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Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Easy Ideas and Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family by Ina Garten

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Notes about this book

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Smoked salmon spread

    • Aggie92 on December 30, 2016

      Everyone loves this recipe. Used light sour cream and light cream cheese and it was still rich and tasty. Made one day ahead. Served with an assortment of cracker and Melba toast.

    • SACarlson on February 15, 2016

      Great on crackers, toast, bagels.

  • Arugula with Parmesan

    • Baxter850 on July 24, 2017

      Great simple summer salad. A little more lemony than most versions which I prefer.

  • Parmesan roasted asparagus

    • r0sborne on January 19, 2013

      Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. If the stalks of the asparagus are thick, peel the bottom 1/2 of each. Lay them in a single layer on a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast for 15 to 20 minutes, until tender. Sprinkle with the Parmesan and return to the oven for another minute. Serve with lemon wedges.

  • Curried chicken salad

    • mummybunny2005 on September 15, 2012

      I roast 2 whole chickens and take them apart when cool and keep the recipe the same-the sauce is plenty. I used a "hot" mango chutney (Geeta's) for a nice little kick. Great salad.

    • Julia on June 16, 2011

      This is a great chicken salad and worth the time. It keeps well and is great the following day so a good make ahead for a party. We like it in a wrap.

  • Tequila lime chicken

    • Breadcrumbs on April 27, 2010

      p.85 - grilled, 3 whole chx breasts w skin on

  • Penne with five cheeses

    • MKinLA on April 22, 2013

      Very good recipe, but then, it's hard not to like a recipe with this much cheese and two cups of heavy cream. I cooked the pasta in a rectangular dish instead of the 6 individual ramekins; it turned out fine, though I see why Ina suggests the ramekins, as the mozzarella makes lots of strings, and serving it into individual bowls got messy and certainly not as elegant as individual servings. I also didn't stud the top of the pasta with 4 T of butter, as I thought that was going a little overboard, which is the only criticism I would ever make of Ina. Overall, the dish is tasty - guests had seconds - but I've learned to expect great from Ina. Also, the ingredients add up to a costly meal. Saw where others amped up the flavor with sausage, which is a change I'd consider if making this dish a second time.

  • Chicken stew with biscuits

    • averythingcooks on January 12, 2018

      This was really good. I chose this because I have never actually baked biscuits on top of a stew before so Barefoot Contessa seemed like a good place to start. The recipe was halved easily which gave the 2 of us a great dinner and fantastic leftovers for lunch (which really is a big deal in this house! ). I did replace some of the chicken stock with white wine and added some leeks, roasted red pepper, celery and fresh thyme leaves to the mix. As much as I always use my food processor to cut fat into pastry and my stand mixer to make yeast dough, I have never carried out every biscuit step in the stand mixer before -but it worked for these. The whole dish is a repeater for sure.

    • anya_sf on January 17, 2018

      I roasted 4 large chicken breasts for about 50 minutes, which yielded plenty of meat. I used 4 cups low-salt canned broth, 1 cup water, 1 bouillon cube, and the full amount of salt and thought the seasoning was just right. If using 2 bouillon cubes, I'd probably reduce the salt. I used "only" 6 Tbsp butter in the filling and it turned out great - plenty thick and rich. Omitted the pearl onions, as my son doesn't like them, and increased the peas a bit. Prepared the stew 1 day ahead and reheated it a bit longer. Made the biscuits with buttermilk instead of half-and-half, and they were still fairly light and tender, although I'm sure half-and-half would be even better. I skipped the egg wash (lazy) so my biscuits were lighter in color. Overall, we loved this. It made a lot (4 dinner servings + 3 lunches).

  • Scott's short ribs

    • margaretpeters on November 09, 2011

      Fall of 2011 Have made this several times! Fabulous! Baked with cover for 1 1/2 hours then removed the tinfoil for the last 1 hour, watch carefully that it doesn't dry out, but unbelievable condensed. Also only used 1/2 bottled red wine and worked great.

    • Breadcrumbs on September 24, 2015

      p. 94 - What appealed to me about this recipe was the use of vegetables that are readily available at local farms at this time of year. What I especially loved about the recipe was Ina’s method of searing off the meat; brilliantly she does it in the oven at high heat! We absolutely adored this dish. I left it braising in the oven while we headed out to a local farm to get apples and some gourds to decorate for fall. There’s simply nothing better than arriving home hungry and having the aromas of an enticing dish embrace you as you walk in the door. This one’s a keeper! Photo here: http://www.chowhound.com/post/october-2010-cotm-barefoot-contessa-sources-737723?commentId=9731049#9731049

  • Lasagna with turkey sausage

    • jhappel on November 21, 2010

      The goat cheese and basil add good flavor. I like to add spinach.

    • Kfaber on January 11, 2014

      Love this lasagna- definitely a keeper. Online commentary on the recipe suggested reducing the salt so I cut the salt by almost half and it was perfect.

    • Rachaelsb on January 02, 2014

      A little salty---I'd cut this next time, and I missed the top layer of lasagna noodles. But otherwise great recipe.

  • Real meatballs & spaghetti

    • Rachaelsb on October 31, 2017

      Just made the sauce...used Alice Waters recipe for meatballs. Has a nice lighter taste..if you like a thicker sauce that sticks to the pasta not for you.

  • Linguine with shrimp scampi

    • Trackypup on November 24, 2011

      Delicious! I added some left over roasted cherry tomatoes from the night before. Definitely a keeper.

    • bapfel on December 26, 2010

      This is one of our favorites for a quick and delicious meal. Just have a bag of frozen large peeled and deveined shrimp in your freezer and you have a meal in 1/2 an hour. 1/2 a recipe feeds two perfectly!

    • Kfaber on August 09, 2014

      Couldn't be easier to make. Didn't get the point of the sliced whole lemons- and do you eat them or not. Had some friends over when I made this and there were no leftovers.

    • Lindalib on August 23, 2013

      Delicious, easy dinner. Will definitely make again.

    • fprincess on November 04, 2010

      This is super tasty and delicious. Easy to make - I always keep a bag of frozen raw shrimp in my freezer for that dish.

    • fprincess on May 03, 2012

      I still make this dish regularly. It's a good week night recipe and I always have all the ingredients on hand. Picture here: http://egullet.org/p1875797

    • raybun on January 20, 2017

      This is a midweek staple in our house. Quick, easy to make and the family love it.

  • String beans with shallots

    • alex9179 on May 26, 2016

      My favorite recipe for regular green beans. Will occasionally use bacon drippings and the crumbled bacon in addition to the shallots.

  • Homemade gravy

    • Labellaluke on December 14, 2012

      Don't need anywhere near the amount of butter the recipe calls for. Cut way back.

  • Wild rice pilaf

    • anya_sf on July 03, 2017

      The ratio of water to rice is less than the package calls for, but it was plenty - still had to drain the rice after cooking. Did not need all of the salt. Quite good and flavorful. Very easy.

  • Rum raisin rice pudding

    • Kfaber on October 27, 2013

      Yum- this was good! Added a bit more rum than the recipe called for to amp up the flavor

  • Coconut macaroons

    • robinorig on April 06, 2012

      My "go-to" macaroon recipe. So fabulous & simple, I will never buy another canned macaroon again. If you do not care about making it dairy-free, good for Passover. I have played with the recipe, making orange macaroons with orange peel & orange extract, or chocolate macaroons with cocoa & melted chocolate. Can also dip them in chocolate.

    • luolili on February 17, 2018

      This is an amazingly easy and wonderful macaroon recipe!

  • Lemon angel food cake

    • mabeysmom on June 10, 2012

      Cake was delicious and perfect with strawberries. Rather then buying superfine sugar I put regular sugar in blender and blended until it was fine and powdery.

  • Banana sour cream pancakes

    • Julia on June 16, 2011

      These are wonderful. Very easy.

    • Labellaluke on December 14, 2012

      Made with and without bananas. Excellent both ways. Easy. Delicious. No butter. Used low fat sour cream. They freeze beautifully.

  • Slow-cooked scrambled eggs with fresh herbs

    • alex9179 on May 26, 2016

      You can halve the butter, at least. This is my children's favorite egg recipe, although they like the eggs cooked until firm. Dried herbs work fine in a pinch. Using a basil compound butter is delicious.

  • Smoked salmon frittata

    • ksg518 on March 20, 2018

      This was great! I thought it was just the right amount of smoked salmon - just enough to taste it without having it overwhelm the dish. I made as directed except with 14 large eggs (Ina calls for 12 extra large) and I doubled the dill because you can never have enough dill.

  • Mac and cheese

    • Kate. on July 07, 2015

      Favorite recipe for Mac and cheese. Everyone loves this

  • Broccoli & bow ties

    • anya_sf on October 20, 2018

      Everyone enjoyed this. I have also doubled the pasta relative to the broccoli to serve as a pasta dish.

  • Whipped hot chocolate

    • Labellaluke on December 14, 2012

      Really rich even with 2% milk. Too rich for me.

  • Homemade marshmallows

    • Labellaluke on December 14, 2012

      Easy to make and delicious.

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Reviews about this book

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  • ISBN 10 060961066X
  • ISBN 13 9780609610664
  • Linked ISBNs
  • Published Apr 04 2002
  • Format Hardcover
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Random House USA Inc
  • Imprint Crown Publications

Publishers Text

Ina Garten knows that the best meals are those where friends are so comfortable they feel like family--and family members feel so much more special. It's meals that focus on a warm, shared experience, whether gathered in the kitchen as the cook stirs the butternut squash risotto, or enjoyed around a big table with big platters of oven-fried chicken passed back and forth. With that in mind, she has assembled yet another outstanding collection of beloved recipes that are easy to make and will delight everyone.

Ina's East Hampton Clam Chowder is a stew packed with fresh clams and vegetables, the Lobster Cobb Salad is an old favorite made special with big chunks of lobster, tomatoes, avocados, Stilton blue cheese, and crisp bacon, and her lasagna is updated with turkey sausage. And there's no shortage of outrageous desserts, from Raspberry Cheesecake and Rum Raison Rice Pudding, to the Coconut Macaroons that people have longed for at Barefoot Contessa.

With wonderful photos of Ina cooking in her home, as well as helpful menu suggestions and practical shopping tips, the volume is today's must-have guide to making everyday meals elegantly simple, and entertaining as warm and inviting as a family meal.

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