The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook, 2001-2010: Every Recipe from Ten Years of the Hit TV Show by America's Test Kitchen Editors

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    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: ground chicken; carrots; celery; chicken broth; bay leaves; chicken breasts; potatoes; egg noodles; Swiss chard; parsley
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Soups
    • Ingredients: beef sirloin steaks; soy sauce; cremini mushrooms; tomato paste; red wine; beef broth; chicken broth; carrots; celery; bay leaves; gelatin; parsley
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: canned tomatoes; shallots; tomato paste; ground allspice; chicken broth; heavy cream; brandy; ground cayenne pepper
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: shallots; nutmeg; white mushrooms; chicken broth; dried porcini mushrooms; heavy cream; Madeira wine
    • Accompaniments: Sautéed wild mushrooms
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: bacon; carrots; canned tomatoes; bay leaves; thyme; lentils; dry white wine; chicken broth; balsamic vinegar; parsley
    • Categories: Soups; British; Indian
    • Ingredients: fresh ginger; tomato paste; unsweetened shredded coconut; curry powder; ground cumin; chicken broth; carrots; celery; bananas; cilantro; yogurt
    • Categories: Soups; Spanish; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: tomatoes; red peppers; cucumbers; sweet white onions; sherry vinegar; tomato juice; Tabasco sauce
    • Accompaniments: Garlic croutons

Notes about this book

  • synclair on August 13, 2011

    The pie dough recipe that calls for vodka is the best pie dough ever and absolutely fool proof! I'm addicted to the Blueberry Pie (made with that dough).

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Hot and sour soup

    • djoh437938 on July 11, 2011

      this recipe is so good, had to go to a japanese market to find it, it is worth it, totally.

  • Stir-fried portobellos with ginger-oyster sauce

    • jumali on September 22, 2011

      Tastes good but not worth the mountain of prep work and cleanup.

  • Blueberry cobbler

    • jumali on July 26, 2010

      An excellent recipe! The blueberries were the perfect consistency--neither too runny nor too thick, and the cornmeal added a great texture to the biscuit. I'll definitely make this again.

  • Oven-fried onion rings

    • jumali on September 22, 2011

      A bit time consuming, but tastes very good.

  • Potstickers with scallion dipping sauce

    • love2laf on February 10, 2010

      Excellent flavour and cooking method for the wontons. I still find my patience worn thin by making so many little nibblies. The dipping sauce was only average though.

  • Thai pork lettuce wraps

    • love2laf on February 03, 2010

      One of the few recipes I can't think to make an improvement on. After one bite, I stopped caring about the messiness of serving this way, and just dug in.I did not use pork tender loin though, I used pork shoulder, and I used my grinder instead of the food processor.

    • SACarlson on June 15, 2019

      I did the same thing. I put pork shoulder through my meat grinder. I love this recipe--so easy and so delicious!

  • Thick-cut tenderloin medallions

    • Kouture007 on December 20, 2011

      Bacon-wrapped version is fabulous.

  • Grilled stuffed flank steak for a charcoal grill

    • Analyze on March 31, 2017

      This is SO good! I LOVE the spinach and pine nuts variation (using Asiago cheese, which Kenji mentioned in the recipe's article but didn't reflect in the recipe), and my husband loves the original version with Provolone and Prosciutto. It is easy to make both versions in the same roll, because the herb rub is the same. It is so delicious with the cheese. We used the BelGioioso sharp aged provolone for this one, which has an entirely different flavor (much stronger) than supermarket young provolone. These also re-heat well and don't get dry!

  • Applesauce snack cake

    • Analyze on March 12, 2019

      This is SO good! The base cake has a wonderful apple flavor and a great texture. I tried both this recipe, and the Oat-Nut Streusel variation. My husband, who doesn't normally like oat streusel or sweet quick breads, loved the streusel variation. I actually preferred this original version with the cinnamon-sugar topping, as in my opinion it complements the apple flavor in the cake better, and actually makes the cake taste more apple-y. You can't go wrong with either version, or try half and half like I did :) I already have several apple cake recipes that I love, and didn't think I needed another, but I did! I'm excited to try the ginger-cardamom version next. Personally, we had it for breakfast, but this would be great with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream too.

  • Eggplant Parmesan

    • Rinshin on February 07, 2014

      I have been making the same eggplant parmesan that my husband really likes and decided to try something a little different. This was good, but not as good as my own version. I did like the idea of flour, egg wash, and panko eggplant slices then prebaking first though. It required less oil than frying. However, I thought this version used much too little tomato sauce and the end result was a little dry. I like more tomato sauce that covers eggplant pieces completely.

  • Stir-fried beef and broccoli with oyster sauce

    • vhague on April 29, 2014

      Incredibly flavorful, especially given how quickly the dish comes together. Most ingredients are likely already in your pantry.

  • White chicken chili

    • Rradishes on August 28, 2017

      Such great vibrant green color. Tastes great, even better with some tortillas or even rice on the side

  • Indian-style curry with potatoes, cauliflower, peas, and chickpeas

    • Rradishes on January 19, 2018

      This was very good, comforting and healthy at the same time. Fair warning, your house will smell like curry for days. Served with mint chutney which is a must-have accompanimient. Would be great with a dollop of yogurt too.

  • Buttermilk waffles

    • Rradishes on January 22, 2019

      These are great waffles - sturdy enough where you only need 1-2, but not heavy, fluffy and quite flavorful. The recipe makes only 2 sets though - I have the type of waffle iron that produces 2 square waffles. So may double next time.

  • Blueberry muffins

    • Rradishes on July 20, 2017

      Next time I'll simply add blueberries. Reducing half of them into jam made really nice muffins, but I don't think it's necessary. Lemon zest on top is a really nice touch

  • Angel food cake

    • Rradishes on June 05, 2023

      Cooked this for my mother in law birthday per her request, and it came out great. First time making angel food cake, and I didn't have a tube pan. I used a kitchen hack with an empty can in the middle of a cake pan and it worked like a charm. Everyone loved it.

  • Deep-dish apple pie

    • Rradishes on October 12, 2022

      Used Dorie's all butter pie dough recipe for crust. Great pie, everyone loved.

  • Chicken Saltimbocca

    • Rradishes on May 03, 2018

      Easy and tasty, will make again. Nice way to make boring chicken breasts more exciting, definitely tenderizing them to thin cutlets before helps.

  • Tortilla soup

    • Rradishes on October 24, 2022

      Great flavor and easy to make! I put less adobo sauce in to make it less spicy, but it was delicious. Made for a Sunday lunch with guests over, everyone loved it. The toppings make it a fun meal

  • Chicken fajitas for a charcoal gril

    • Rradishes on May 26, 2021

      The marinade is amazing, makes a very flavorful chicken breast, after only 15min of marinating.

  • Pan-seared scallops with wilted spinach, watercress, and orange salad

    • Rradishes on January 08, 2023

      The spinach salad is delicious, will make again

  • Latino-style chicken and rice (Arroz con pollo)

    • Rradishes on January 18, 2019

      This is an instant favorite. What not to love: one pot meal, hands off, easy prep. I skipped the last step of taking out chicken pieces and tossing with dressing, and I don't think it missed it at all. Already made it multiple times.

  • Blueberry pie

    • Alowishs on July 04, 2016

      Fabulous recipe. This is my go-to blueberry pie recipe and it always receives rave reviews from tasters. Big hit.

  • Foolproof double-crust pie dough

    • Alowishs on July 04, 2016

      This is the only pie crust recipe I ever use. I have fun using different types alcohol to alter the taste. Grand Marnier is great and so is Amaretto. Also, I'll use coconut shortening instead of regular shortening. So good.

  • Stovetop rice pudding

    • Cookie24 on November 01, 2017

      Simple and straightforward recipe. The pudding has a clean sweet rice flavor and is simple to make without a lot of ingredients. You can easily change the flavors for added interest. I soaked dried currents in amaretto and added the soaking liquid and currents. I especially like that no eggs or baking is required.

  • High-roast butterflied chicken with potatoes

    • on December 15, 2019

      I cut chicken into pieces, rubbed butter under skin and roasted at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Served with roasted smashed potatoes. I will definitely make this recipe again.

  • Braised brisket

    • on December 18, 2021

      This is my go to brisket recipe. It is great for Christmas since all the work is done the prior day. I double the amount of braising liquid so there is more gravy for serving. I don't put the onions in the gravy to serve because I feel it would make a mess trying to pour it from a gravy boat.

  • Thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies

    • christinezac on December 15, 2023

      CC standoff #1 vs. Matty Matheson Trish's. They were close but MM were a winner (more addictive, chewy). These were good though.

  • Chocolate bundt cake

    • christinezac on August 08, 2023

      Added a shot of chambered - no espresso very moist and delicious

  • Chicken Marsala

    • Lisentric on February 16, 2020

      Made 2/15/20 - process of cooking took time, not a quick prep recipe. Taste and outcome was DELICIOUS!

  • Hungarian beef stew

    • Fyretigger on May 28, 2020

      Very similar to what I had had in Europe. Though I would brown the meat quickly.

  • Creamy chipotle chile sauce

    • Acarroll on January 27, 2024

      I was looking for a way to use leftover chipotles in adobo and this was perfect. I didn't have sour cream so I doubled the amount of (vegan) mayo. I also doubled the amount of chipotle, garlic, and cilantro. Was perfect served with crab cakes.

  • Pasta with creamy tomato sauce

    • Acarroll on December 24, 2023

      Omitted the cream because we served this with a rich mushroom/cheese/truffle ravioli. The flavors in the sauce itself were divine.

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  • ISBN 13 9781933615554
  • Published Oct 01 2009
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 650
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher America's Test Kitchen
  • Imprint America's Test Kitchen

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Since its debut in 1999, America's Test Kitchen has been public television's most-watched cooking show. This new comprehensive cookbook captures ten seasons of the show in a lively collection featuring more than 500 foolproof recipes and dozens of tips and techniques. You'll learn the secret to rich-tasting Weeknight Bolognese and Cheesey Garlic Bread in Bringing Home Italian Favorites. Prepare a platter of the best-tasting nachos you've ever had in Tex-Mex tonight. And discover a new way to cook the Thanksgiving turkey in Talking Turkey and All the Trimmings--choose among nine different recipes for the holiday bird--from Classic Roast Stuffed Turkey and Crisp-Skinned Butterflied Turkey to Herbed Roast Turkey, Grill-Roasted Turkey, and more.

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