Slow Cooker Revolution, Volume 2: The Easy-Prep Edition: 200 All-New, Ground-Breaking Recipes by America's Test Kitchen Editors

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  • Southern black-eyed pea soup

    • Aggie92 on November 22, 2014

      Solid 4 star recipe and easy to throw together. First off, there is no need to precook the onions & garlic. They turned to mush and completely disappeared in the broth. The directions for cooking the collard greens and kielbasa should be reversed. No Southern home cook simmers collard greens for only 30 minutes. And kielbasa completely looses it's flavor if left in the slow cooker for hours and hours. The Cajun seasoning was undetectable, 1 tsp is not enough. Skip it and add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper for a little spice. The wild rice, while contributing to the earthiness of the dish was nice, I think it could be safely omitted. It is an awfully expensive product and doesn't shine in the soup. I did love that the black-eyed peas were put in dry with no presoaking or precooking. So convenient. Stirred a couple tablespoons of cider vinegar into the finished soup to give it that delicious pot liquor flavor. Served with corn muffins and vinegar pepper sauce.

  • Easy cherry-sage glazed chicken

    • Christine on March 18, 2016

      This sauce is so good! It does need to be made right before serving, but it comes together quickly. I use Polaner brand for the cherry preserves because it is fruit-sweetened and I think it works really well without making the sauce excessively sweet. The method for cooking the chicken yields flavorful, tender results -- I've used whole chicken breasts and smaller pieces, both with excellent results.

  • Hoisin-glazed pork tenderloin

    • Christine on June 18, 2015

      Used a single 24 oz. pork tenderloin and substituted 1 tsp ground ginger for fresh. Took about an hour and a half to cook and fit in my 3.5-quart slow cooker without a problem. The sauce is really flavorful and simple to mix together right before serving. Another easy and delicious recipe from this book.

  • Street fair sausages with peppers and onions

    • Christine on August 19, 2015

      This is my new favorite way to make sausage and peppers! The vegetables are so delicious when cooked with the sausage (and garlic.) I omitted the tomato paste, but otherwise made as directed. Great with green peppers and sweet Italian sausages from our local farmers' market. The sausage obviously did not brown, but the dish is so flavorful that we didn't even care.

  • Whole "roast" spice-rubbed chicken

    • Christine on May 14, 2016

      This was a very simple way to make roast chicken. In a slow cooker, obviously there was no crispy skin, but the meat was nice and moist. I imagine this method could be used for other spice combinations as well.

  • Turkey breast with cranberry and pear sauce

    • Christine on June 18, 2015

      Used my 6-quart slow cooker and a 4 1/2 pound split turkey breast just barely fit in it. Substituted 1 tsp ground ginger and 1 can of halved pears for the fresh ingredients called for, and halved the amount of sugar. When finishing the sauce, I strained the fruit out before mashing, adding just a few spoons of the liquid. Very tasty and after serving 4 people, we had quite a bit of leftovers. Would be a nice, easy dish to make for Thanksgiving for a small group. Especially using canned pears, there was practically no prep work -- all ingredients were simply combined in the slow cooker and the sauce was very quick to finish up right before serving.

  • Carrot cake

    • zorra on March 19, 2014

      Tried this just for the novelty of it. Surprisingly good. Lighter than typical carrot cakes, moist, easy (although slower than oven-baked versions, of course) & small--which was part of the attraction. Online here:

  • Creamy potato, cheddar, and ale soup

    • eselque on March 02, 2014

      Next time I'll use sharper cheddar. Was considerably improved by a little Worcestershire sauce.

  • Pork vindaloo

    • Delys77 on April 06, 2016

      I used a heritage pork roast and the sauce was just lovely with a rich tomato gravy with slight spicing. I don't think the spicing was bad since the pork was quite flavourful, but I do think that to call it vindaloo we would need to up the spice, heat, and acidity. I would definitely repeat.

    • sarahawker on February 02, 2015

      Very "tomato-y" this was much better the 2nd day. Very mild.

  • Italian pork and white bean stew

    • Delys77 on April 24, 2016

      I didn't think that the tapioca thickened this enough so I had to add a touch of cornstarch which doesn't usually work very well in a slow cooker. We found the a bit light on flavour. I ended up going with twice as much rosemary and pesto. On the whole not bad but not a repeat for us.

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Very very enjoyable. I did find it a bit fatty, however I rarely trim my meat, so that's probably why. It definitely has a unique flavor to it, which I enjoyed. Stick to your ribs, but not heavy on the stomach.

  • Beef and three-bean chili

    • Delys77 on April 06, 2016

      Consistancy was quite good, nice and thick, which can be a bit of challenge with slow cooker chilli given the lack of reduction. That said I found this far too one note. It wasn't bad, just not very complex. I would add spice, chipotle, maybe some veggies like corn at the end. Just something to pump it up. The technique of blooming the spices and microwaving the beef to avoid graininess did work very well.

  • Indian-style vegetable curry with tofu

    • Delys77 on March 14, 2016

      I tried this sweet potato as we are going low carb and it didn't work very well. The sweet potato disintegrated. Flavour wise it was pretty good, but not great.

  • Stuffed bell peppers with spicy corn and black beans

    • Delys77 on April 06, 2016

      These were quite good, but I did top with a touch of mozzarella and broiled at the end. I also added a bit more salsa and some parmesan to up the flavour a bit. On the whole pretty good and a nice vegetarian main. I could be spiced up a bit further, I would consider repeating but also pumping up the flavours with more spices (oregano etc...) and maybe some chipotle salsa.

  • Orzo with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil

    • trudys_person on September 01, 2019

      Good, but why would you bother making pasta in a slow cooker? I just made it in the stove-top, adding the ingredients in the same order ...

  • Fudgy brownie wedges

    • vikingcook on March 12, 2016

      Chocoholic's delight!

  • Applesauce spice cake

    • vikingcook on March 12, 2016

      Nice dessert with whippwd cream. Turned out perfectly.

  • Asian beef noodle soup

    • slackerf00die on April 02, 2014

      I like this a lot. The sesame oil lends a nice flavor. But if you have leftovers know that the ramen noodles will be squishy. It's packaged ramen so that's probably no surprise.

  • Chicken mole

    • sarahawker on February 02, 2015

      Easy - makes a LOT! A dark rich sauce that was better 2nd day. The kids did NOT like this one, it's got a deep flavor they did not enjoy. Adults did very much.

  • Classic corned beef and cabbage dinner

    • sarahawker on February 02, 2015

      Super easy, very good. Make this again, it's a simple classic corned beef.

  • Easy apricot-ginger glazed chicken

    • sarahawker on November 05, 2014

      This was quick and easy, I added a pinch of dried onion and red pepper flakes to the broth when braising the chicken, though I strained that when adding to the sauce. Entire family said to make again!

  • Chicken adobo

    • sarahawker on February 02, 2015

      The family really liked this super simple recipe --made with pantry staples. The vinegar shines through so if that's not your thing this won't be either.

  • Shredded pork ragu

    • sarahawker on March 15, 2015

      Super simple, I added a couple of crumbled Italian sausages in place of some meat. Did not have the tomato paste and it was wonderful anyway. Very easy, and my husband said it was as close as a slow cooker could get to his grandma's Sunday Gravy.

  • Farmhouse chicken casserole

    • katenolan on November 03, 2014

      WHAT I LOVED: Super simple, easy "comfort food" meal. This is like a chicken pot pie bubbling away in your slow-cooker. Also, the garlic & herb Boursin takes care of most of the seasoning, so it's good for those days you want to dump and run. WHAT I CHANGED: I added two carrots (diced) and two ribs celery (diced) to get some of the classic Mirepoix flavor. WHAT I'LL DO NEXT TIME: First, if It's going to sit longer than the recommended 4-5 hour cooking time, I doubt you need to pre-cook the vegetables. After four hours on low and another two on warm, they were very soft. Second, I'd cut the chicken thighs crosswise before shredding to eliminate some of the longer chicken strands that are tough to eat. Third, I'd make sure I had the extra chicken stock on hand at the end to loosen it (& leftovers) up a bit. I missed that note and tossed my (expiring) stock once I turned the slow-cooker on. Lastly, save some croutons for topping once you've served for crunch.

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      This casserole is perfect for cold fall nights. It's hearty and delicious, and has all the major parts of the meal in one. The combination of crunchy croutons and creamy cheesy chicken filling is delicious. This is a must make.

    • ixoye2u on March 16, 2018

      Three out of four in my family liked this recipe. We used russet potatoes instead of red potatoes because it's what we had on hand and because of the potatoes it turned out a little mushy. Flavoring was good but I don't think we'll try this one again. I agree with katenolan, you will definitely will need more chicken broth to loosen it up.

  • Easy barbecued spareribs

    • katenolan on November 03, 2014

      WHAT I LOVED: Ribs! In a slow-cooker! WHAT I CHANGED: Couldn't find St. Louis style ribs at my store, so I used standard spare-ribs and trimmed them down. WHAT I'LL DO NEXT TIME: First, I'll search harder for St. Louis Style ribs. Second, maybe dry-rub or marinate the ribs overnight before putting into the slow-cooker. The seasoning didn't penetrate very far into the meat to provide that overall "flavor" you expect from ribs.

  • Cuban-style pork roast with mojo sauce

    • yadajm on May 15, 2015

      The leftovers make great sandwiches.

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      I have yet to get one of these recipes that cooks pork butt as a roast to actually be sliceable. Every time, it turns into another version of pulled pork. Nothing wrong with that, but it's definitely not a roast. The sauce is delicious tho. Tangy, and unique.

  • Creamy garlic and Parmesan mashed potatoes

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      I have made this recipe a bunch of times, and it's delicious and super easy. So long as you make sure to mash the potatoes very thoroughly, they will be fluffy, creamy, and delicious. The garlic flavor is not overpowering, but still enough to satisfy garlic lovers. I do tend to go heavy on the parmesan, because why not, and they are perfect that way. Doubling the recipe turned out just as well as the original.

  • Italian-style braised green beans

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Easy to put together, but really did not appeal. The beans became limp when cooked on low, and it just seemed to be a tomatoey mess. I don't know, maybe I did something wrong. Was not enjoyable to me.

  • Southwestern pork roast

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Pork was not at all sliceable, turned into shredded pork. Grrr. Sauce was also flat. Points for ease?

  • Cheeseburger pasta bake

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Certainly unique and easy to put together. A bit heavy, not a lot of contrast. Still tasty and great to come home to.

  • Pepperoni macaroni and cheese

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Delicious. Perfect comfort food, especially if you want something a bit...fattier. Greasy isn't the right word, but this is certainly not fat free. Also, this recipe is great with browned andouille substituted in for the pepperoni.

  • Cheesy chicken and Frito casserole

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Delicious, spicy, and crunchy. Can things get better? Seriously, this is a dump and cook recipe that is for once flavorful.

  • Chicken pizzaiola

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Definitely not fine dining, but stupid simple and delicious. A bit gimmicky, but tasty.

    • ixoye2u on June 12, 2017

      Pleasantly surprised. Great recipe for kids and a super easy meal. Literally took me 60 seconds to put together in the pot. I didn't add salt or pepper to the chicken since the pepperoni was already salty enough for me. Boiled some pasta and tossed with butter and parsley. Presto! Dinner done.

  • Chicken pomodoro

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      This is a very delicious, very traditional combination of chicken and tomato. The resulting tomato sauce is delicious and I could practically drink it. Easy to throw together. I usually serve it over some sort of weird shaped pasta with steamed veggies on the side. Have yet to try the suggested accompaniment.

  • Spicy chicken and chorizo stew

    • clawsgirl on November 25, 2016

      Super easy to throw together, really delicious. Granted, I love spicy food, and chorizo in particular, so your mileage may vary.

  • Rustic Italian braised beef short ribs

    • Lunacran on March 25, 2019

      Very good serve with polenta

  • Cowboy steak and beans

    • ixoye2u on August 25, 2017

      Did not like this one. I halved this one since it's just my husband and I so maybe that's were it went wrong. Probably won't try this one again though.

  • Whole "roast" pesto chicken

    • ixoye2u on June 09, 2017

      Quick and easy dinner night. Skin not crisp.

  • Honey-rosemary glazed carrots

    • ixoye2u on June 20, 2017

      Meh! I think the carrots were too saturated so the glaze didn't work out the way I expected. But I will say that carrots themselves tasted very good. This might be an ok way to cook them then toss with salt and butter on the stove.

  • Easy "baked" potatoes

    • ixoye2u on June 09, 2017

      If you're ok with the skin not being crispy this is a fantastic weeknight side. Yummy with sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and scallions! Prep was easily a handful of minutes. Definitely a repeat.

  • Pepperoni pizza dip

    • BrendaD1962 on February 09, 2022

      So good!! We loved this and I’m making it again for Super Bowl Sunday. I ended up halving the recipe as I had other appetizers and there were just six of us. I would halve it next time too unless I had a lot of people sharing it. Even halved, it makes quite a bit. I served this with tortilla chips and “scoops.” It’s addictive!

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The test cooks at America's Test Kitchen have worked their magic again, developing and perfecting an all-new collection of 200 slow-cooker recipes. With this volume, we looked at this must-have appliance in new ways to truly maximize its potential. You'll learn how to make a host of dishes like Garlicky Shrimp, Chicken Soft Tacos, and Flourless Chocolate Cake--recipes you'd never expect to see coming out of a slow cooker. The moist heat of the slow cooker is tailor-made to serve up flavorful stews, chilis, and braises (and don't worry--we've included a good number of these), but with our smart strategies and clever ingredient selections, we were also able to pull off spice-rubbed roast chicken, ziti with meaty ragu, rare roast beef, poached salmon and even cheesecake.

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