice, but kept everything else the same, although I sprayed the baking dish with spray rather than 2 Tbsp melted butter. This dish was very tasty, and with the larger amount of rice served as both starch and vegetable. Made in one large dish, it needed an extra 10 minutes to cook through.

    • averythingcooks on April 30, 2021

      I cut this down to 1/4 of the recipe (easy based on amts given) BUT then doubled that amount of rice after reading the other comments. I also stirred 1/2 oz of gruyere into the mix and used another 1/2 oz with melted butter & fresh crumbs to make a crunchy topping. Baked in a very small cast iron pan, this was a great little side dish for 2.

    • Lepa on September 29, 2020

      This did not work out for us. Maybe it would have been better if I had added more rice, as @anya_sf did. Or maybe the egg didn't fully set. In any case, this is the first Ina recipe I can ever remember trying that I wouldn't attempt again.

  • Celery root & chickpea puree

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      I made 1/2 recipe to serve 3, so didn't have to puree in batches. Surprisingly good, lighter texture than expected. Sprinkled extra thyme on top.

  • Chipotle Parmesan sweet corn

    • anya_sf on May 21, 2019

      I doubled the chipotle powder, as I couldn't taste that small amount, but my chili powder may have been old. The corn didn't need the full 10 minutes to cook. At medium-high heat, it was necessary to stir often or the shallot would burn. The seasonings were great with the corn. I added extra parmesan, as such a small amount was barely noticeable.

    • averythingcooks on June 16, 2021

      The corn cut from 2 good sized cobs is lots for the 2 of us as a side (and the original calls for 8 cups cut from 8 to 12 ears to serve 6-8). Because I was scaling back by so much, there was a lot of eyeballing for some of the other ingredients. I was likely a little heavier with the chili & cheese than called for but the end result was really good. Oh - I also swirled in a little light cream at the end just to loosen things up which turned out to be a good idea.

  • Creamy blue cheese grits

    • anya_sf on August 31, 2020

      Whole milk worked well in place of half-and-half. During the 45 minute simmer time, I failed to realize some of the grits stuck to the bottom and scorched, resulting in rather thin grits at the end, although they did thicken upon cooling. I used supermarket blue cheese crumbles and ended up doubling the amount for more flavor. These tasted pretty good with sausages, and I imagine they'd be good with braised short ribs as suggested.

  • Haricots verts with hazelnuts & dill

    • anya_sf on December 05, 2018

      I cooked 2 lbs haricots verts and did not need the full amount of salt, so I'd start with half and add it to taste. The hazelnuts and dill went well with the green beans and the dish was quick and easy to prepare.

  • Maple-roasted acorn squash

    • anya_sf on January 10, 2020

      Good basic recipe. I don't like my squash too sweet, so I skipped the additional maple syrup at the end. My son actually wanted no maple syrup on his. For some reason, the texture of the squash was rather dry, but that may have been the particular squash I cooked, not related to the recipe.

  • Orange-roasted rainbow carrots

    • anya_sf on December 30, 2018

      Some of my carrots were thick, so they needed closer to 30 minutes in the oven. This is a lovely variation on plain roasted carrots!

    • Skamper on June 08, 2023

      Made a half batch with regular orange supermarket carrots and they were delicious. Such great flavor from such a simple recipe. I think they were slightly better when hot, but also good at room temperature.

    • purrviciouz on January 27, 2020

      Excellent and simple side dish.

  • Parmesan pesto zucchini sticks

    • JJ2018 on December 05, 2018

      These were delicious so quick and easy to make but so tasty. Absolutely will make again

    • anya_sf on May 02, 2019

      I cut the zucchini into 8 spears instead instead of 12; that size worked well. I'd even try 6 spears each to save time. Putting the pesto on a plate worked better than a bowl since the spears could lie flat. 2 Tbsp oil was enough for the pesto mixture. Although these took a fair amount of time to prepare, they tasted great, so I'd definitely make them again. I'd love to figure out a faster preparation method. The zucchini did not need extra salt at the end.

    • KarinaFrancis on September 24, 2019

      Delicious, quick and easy. Perfect side dish for any bbq or roasted meats, even fish.

  • Perfect basmati rice

    • anya_sf on December 05, 2018

      This is the first of Ina's rice recipes that hasn't turned out mushy. The method is a little time-consuming, but not difficult, and yields flavorful rice with fluffy, separate grains. I thought half the oil was enough; the full amount would make the rice rather rich. Still, my rice cooker produces a similar result for less work.

  • Potato galette

    • Kinhawaii on September 24, 2019

      Delicious, I could eat this every week - soft creamy interior contrasted with the crunchy exterior!

    • averythingcooks on July 05, 2021

      I'm going to have to try this again....I followed the instructions but when it came time to flip it in 1 piece, there just didn't seem to be a way to do it - perhaps it wasn't compacted enough or browned enough? We discussed flipping it onto a plate then sliding back into the pan but with visible oil bubbling around the edges, the potential for burning one of us seemed too high. So in the end we began breaking it up and stirring it. It was still a tasty side with good crispy bits but it certainly didn't turn out as pictured.

    • anya_sf on April 12, 2020

      I worried the potatoes would burn on the bottom (my stove gets pretty hot and it was tricky to check the color), so I reduced the heat a little. Turns out I shouldn't have, since the exterior was a bit pale, although the potatoes cooked through just fine. I made it ahead and reheated it. The potatoes tasted fantastic, like the best diner hash browns (but more highbrow with their French name :-)

  • Roasted broccoli with panko gremolata

    • SpatulaCity on May 19, 2023

      Really enjoyed this gremolata - sometimes they can turn out too lemony, but this was great. Liked the longer stalks left on the broccoli as well, and 15 min the broccoli was nicely al dente, which we prefer. I threw them under the broiler for a few min to give them a bit of extra char.

    • averythingcooks on June 22, 2021

      I guessed at the amount of broccoli for 2 and then made 1/2 the panko topping. We discussed the fact that more broccoli was really needed to match the amount of lemony, garlicky crumbs as we proceeded to easily eat it all. A definite repeat :)

    • anya_sf on January 16, 2019

      The broccoli needed an extra 5 minutes to roast. It was delicious with the panko gremolata. What an easy way to dress up roasted broccoli. The panko gremolata would be great on other vegetables as well.

  • Butternut squash gratin

    • anya_sf on April 13, 2020

      My squash was slightly smaller, so I used 3/4 the amount of salt, which was just right. I only had about 1/4 tsp nutmeg and thought it was enough. Made the squash filling ahead of time and refrigerated it in the casserole, then topped and baked a few hours later; it was perfect after 40 minutes. The full amount of topping was quite generous, but really tasty. This gratin was delicious.

  • Sautéed Savoy cabbage with bacon

    • anya_sf on March 18, 2019

      My cabbage was smaller, about 1.5 lbs. I used half the bacon, salt, and pepper, and used 1 Tbsp each bacon fat and butter to saute the cabbage, which was plenty. Turning the heat up to medium-high at the end seemed like a mistake, as the cabbage started to burn. Having the heat on low worked much better. The cabbage turned out very tasty with that critical change.

    • Lepa on September 24, 2020

      I made this for a simple dinner with biscuits and it was so satisfying and delicious!

  • Warm brown rice & butternut squash

    • anya_sf on December 25, 2019

      Very nice combination of flavors. We had it with ham, but roasted chicken or turkey would be even better. About 1/3 of the dressing was left over.

    • CordovaBayCook on April 23, 2023

      This is a great fall dish. It is flavourful, colourful, and is great with roasted meat or fish. I've served it several times with a roasted pork tenderloin recipe (includes a cumin rub and chutney glaze.) Everyone seems to enjoy this rice dish.

  • Campari & orange granita

    • anya_sf on May 03, 2021

      I made 1/3 recipe in a 6.5"x8" glass pan. In the freezer compartment of my refrigerator (rather than my colder chest freezer), it took 4 hours to set and even then the texture was slushy. This was enjoyable, but we only wanted small portions. Nice as a very light dessert or perhaps a palate cleanser.

  • Chocolate chevron cake

    • anya_sf on May 29, 2020

      This is the same recipe as the Chocolate Ganache Cake in BC Parties. I made 1/2 recipe in a 6" pan; baking time was unchanged. For ease, I made the ganache in a measuring cup in the microwave. I used instant espresso powder instead of coffee. The cake was very easy to make (but be sure ingredients are all at room temp), moist, and kept well. The chocolate flavor was sweet (like Hershey's syrup) rather than a darker chocolate which I prefer. The ganache was good. I may have gotten the icing consistency wrong as it didn't feather cleanly, but still looked okay.

  • Chocolate pecan meringue torte

    • anya_sf on May 22, 2020

      I made 1/2 recipe, which served 6. There was a lot of meringue; I was going to make 6" circles, but ended up making 7" ones. I had some trouble with the chocolate filling (see my notes there), but everything worked in the end, and the recipe was not actually that difficult. The torte was quite sweet (meringue always is), but very tasty. I wish the sugar could be reduced, but I'm not sure if that would affect the meringue - I think I'd prefer 1 meringue layer with the same amount of chocolate filling and whipped cream. My husband loves meringue and he thought this was great.

  • Chocolate pecan filling

    • anya_sf on May 22, 2020

      I tried melting the chocolate and espresso twice, once in the double boiler, once in the microwave, and it seized both times. I ended up melting the chocolate on its own in the microwave, then stirred the espresso in with the Kahlua and vanilla. Although the butter was definitely at room temperature, it stayed in lumps when mixed into the chocolate. I had to microwave the filling for a few seconds to get it smooth. The flavor of the filling was great.

  • Summer fruit tart

    • anya_sf on August 20, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe since I didn't think this would keep well, although the pastry was actually still crisp on the 2nd day. I was lazy and didn't trim the edges, instead folding them to create a lip in hopes of preventing the juices from overflowing and burning, which only sort of worked (but didn't actually matter). Note that if you use the fruit quantities called for (which I did), you won't be able to create 3 equal sections of fruits as shown in the photo. I just alternated different fruit slices. The tart was absolutely delicious, with crisp, tender pastry and sweet, juicy fruit.

    • anya_sf on August 25, 2022

      FYI, this works fine with unpeeled peaches if you're feeling lazy. The appearance is just a little more rustic.

  • Salted caramel sundae

    • anya_sf on September 14, 2019

      Over the top! If you divide the full quantity of components among 6 people, servings will be enormous, as these sundaes are super rich. The recipe could definitely serve 8. The popcorn mix tasted like homemade Cracker Jacks and was positively addictive. I had a trouble tossing the popcorn mixture evenly with the caramel; using a larger pan helped. The chocolate sauce was fairly dark and bitter (using 72% bittersweet chocolate), but that helped balance the other components, which were quite sweet. The sauce hardens rather fast, so the sundaes must be consumed quickly. A thinner, more stable sauce would work better.

  • Chocolate sauce

    • anya_sf on September 14, 2019

      A thick, dark, rich sauce. Not too sweet. Quick to make, but does not keep well - tends to separate upon reheating.

  • Sweetened whipped cream

    • anya_sf on September 14, 2019

      Good basic recipe. Very lightly sweetened.

  • Fresh berries & sweet ricotta

    • anya_sf on October 12, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe using 2 pkgs blackberries (the farmers' market did not have raspberries) and probably 1.5 cups strawberries, which served 3 generously. I had half a recipe of raspberry sauce in my freezer (it freezes - and even refreezes - quite well) and did not need all of it. In lieu of ricotta, I used "ricottage", a cross between ricotta and cottage cheese, which worked well here, as the honey and vanilla masked the cottage cheese taste. This was a delicious, relatively light dessert - a lovely way to dress up fresh berries.

    • jackiecat on October 13, 2019

  • Rum raisin apple strudel with rum glaze

    • anya_sf on May 11, 2020

      I made 1/2 recipe (one strudel), which served 4. My phyllo sheets were 12"x17", but were large enough. I wasn't sure whether to butter the final layer of phyllo that the apples go on; I didn't, but did sprinkle more crumb mixture on that layer since there was extra (still didn't use it all). Rolling instructions were confusing - I wasn't sure whether to roll it like a burrito or spiral. I chose burrito, but then needed to butter the edges to make them stick together. The strudel flattened on baking, so perhaps spiral was correct. The strudel needed longer to bake; after 35 minutes it still wasn't very brown, but the filling was bubbly, so I took it out of the oven. The glaze needed extra rum and ended up rather boozy tasting (maybe because I used Myers's?), but was good with the strudel. Overall, the flavor was delicious, but instructions could have been clearer.

  • Fresh fig & ricotta cake

    • anya_sf on July 03, 2019

      Ina recommends using top-quality ricotta, so I used Bellwether Farms sheep's milk basket ricotta. Greek yogurt worked fine in place of sour cream. The cake was easy to prepare. Mine took a few extra minutes to bake through. The cake was surprisingly moist - almost custardy, but not. Just delicious! It was a nice dessert and we ate the leftovers for breakfast. Even my fig-hating son had 2 pieces.

    • apattin on September 04, 2022

      Perfect crumb. Not too sweet

    • Lepa on July 23, 2020

      This cake was so simple and delicious. Like @anya_sf, we loved the texture. My cake took about 40 minutes to bake through.

    • GiselleMarie on September 15, 2021

      This cake came out beautifully but the taste is only okay. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I expected more from Ina. Still, I wanted to make a fresh fig dessert so I was happy to find this!

    • ginger2212 on May 24, 2022

      I made this and the flavors were lovely and exactly what I was looking for with a fig dessert. Then, I thought "hmmm this is a surprisingly savory cake" and I realized I forgot to add the sugar!! Anyway - the cake still came out just wasn't very sweet.

  • Moscato poached fruit

    • anya_sf on July 14, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe using the stated weight of dried fruits that I had on hand: apricots, apple rings, prunes, and cherries. I'm not sure if I used too much fruit, as it definitely served more than 4 - we didn't finish it. It was quite tasty, especially with a generous dollop of creme fraiche.

  • Fresh peach cremolata

    • anya_sf on August 26, 2020

      Made 1/2 recipe in an 8"x8" pan; I assumed I should use metal. Light and refreshing, nice peach flavor (use good peaches). I wouldn't call it "creamy" like Ina did, but I guess it had a "smooth" flavor even though the texture was icy, so maybe that's what she meant.

    • ginger2212 on May 24, 2022

      This was AMAZING. I made it to go with grilled lamb shoulder over garlicky tomatoes from Alison Roman's Nothing Fancy. My people were blown away by how delicious and creamy this was. I would probably lower the sugar, because I don't love tooth-achingly sweet desserts. Make it with your ripest summer peaches!

  • Raspberry baked Alaska

    • anya_sf on December 16, 2019

      I made half the recipe using homemade pound cake and Haagen-Dazs ice cream and sorbet. The Swiss meringue ended up overbeaten, which may be due to smaller volume or too high a speed. Nevertheless, I was still able to use it, but couldn't make pretty swirls. I assembled the Alaskas a few hours before baking for 2.5 minutes (although should have baked 3 min for a bit more browning). They turned out great and were absolutely delicious, even though I forgot to serve the raspberry sauce (which I had made). These would be great for a small dinner party.

  • Red berry shortcakes with honey yogurt

    • anya_sf on September 16, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe, yielding 3 large shortcakes plus a small bonus one. The shortcakes were nice and tender. This dessert was very tasty and not too sweet. The orange zest was a nice touch. Servings were generous. These would actually be great for brunch.

  • Vanilla roasted rhubarb with sweet yogurt

    • anya_sf on July 03, 2019

      This dessert was easy to make and quick (minimal hands-on time) as long as you have time to drain the yogurt. I used vanilla sugar to boost the flavor. The rhubarb was still a bit tart. This was a nice, relatively light dessert.

  • Daniel Rose's pear clafouti

    • anya_sf on December 05, 2018

      I used Bartlett pears and didn't bother peeling them; we didn't mind the skins. I also used vanilla sugar for the ramekins since I had some on hand. An electric mixer seems unnecessary here and left small lumps of flour (not noticeable in the baked clafoutis); mixing by hand with a whisk would probably work better. Watch the baking time, as the clafoutis were quite brown on the edges at the minimum time. They were delicious both warm from the oven and after cooling, although the clafoutis deflated upon cooling so the texture was more dense.

  • Vanilla brioche bread pudding

    • anya_sf on May 22, 2020

      I made 1/4 recipe, which served 4, using 1 egg and 2 yolks. I also used slightly more milk relative to half-and-half and think this could be made just with whole milk. I used leftover brioche hot dog buns and didn't bother to trim the soft crusts. After removing the foil during baking, my smaller pudding was done in 38 minutes. The pudding was good, but pretty sweet (I guess that's what makes it dessert and not breakfast) - comfort food for sure. Next time I would add raisins. We just used a little bit of "sauce" (melted vanilla Haagen-Dazs), but didn't think it added much since it had the same flavor as the pudding itself.

  • Panna cotta with fresh raspberry sauce

    • anya_sf on May 13, 2019

      For some reason, the panna cotta did not fully set after chilling overnight. This recipe is essentially the same as the one in Home, which worked for me, so I'm not sure what went wrong here. However, many other panna cotta recipes call for double the gelatin relative to dairy, so I might try using more gelatin next time. The flavor was fantastic.

  • Triple chocolate loaf cakes

    • anya_sf on November 24, 2018

      Absolutely delicious! Very chocolatey, not overly sweet (people ate leftovers for breakfast). The walnuts really went well with the chocolate.

    • MollyPellecchia on December 19, 2022

      Baked in 5 mini pans, 320g each. Took 45 min at 350. Christmas gifts for my neighbours.

  • Vanilla ice cream with limoncello

    • anya_sf on September 02, 2019

      This is really just a serving suggestion rather than a recipe, but it's a good one.

    • julesamomof2 on May 26, 2022

      Easy, and a notch above a store-bought dessert. Good cookies make all the difference. I got mine from Whole Foods, no need to make homemade.

  • Belgian waffles & smoked salmon

    • tmitra on January 01, 2023

      I'm not sure my yeast behaved as expected? The batter did not expand enormously, as Ina states. However, the waffles were delicious, buttery, and not at all dense when made with a standard waffle iron.

    • anya_sf on December 24, 2018

      For once I used the full amount of butter in the waffles and WOW - they tasted as buttery as croissants. I ate one quarter plain. I'd never had savory waffles before, but the combination of crispy, buttery waffle, creme fraiche, and silky smoked salmon was divine.

  • Fresh blueberry rhubarb jam

    • anya_sf on July 08, 2021

      I had 2 cups blueberries to use up, so added them all, but otherwise made as directed, including the exact pot size, which has been an issue for me in previous jam-making attempts. I am a jam-making amateur (jamateur?) and had a hard time knowing when the jam was done. Simmered for closer to 50 minutes, the consistency was like all-fruit spread. Yield was 5 cups rather than 4. Nice flavor, pleasantly sweet-tart.

  • Lemon ricotta pancakes with figs

    • anya_sf on December 08, 2018

      Note: the clarified butter is only for the pan, not the batter! You don't have to use clarified butter, but it does work well. I made the blueberry variation. Using an ice cream scoop to portion the batter worked really well - I'll use that technique in the future; yield was 18 pancakes. The pancakes were light, tender, and lemony. My family loved them!

    • Skamper on June 29, 2021

      Made a half batch (used 2 large eggs). I didn't have figs so added fresh raspberries to half and left the other half plain-both were delicious. didn't need butter or syrup.

  • Clarified butter

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Microwave method for clarified butter - good but watch carefully as butter can explode in the microwave.

  • Shakshuka with feta

    • anya_sf on May 02, 2020

      I omitted the jalapeno, as I didn't have it, but would use it in the future. Instead of the diced tomatoes + puree, I just used one 28-oz can crushed tomatoes, which I imagine resulted in a smoother overall texture, but seemed fine to me. The shakshuka was good, but I did want more spice, and wouldn't have minded extra feta. It made a hearty dinner for 3 people.

  • Italian iced coffee

    • anya_sf on September 23, 2020

      Made using strong brewed coffee, it was just lightly sweet. An icy froth formed on top which was very nice.

  • Morning glory muffins

    • anya_sf on January 24, 2019

      I made the batter the night before. Used white whole wheat flour. With my scoop (more flat than rounded), I got 19 muffins, which domed nicely but weren't big enough to spread, so there was no fear of sticking to the pan. Baked in a convection oven for 25 minutes. They were moist and delicious, sweet but not too sweet for breakfast.

    • Kinhawaii on August 14, 2019

      Yummy & moist, mostly tasted of cinnamon & fruit to me, quick to make - what took me the longest was grating the apple & carrots. Would make again. I was afraid of overflow so had 23 not too tall muffins.

  • Short rib hash & eggs

    • anya_sf on December 11, 2018

      I added a red bell pepper with the onion and doubled the Brussels sprouts (didn't bother to core or halve them before shredding). Sauteed the sprouts before adding the diced short ribs, which I cut smaller. The hash was delicious. We didn't really taste the Sriracha - I think you could leave it out, or add more if you really want to taste it. Three people polished this off for dinner.

  • Smoked salmon tartines

    • anya_sf on September 15, 2019

      I used homemade bread similar in texture and flavor to Eli's Health bread. The tartines were absolutely delicious.

    • stef on December 28, 2019

      Wonderful. We had it for lunch with chardonnay

    • bwhip on August 10, 2020

      Loved these. Made homemade honey wheat bread for the toast, and the entire combination was just sublime.

    • Kinhawaii on December 12, 2019

      These were wonderful! Mini versions would make great canapés. I had only white country bread & didn’t have any red onion but it was the mustard dressing that was awesome. Will definitely make these again.

  • Gravlax sauce

    • anya_sf on September 15, 2019

      I prepared the sauce a day ahead, substituting canola oil for grapeseed oil, and half Dijon mustard/half honey for the honey mustard. I don't know if that affected the sweetness, but the level seemed fine to me. The sauce was great with smoked salmon.

  • Truffled scrambled eggs

    • anya_sf on March 09, 2019

      I had to keep the heat at medium-low for the eggs to actually finish cooking. The curds remained small and super creamy. The truffle butter was good, but quite strong - could use less. I omitted the chives (didn't have) and served the eggs with toasted country bread, rather than brioche. The eggs were rich and quite good, but the flavor was definitely strong, so you have to like truffles. No extra salt was needed.

  • Chocolate pecan scones

    • anya_sf on October 12, 2019

      I just made 1/4 of the dough to yield 3 large scones, cutting them into rectangles to avoid scraps. They baked in 25 minutes. I used buttermilk instead of cream in the dough since there was already so much butter, but I brushed the tops with cream instead of egg wash (it works just as well for browning). I shaped them the night before baking and chilled them overnight. With 72% bittersweet chocolate, the scones were barely sweet, but were very rich, sort of like pain au chocolat. That's not my favorite, so I probably won't make them again, but would recommend them if you like that sort of thing.

    • Lepa on February 23, 2020

      I hadn't had coffee when I was making these and I made so many errors- I forgot to add the egg, then I tried to knead the dry mixture and added more cream because it wasn't coming together. Finally my husband asked where the egg was so I added those and kneaded some more but realized I had forgotten to add the chocolate and had to knead some more. Despite all these errors, these scones were lovely. They were light and had a great texture. This may be the most forgiving scone recipe I have ever seen! I highly recommend them if you like chocolate scones. That said, everyone in my family told me they prefer other fruit or spice scones that are good with cream and jam so I probably won't make these again.

    • Kinhawaii on January 02, 2020

      I agree with anya_sf, these are very rich & dessert like. But we did love them that way. I took anya_sf’s advice & brushed on extra cream instead of breaking open another egg. I used cream & made just half a recipe with regular eggs. I will make these again, just half a recipe unless I am feeding a crowd, & cut them smaller because they are so rich.

  • Vegetable stock

    • anya_sf on September 13, 2022

      I substituted white carrots for parsnips (couldn't find). The stock simmered with the lid partly on; yield was 5 quarts. Very good, flavorful stock with earthy notes of carrot, celery, and mushroom. Always disappointed by boxed vegetable stock, I'm glad to have this in the freezer.

  • Chicken stock

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Same recipe as Ina's other books

  • Beef stock

    • anya_sf on September 20, 2022

      Unable to find neck bones, I used extra marrow bones. The stock simmered partly covered, unattended, and apparently the heat was too high (although it didn't look like it), as I just got 2.5 quarts of stock. As I also didn't skim the fat during cooking, there was another pint of that, which was very easy to remove after chilling. The flavor was super beefy, slightly salty due to overreducing, but I'll just dilute it upon use. Although very good, I'm unlikely to make this again unless I can find a better price on bones and short ribs.

  • Seafood stock

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Same recipe as Ina's other books

  • Perfect poached lobster

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Same method as Cooking for Jeffrey

  • Homemade ricotta

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Same method as Ina's other books

  • Fresh raspberry sauce

    • anya_sf on December 24, 2018

      I've made this recipe from Ina's other books and love it. It's quite sweet, so you can reduce the sugar. You can also use less jam - I only had 3/4 cup this time.

  • Homemade vanilla extract

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Same method as TBCC, but more precise instructions

  • To make chocolate curls

    • anya_sf on August 18, 2022

      Microwaving chocolate to soften it slightly is a useful tip. Curls are easiest to make with a large, thick block of chocolate.

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In her new cookbook, Cook Like a Pro, Ina Garten shares a brand-new collection of recipes, tips, and techniques, so readers can cook with confidence no matter how much experience they have in the kitchen.

As America's most trusted and beloved cookbook author, Ina Garten--the Barefoot Contessa--has taught millions of people how to cook. A home cook at heart, Ina knows that cooking and entertaining can be difficult, so to make her recipes simple and streamlined, she tests and retests each recipe until it's as straightforward and delicious as possible. Although Ina is completely self-taught and doesn't consider herself to be a "professional" cook, she has spent decades working with chefs and learning the techniques that take their cooking to the next level. In Cook Like a Pro, Ina shares some of her most irresistible recipes and very best "pro tips," from the secret to making her custardy, slow-cooked Truffled Scrambled Eggs to the key to the crispiest and juiciest Fried Chicken Sandwiches. Ina will even show you how to make an easy yet showstopping pattern for her Chocolate Chevron Cake--your friends won't believe you decorated it yourself!

For Ina, cooking like a pro also means hosting like a pro, and along with know-how like how to tell when a filet of beef is perfectly cooked, you'll find dozens of other great ideas to boost your cooking and entertaining skills such as how to set up an elegant home bar and how to make an impressive Raspberry Baked Alaska that can be completely prepared ahead of time so all you need to do is finish it for your guests before serving. Beginner and advanced cooks alike will love Ina's delectable recipes, and if you have questions along the way, don't worry--Ina's practical cooking advice talks you through every detail, as though she were right there by your side.

With beautiful photos and a treasury of pro tips that span prepping, making, and serving, as Ina says, "You don't have to be a pro to cook like one!"

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