Air Fryer Perfection: From Crispy Fries and Juicy Steaks to Perfect Vegetables, What to Cook & How to Get the Best Results by America's Test Kitchen Editors

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  • Foodiewife on July 05, 2019

    Nut Encrusted Chicken - very good! Loved how the panko, nuts and melted butter are toasted to golden brown in the microwave! Who knew! This was my first air fryer recipe I've ever made and I loved it.

  • jenmacgregor18 on February 27, 2019

    buffalo drumsticks - I have a Oster convection oven. They don't get crunchy, like the fried ones. but a little crisper than under the oven broiler. Dry rub seasoning is good & the sauce too, which clings well. Since they don't get crunchy anyway, I might just use the same treatment with boneless, skinless chicken thighs - more meat, less tendons/fat.

  • vikingcook on February 09, 2019

    Maple-Glazed Acorn Squash is wonderful. Even my squash hating husband liked it.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Spicy fried-chicken sandwich

    • MollyB on July 20, 2021

      These were great! Crispy and very tasty with the iceberg lettuce and pickled jalapenos. Check early for doneness; we took them out earlier than listed in the recipe, as we suspected our pieces were smaller than what the recipe expected. Leftovers are either not crispy or overcooked and dry if you try to crisp them. I'd suggest only making what you'll eat at one sitting.

  • Air-fried chicken

    • Shewi128 on September 26, 2022

      This was equivalent to oven-fried chicken. It was easy to make, and the chicken wasn't dry. I would make it again--maybe.

  • Teriyaki chicken with snow peas

    • mamacrumbcake on January 26, 2023

      The chicken turned out well. Some changes I made: remove 2 tablespoons of marinade before adding chicken. Marinate 1 hour. Set air fryer for 22 minutes. At 17 minutes, brush on teriyaki sauce. Air fry another 3 minutes. It was done in 20. Like the Tandoori chicken from same book, very light on the flavor so it tastes mostly like grilled chicken. It doesn’t really take on the flavor of the marinade. Looks nice though. A solid 3 stars. Didn’t make snow peas. Made stir fry instead.

  • Tandoori chicken thighs

    • mamacrumbcake on January 26, 2023

      Very easy and quick. But it just takes like chicken cooked on the grill—no tandoori chicken flavor at all. (Marinade time was only 10 minutes.) The chicken was nicely cooked and juicy, though. Cooked for 22 minutes at 400.

  • Southwestern bean and corn hand pies

    • Shewi128 on March 20, 2023

      I made this filling. It was ok--nothing special. However, any filling in a hand pie is going to be amazing because the crust is great and you can eat it without a fork. I'd make these again--maybe.

  • Air-fried Brussels sprouts

    • Shewi128 on June 23, 2022

      These turned out almost as good as the regular fried brussels sprouts. However, watch them at the end so they don't burn!

  • French fries

    • Shewi128 on March 12, 2021

      Of course, these aren't as good as regular French fries, but they still are fairly crispy even with minimal oil. Edited to add: I made these again, and they were phenomenal. I'd highly recommend this recipe for low-oil French fries!

  • BBQ potato wedges

    • hbakke on January 12, 2022

      These were great, but the instructions were kind of tedious to keep removing the wedges and tossing in a bowl. I simplified it by just tossing in the air fryer basket and I think it worked well. Although the spices seemed simplistic, they created a nice barbecue flavor. I would make these again.

    • Shewi128 on March 12, 2021

      I've made almost every spice variation of this recipe multiple times. Yes, taking the wedges in and out of the fryer is tedious, but they turn out well every single time.

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  • ISBN 10 1945256753
  • ISBN 13 9781945256752
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  • Published Jan 29 2019
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 192
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher America's Test Kitchen

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Get the best possible results from your air fryer and discover the best ways to use it (not just frying!) with 75 fast, convenient, great-tasting recipes.

Air fryers promise crisp fried food without actual deep frying. Was it too good to be believed? And what can you cook in them besides French fries? In truth, air fryers cook food by blasting it with circulated hot air. The method is fast, convenient, and can be surprisingly good--if you have right recipe. We cooked more than 70 pounds of potatoes to create the perfect air fryer French fry, with an evenly crisp exterior and creamy center. But what really drew us to this appliance was the variety of what you can make in it, effortlessly and without having to enlist numerous pots and pans.

In addition to crispy fried chicken and fries, you'll turn out evenly cooked steaks, such as Chipotle-Coffee Rubbed Steaks with Snap Pea Salad (the spice rub gives them a bold crust), Sweet and Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Butternut Squash (the pork cooks directly on top of the squash to save time), and Tandoori Chicken Thighs. Many of the recipes yield both a main and a side for a complete meal. Most recipes take only 45 minutes or even less time, and all come with complete nutrition information.

Frozen foods cook up crisp in the air fryer, but the results are so much better when you start with homemade. So we offer freeze-it-yourself Chicken Nuggets, Beef Hand Pies, and more that go straight from freezer to air fryer and cook to perfection. And we share plenty of kid-friendly meals and snacks, from Better Than Boxed Fish Sticks to Zucchini Fries.

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