Sweet by Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh

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    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Frostings & fillings; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: rhubarb; custard powder; butter; plain flour; icing sugar
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: raw peanuts; butter; Demerara sugar; plain flour
    • Accompaniments: Marshmallow filling
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Dessert; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; dark brown sugar; almonds; pistachio nuts; dried sour cherries; plain flour
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead; Thanksgiving
    • Ingredients: almonds; butter; oranges; dried cranberries; white chocolate; plain flour; wholemeal flour; jumbo rolled oats; caster sugar
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: pecans or walnuts; butter; light brown sugar; dark chocolate chips; caster sugar; self-raising flour
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    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: butter; Dutch-process cocoa powder; ground cinnamon; dark chocolate chips; bananas; pecans; plain flour
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    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Christmas; Winter; Dutch
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; white pepper; ground ginger; ground coriander; ground cardamom; nutmeg; ground cloves; butter; blanched almonds; lemons; mixed candied peel; ground aniseed; plain flour; caster sugar
    • Categories: Spice / herb blends & rubs
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; ground aniseed; white pepper; ground ginger; ground coriander; ground cardamom; nutmeg; ground cloves
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Christmas; Cooking ahead; Winter; Dutch
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; white pepper; ground ginger; ground coriander; ground cardamom; nutmeg; ground cloves; butter; dark brown sugar; dark rum; egg whites; ground aniseed; plain flour; flaked almonds
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead; Italian; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: lemons; oranges; egg whites; honey; orange blossom water; almond extract; ground almonds; caster sugar; flaked almonds
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Frostings & fillings; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: egg yolks; Dutch-process cocoa powder; ground ginger; ground cinnamon; ground cloves; dark rum; butter; black treacle; plain flour
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Afternoon tea; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: almonds; cashew nuts; pumpkin seeds; sunflower seeds; sesame seeds; Medjool dates; butter; Demerara sugar; date syrup; oranges; orange blossom water; ground cinnamon; jumbo rolled oats
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: Italian 00 flour; rice flour; whole star anise; oranges; vanilla pods; butter; caster sugar
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: butter; maple syrup; roasted unsalted peanuts; crunchy peanut butter; vanilla pods; dark chocolate; caster sugar; plain flour; platinum gelatine leaves; liquid glucose
    • Categories: Frostings & fillings
    • Ingredients: vanilla pods; egg whites; platinum gelatine leaves; caster sugar; liquid glucose
    • Accompaniments: Peanut sandies
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead; Australian; New Zealand
    • Ingredients: bran flakes cereal; raisins; lemons; butter; honey; rolled oats; desiccated coconut; plain flour; caster sugar
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: butter; Dutch-process cocoa powder; cinnamon sticks; oranges; dark chocolate; vanilla pods; caster sugar; plain flour; chilli flakes; liquid glucose
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea; Italian
    • Ingredients: raisins; sweet Marsala wine; oranges; butter; plain flour; caster sugar; double cream
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Afternoon tea; Entertaining & parties; Winter
    • Ingredients: pecans; butter; vanilla pods; plain flour
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Quick / easy; Dessert; Jewish
    • Ingredients: lemons; vanilla pods; butter; cream cheese; walnuts; ground cinnamon; quince paste; Demerara sugar; plain flour
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea; Persian; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: Demerara sugar; buckwheat flour; mahleb; nutmeg; mascarpone cheese; pistachio nuts; ground almonds; Greek yoghurt
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea; French
    • Ingredients: butter; honey; vanilla pods; oranges; pistachio nuts; saffron; caster sugar
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: eggs; lemons; butter; raspberries; mascarpone cheese; caster sugar; plain flour; soured cream

Notes about this book

  • MittenRD on May 31, 2018

    Note that this book was recalled for the US edition due to inaccurate baking temperatures and times. They kindly sent me a new copy for free, signed by the authors, along with a nice olive wood spoon gift. It would be worth checking out if you have the first edition United States version. https://ottolenghi.co.uk/blog/sweet-us-edition-information/

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Custard Yo-Yos with roasted rhubarb icing

    • Jane on June 17, 2019

      These were fun. Very easy to make and great result. I love the combination of the short cookie and tart rhubarb frosting. I made the frosting a couple of days ahead and found the consistency perfect for spreading. It doesn’t like being out in a warm room so bear in mind if making these for a party. I baked them for just 20 mins at 325 F (170 C) - they were perfect. 25 mins as stated in the recipe would be too much.

    • readingtragic on October 13, 2017

      If you leave the icing in the fridge, it sets too hard to spread - I sandwiched the biscuits, put them in a jar and then stored them in the fridge - perfect, and no worries about the butter going off...

    • EmilyR on July 18, 2022

      I used more rhubarb than called for and probably needed to adjust the powered sugar to make it thicker, but I didn't want to increase the sweetness so I didn't. Nice rich flavor.

    • luluf on September 22, 2017

      The shortbread biscuit was perfect and the rhubarb icing was tangy and delicious. They were very simple to make and I will definitely be making them again

    • Illyria on October 23, 2017

      I used three stalks of rhubarb, probably cos I wasn’t sure about how much to trim them. The icing was beautifully tangy.

    • Lsblackburn1 on April 11, 2021

      Yum! I am not sure I got the right amount of rhubarb; however, one stalk looked like such a tiny amount after roasting ( my stalk was pretty skinny!). The flavor seemed fine. I did the dough in the food processor, and that worked well. Cooked for 15 minutes, but the pan on the bottom was a bit overdone.

    • vglong29 on April 15, 2019

      Even with the reduced temperature in the errata from publisher, the time is still too long. Best results for me are 350°F for 8-10 minutes until very light brown on bottom.

  • Cranberry, oat and white chocolate biscuits

    • Jane on November 21, 2019

      These were fantastic cookies, great for the holidays (or any time). They are a bit more work than regular scoop and drop cookies as a lot of dried cranberries need to be cut in half, the dough needs to be rolled out and cookies cut then melted white chocolate spread carefully on the top after cooling. But they are so worth it!

    • TrishaCP on December 24, 2021

      These are very tasty, but a lot of work and my execution was a bit problematic. About half of my cookies spread badly and then broke while the remaining cookies were fine. They were also very scraggly. Given the sweetness of the white chocolate (the kind I had was difficult to spread)- I would also really prefer a much smaller cookie. Bottom line is that I’m not sorry that I made them, they will certainly be eaten, but I probably won’t make them again.

    • eliza on March 20, 2020

      I liked these quite a lot. I don’t have any white chocolate at the moment so we had them unadorned. As others have said they’re quite a bit of work. I cut them at 3” and the recipe made 23 cookies.

    • Kinhawaii on December 16, 2019

      Great cookie, not being a fan of cranberries I usually make them with roughly chopped dried cherries. I also cut the almonds a little smaller because it makes it easier to use the cookie cutter to cut out rounds. I think these would be nice with even a mix of dried fruit & even different chocolates.

    • Illyria on October 23, 2017

      Time consuming but well worth the effort. I forgot to chop the cranberries in half, so the edges of my biscuits were a bit rough, but that added to the appeal.

    • Lsblackburn1 on December 05, 2021

      These only needed 10 minutes in the oven for me - not 18 (maybe I rolled them too thin?). Tasty - especially with the white chocolate- but not sure they’re worth all the effort they require.

  • Chocolate, banana and pecan cookies

    • Jane on April 24, 2020

      Loved these cookies. The banana flavor comes through, surprising as quite a small amount is added. I like the nutty, crackled exterior a lot.

    • lilham on October 22, 2017

      This is a gooey cookie and very delicious. I used a mini blender to chop the pecans because i don’t like the idea of very large pieces of pecans. I also skipped the second chill after rolling in pecan pieces, putting the baking sheet straight into the oven instead.

    • Rachaelsb on October 17, 2020

      Delicious. Would definitely make again. Agree with other notes, banana flavor is surprisingly present but not overpowering which adds a great dimension to this cookie.

    • Zosia on October 23, 2017

      Oh, these are good! With subtle banana flavour, fudgy interior and nutty crunch, they're much much more than other chocolate crackle cookies. Note that a 3 hour chilling time is required though I reduced that by portioning the just-made dough on a cookie sheet (cookie scoop #70; yield of 34 cookies) and freezing it for 20 minutes before rolling in the pecans.

    • stef on April 29, 2018

      As described these are so good and fudgy. I also made them smaller and got 30 cookies. Toasted the pecans and then ground them in my mini cuisinart.

    • adelina on April 26, 2020

      Needed a recipe other than banana bread to use up my bananas. This was a nice combination that had a brownie texture a little. I used walnuts instead since that's what I had at home. To save time, I processed the nuts with powdered sugar.

    • anya_sf on June 28, 2020

      I would have overlooked this recipe if not for all the positive reviews, and am so glad I made these as my family loved them. I chopped the pecans in the food processor. Weighing the dough balls (20 g), 1 got 26 cookies. Baked half right away (after the chilling steps), then froze half for later. I wasn't sure whether to freeze before or after rolling in powdered sugar - I chose before, which worked - then rolled them in sugar right before baking from frozen, which took 2 extra minutes. The cookies aren't large so it's far too easy to eat several :-)

    • Livia on May 24, 2020

      These are lovely. Used a whole banana and cooked for 20min at 150c and only a small dusting of icing sugar at the end. Froze half of the cookie dough for next time but have used up all the pecans.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      fun and tasty. easy to make ahead and eat warm

  • Soft gingerbread tiles with rum butter glaze

    • Jane on December 12, 2023

      I've been wanting to make these for ages and a Christmas cookie swap with friends was the time. I made a triple batch - lots of bicep exercise pushing the stamps into the dough! They are so pretty with the glaze and taste great too.

    • DKennedy on October 06, 2017

      This is the first recipe I tried from Sweet. I made a test batch of these tiles in preparation for an upcoming tea. The dough came together easily, though I was worried it might be a little dry as I was kneading it. I didn't have any real tile molds so I used a variety of cookie cutters for this test batch. I have a tile press on its way from Russia - hopefully it will arrive in time for the tea. The cookies held their shape and impressions well. My cookies were rolled too thin and so were crispy instead of soft. Baked at 375 for 9 minutes, turning once, I think I might back off of this time going forward. I also didn't read ahead so I didn't have my glaze ready til the cookies cooled, but it didn't seem to matter. I made the lemon version of the glaze and it was perfect. Excellent right before bedtime with a cup of tea.

    • darcie_b on December 12, 2019

      Added 3/4 teaspoon powdered espresso to make it mocha gingerbread. Yum.

    • EmilyR on December 13, 2018

      Baked for about 8 minutes - both on convection and over:under heat, rotating once. Not using convection worked better. Some tiles were glazed with Glühwein and others with a light lemon. Next time I will mix the Glühwein and lemon. Very strong gingerbread molasses flavor. A double batch made 30, 1/4” thick cookies.

    • dinnermints on December 09, 2018

      Excellent! They definitely benefit from the glaze. Lovely soft texture.

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on October 06, 2017

      Using the same cookie presses as those used in the photo in the book, these cookies have a diameter of almost 10 cm. The cookies very nice and fragrant and the glaze, I made the rum version was delicious. I used the time and temperature of the oven as indicated in the book and they were very good, a little soft in the middle.

    • raybun on December 20, 2017

      I loved these cookies but mine were very crisp, probably due to my fan oven. Next time I’ll reduce the baking time by a few minutes, just to compare. The rum butter glaze is heavenly. (Photo)

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      very tasty, you can use cookie stamps for the top

    • elysedc on June 16, 2022

      dough came together well, cookies were nice and soft. my rum butter glaze looked much browner than expected. As a huge fan of blackstrap molasses, I personally would seek out black treacle next time I try these - molasses flavor was much too strong.

  • Tahini and halva brownies

    • Jane on January 16, 2018

      I thought these were very good. I agree the middle pieces were quite soft but I like that in a brownie. I made them in an 8.5x11 inch (30x22 cm) pan and that was perfect. I used an espresso halva which gave a great flavor. But I would use less tahini next time and do lines and feather rather than large blobs that were difficult to swirl.

    • Astrid5555 on December 15, 2018

      Fantastic brownies! We especially loved the halva and brownie combination. My tahini was very liquid so no issue swirling it in. I took them out after 25 minutes when the middle was still wobbly as per the recipe expecting them to firm up a little more. While they were still quite gooey we all agreed the soft center with the firmer halva pieces was exceptionally good. A definite keeper!

    • hirsheys on July 11, 2018

      I finally got to make these and they are fantastic. I followed the recipe pretty exactly, using some quality packaged halvah I bought at a Middle Eastern store and 73% dark chocolate from TJs. Cooked them 38 minutes. Everyone at work agreed that they were like more special peanut butter brownies with lovely chunks of melty halvah throughout. I don't repeat dessert recipes often, but this one's a keeper.

    • KarinaFrancis on July 18, 2020

      Omg so decadent, so rich, so good! I was a bit worried because they were more than a bit jiggly in the centre at the 25min mark, but I kept the faith and was rewarded with perfectly fudgy brownies.

    • Kitchengeek on November 24, 2017

      I did not have the proper pan, so multiplied by 1.25 and used a 9x13 inch pan. I do not know if this is why, or if I just didn't cook it long enough, but the brownies came out very mushy. Also the tahini did not spread easily, or as prettily as shown in the photo. I think it would have helped to have warmed the tahini first. The brownies are very rich and quite good, but somehow not as ... interesting as I expected. // On the other hand, Mike likes them a lot.

    • louisewint on January 25, 2021

      5 stars from me, get good halva! and don't give in to temptation to overbake :) I made them with 54% chocolate and used 20 grams less sugar because of that.

    • anya_sf on November 21, 2021

      I used a 9"x9" pan and baked the brownies 29 minutes as the center seemed too wobbly after 25. We thought the texture was perfect, nice and fudgy. Although my tahini was runny, it was hard to swirl due to the chunks of halva getting in the way. The brownies were rich and delicious!

    • Rutikazooty on January 25, 2018

      Made these and though they were interesting they weren't good enough for me to ever repeat. I do love tahini and halvah so that wasn't the problem.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      amazing! very special to serve guests. and easy to make

    • Ms20 on April 18, 2022

      These are incredible. I used a 9x13 pan and baked for 20 minutes and they came out perfectly. A definite keeper.

  • Victoria sponge with strawberries and white chocolate cream

    • Jane on May 10, 2020

      This is a lovely celebratory cake. I'm staying with my elderly parents in the UK so we had it for a VE Day celebratory tea. But if I was in the USA I would have made it for Mother's Day. The sponge is very light and combines beautifully with the fresh strawberry jam, sliced strawberries and luscious white chocolate cream. I made it in two loose bottom 20cm tins for 20 mins. If you made the entire mixture in one tin the sides would have to be very high.

    • lou_weez on April 26, 2018

      I made one 20cm cake and while the taste was deliciously familiar, I unfortunately, overcooked it slightly. Oh well, I'd better try making it again.

    • anya_sf on July 03, 2020

      I made 1/2 recipe with one 6" sponge, which baked in 18-20 minutes. The texture was light and lovely, with just the right sweetness. The components were delicious together. I wouldn't have minded more of the cooked strawberries.

  • Rhubarb and strawberry crumble cake

    • Jane on April 24, 2018

      Not a great success due to oven conversion issues. I knew baking a cake at 390F for 70 minutes was too long but such is my faith in Ottolenghi I went along. I should have listened to my inner baker. The bottom and outside of the cake was black. The issue was the conversion of 200C in the UK edition I own to 390F for my US oven. I've now found out the US edition has the temp as 375 which would have been a lot better. I will make it again as I liked the combination of cake, fruit and crumble. But a lower temp and checking more often will result in a much better cake.

    • TrishaCP on May 14, 2018

      Thank you so much Jane for the note. I used the measurements from my UK edition but the 375 degree oven temp that you mentioned, and had great success with this cake. (Though judging from Jane's picture, my cake didn't rise quite as much as hers.) I needed the full 70 minutes of baking time, but checked at least every ten minutes after the first half hour. I covered my cake with foil (loosely) at 40 minutes.

    • Astrid5555 on June 03, 2018

      Delicious! Based on my previous experience with this book I reduced the sugar in the crumble and in the cake component by 20g each and the cake was still a little sweet for me. Also, I used only half the crumble mixture, which I found plenty enough and froze the rest. Thanks to Jane’s and TrishaCP’s notes I started checking the cake in 5 minute intervals after 40 minutes and covered it with foil. Because of my dark springform pan, it was done already after 60 minutes.

    • eliza on July 22, 2018

      I also reduced the sugar in this cake by about 20% in both the batter and the topping, and covered it with foil for the last 10 minutes or so of baking. I found it to be a nice cake, but not my favourite recipe from this book so far. I also have other rhubarb recipes that I prefer so I probably won't make this one again. Made half recipe and baked about 40-45 minutes at 375 F.

    • lueder516 on May 23, 2020

      My Sweet book says to bake at 400 F for 70 minutes, which I should have know was too hot for cake. Came out burnt and and left an aftertaste. Wish I would have read these comments before baking and at least reduced the temp to 375 F. I think there are better crumble recipes than this one, probably won't make it again. And apparently 21 recipes have errors in my version. I tried to get the publisher to send a new copy but the email was returned as undeliverable.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      delicious summer cake. serve with whipped cream or ice cream

    • Anea25 on May 31, 2023

      very nice cake reduce the sugar to 150 and didn't do the crumble to make a lighter version.

  • Coconut, almond and blueberry cake

    • Jane on November 19, 2017

      What a fantastic cake. So easy to put together and wonderful results. Moist, flavorful and pretty - what more can you ask for in a dessert?

    • Jane on March 18, 2018

      I used unsweetened coconut and I thought the cake was sweet enough.

    • TrishaCP on July 29, 2018

      This cake has a lovely combination of flavors. Next time I will reduce the sugar per suggestions below, and also cook it a bit longer. (It was a bit soft in the middle for me.)

    • Astrid5555 on September 16, 2017

      On a rainy fall day this is comfort baking at its best. Only 2 bowls needed, mixed by hand, done in an hour (because of my dark baking pans my cakes usually need considerably less time in the oven than specified in the recipes, in this case only 40 minutes). I reduced the sugar by 50g (still sweet enough for my taste) and used ground unblanched almonds, thus the dark color of the cake. I especially enjoyed the addition of the desiccated coconut which gives this cake a subtle coconut taste. Boys gave it a 10/10.

    • eliza on March 27, 2018

      I wanted to make a gluten free dessert so I chose this cake to try as it has relatively little flour in it. I made 1/2 the recipe in a smaller cake tin. The resulting cake worked well and tasted very good. I subbed the flour with the gluten free blend from bulk barn and added 1/2 tsp of baking soda in my half recipe. This smaller cake took 30-35 minutes to bake at 350 convection. Thanks to the previous reviewers for the notes on coconut; I used unsweetened. Edit: I’ve since made this with regular flour as well; truly a lovely cake that’s very easy and delicious.

    • apattin on April 02, 2020

      Very moist, very tasty. Next time I'll use more lemon zest (used one lemon's worth on the rasp).

    • lilham on October 14, 2017

      A lovely mix of coconut and almond flavours. I used frozen blueberries straight from the freezer. I'm baking my second in a week while I'm typing this.

    • aargle on June 20, 2018

      I was so happy with this cake. It was very easy with no electric beaters or food processor needed - just two bowls and a whisk. It was cooked perfectly in the time specified and tastes delicious. I used frozen blueberries which made no difference to the look of the cake.

    • FJT on October 14, 2017

      Another vote for this cake: minimum effort for maximum taste.

    • sharifah on July 30, 2020

      Everyone’s favourite cake! I’ve made this a few times but this time I mixed redcurrants and blueberries, and I added some baking powder for extra rise. Delicious!

    • darcie_b on November 12, 2021

      As I'm in the midst of a remodel and have only a makeshift kitchen, I needed something that came together easily. I could not find my kitchen scale so guesstimated the measurements and this cake still turned out great.

    • stockholm28 on June 17, 2018

      This recipe is very quick to put together. You don’t need a mixer; it just takes two bowls and a whisk. The cake is primarily almond flour with a small amount of self rising flour (I subbed A.P. with 1 tsp baking powder). It is flavored with coconut, lemon zest, and blueberries. My cake was a little overbaked around the edges. I checked at 40 minutes and it was raw in the center. At 50 minutes, the edges were well done. I used a dark pan ... would that make a difference. I thought this was a very good cake, although it is a bit sweeter than I prefer. I might try it again with less sugar.

    • Rutabaga on September 15, 2018

      As everyone else has noted, this is a wonderful cake, and very easy to make. I used whole wheat pastry flour and unsweetened coconut (which I imagine the recipe intended since it doesn't specify sweetened), and it was very tender and moist, and not overly sweet, although I wouldn't mind decreasing the sugar just a little. Baking it in a springform pan worked quite well.

    • jluvs2bake on March 14, 2021

      Such a lovely cake! Even the one I goofed on (accidentally left out an egg and did one step backwards) tasted good, just quite dense. But the second was perfect, pretty, and delicious! Sent half of it to neighbors, who also very much enjoyed it. I didn't have much unsweetened coconut, so I used sweetened and put it in a chopper to make it finer. I decreased sugar to 200g. (It could probably have been reduced at least another 20g and still been sweet enough.) I sprinkled a little bit of sparkling sugar on top before baking, probably about a teaspoon. This one is on the forever list.

    • MmeFleiss on August 15, 2019

      I subbed coconut flour for the desiccated coconut since I figured they were basically the same thing. I made 3 mini bundles cakes with my half recipe and they baked up beautifully although the edges did get a bit too brown before the middle fully set. I would definitely use less sugar next time since it was a tad too sweet for me.

    • coryelizabeth on March 18, 2018

      Does anyone know whether you're supposed to use sweetened or unsweetened coconut in this cake? The recipe just calls for "finely shredded coconut."

    • coryelizabeth on March 20, 2018

      Thanks, Jane! For future bakers, I made the cake with unsweetened coconut, and it turned out just fine. Additionally, I felt the cake needed more salt and lemon zest than the recipe called for; however, I recommend simply adding these elements to taste.

    • lou_weez on November 12, 2017

      Everyone loved this delicious, moist cake and I loved how quick and easy it was to make!

    • anya_sf on July 05, 2018

      I wanted more of a snack cake than a dessert, so I used white whole wheat flour, 150 g butter, and 200 g sugar. The cake turned out great - still plenty rich and sweet. I will definitely make this again - love the flavor combination.

    • Livia on June 23, 2018

      Used some frozen berries which also worked well. Added lemon zest on top.

    • Xyz123 on May 17, 2023

      I really enjoyed this. I only used 185g of sugar and I think I’ll reduce it even more the next time I make it. Milled my own soft white wheat and didn’t sift. Used 1 tsp of baking powder since it wasn’t self rising flour and used frozen blueberries straight from the freezer. Only baked for 42 min because my oven temp seems to run hot. Perfection!

    • LadyCJKT on June 14, 2018

      This is a lovely cake - it's very moist and flavourful. I made half the recipe and it's a great size cake. I used 90g of sugar instead of 125g but kept the amount of unsweetened desiccated coconut the same as the recipe. I'd happily make this again but perhaps cook it for a bit longer next time as it is probably too moist.

    • Scubadiva on December 29, 2017

      Everyone I’ve served it to has loved this.

    • Ms20 on April 18, 2022

      Awful, absolutely awful. My oven runs hot so I took out after 52 minutes, toothpick clean. When I tried to cut 30 minutes later I could see the middle was still totally soggy. Put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes and it still didn’t come out right. Very frustrating.

  • Take-home chocolate cake

    • Jane on November 02, 2017

      I liked this cake a lot though it really needs the ganache and coffee/cinnamon cream to make it a special dessert. With those it was a lovely dessert for not a lot of effort or time. I found it took 65 minutes at 170C to be baked through. Be aware the recipe on the NYT website has the F conversion at 350 which is too high - it should be 338F. Not sure if the US edition of the book has the same error in conversion.

    • FJT on April 05, 2019

      Simply delicious - I didn't make the ganache or the mascarpone cream that go with it. It stands well on its own, but if I were to serve it as a dessert I would go for something sharp to cut through the richness. Really easy to make and a very good chocolate cake recipe. I'm sure I'll make it again.

    • dinnermints on June 01, 2021

      I'd flipped by this cake recipe many times but assumed it would be complicated, and was a bit shocked to find it was one of the easiest chocolate cakes I've ever made. One bowl (well, and a small pot), no mixer required, fairly few ingredients, only one layer. Since it is fudgy, I found it a bit difficult to figure out when to pull it out (I was aiming for a few crumbs still clinging to the toothpick). For me, 65 minutes might have been a few minutes too long. Very good cake, but not sure if it will be my go-to.

    • lou_weez on September 22, 2017

      AMAZING!!!! Instead of using coffee granules + 350ml water I made up 350ml of coffee , using my pod machine. The coffee flavour was probably a lot stronger, but we really enjoyed it :) Can't wait to make this again!

    • elifinn on August 18, 2023

      This was very good and appreciated by all but I think half the ganache for frosting would have been plenty. The whipped mascarpone with coffee does add something! I had skipped it the first time I made the cake but I'm glad I prepared it this time. I was nervous about baking time but in the end the cake did need the full hour.

    • sosayi on April 29, 2019

      Made the cake and ganache, but not the whipped cream as I was serving it with ice cream. Excellent, dense and rich chocolate cake. Also, very easy to put together. I cooked the cake at 325 (temp listed in the corrected version) for 65 minutes.

    • anya_sf on January 02, 2021

      I baked 1/2 recipe as 6 small cakes using a jumbo muffin pan. Baked at 325 F (per the correction others noted) for 25 minutes - seemed right, but in hindsight would have baked them 1-2 minutes less, as they were slightly dry. Chocolate flavor was great. With the ganache and some vanilla ice cream, they were very good. I made the cream as well, using instant espresso in lieu of ground, but the coffee flavor was too strong for our liking. Would use maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the amount next time.

    • Ms20 on April 18, 2022

      I wasn’t really impressed by this one. It was fine but the bon appétit easiest chocolate birthday cake remains my favorite for classic chocolate cake.

  • Belinda's flourless coconut and chocolate cake

    • Jane on October 18, 2019

      I wanted a quick (but delicious) cake for a friend’s birthday - and one of the guests is GF. This cake was perfect. It was very moist - I did 45 mins at 350 but next time I’ll go to 50. The water glaze was a new one on me - a slightly caramelized sugar syrup melts the chocolate then some butter is whisked in to make a wonderfully glossy glaze. People said it was like a Mounds bar (or in the UK a Bounty) in cake form. I used unsweetened coconut and it was plenty sweet. This one will go into my repeat collection.

    • Astrid5555 on November 19, 2017

      Amazing! So quick to make and so delicious. Made for a gluten-free friend, but all guests raved about it. Baked in a 23cm round springform pan instead of a loaf pan. Made the chocolate glaze as written but it never got to the golden syrup like consistency. Mine was more pudding like, nevertheless easy to work with and just enough to cover the top. While the cake itself was deliciously moist, coconutty and buttery, the glaze brought it to the next level. A definite keeper!

    • mightyvanilla on February 25, 2018

      Made the cake and it was incredibly greasy, to the point where pressing on the cake oozed liquid fat. It feels like the 200g of butter to 180g of almond flour was a typo. I didn't even bother trying to make the chocolate glaze once I saw how the cake had turned out. This was a very disappointing recipe, even more so because it was from an Ottolenghi cookbook.

    • lou_weez on November 16, 2017

      A really delicious and easy cake to make. I didn't have time to make the chocolate so served it with a vino cotto and caramel sauce (Maggie Beer - jar). It would also be lovely with some coconut ice-cream.

    • sosayi on October 17, 2017

      Imagine a dense, buttery cake that tastes exactly like a dream version of a coconut macaroon and you've captured this cake. Incredibly easy to make and incredibly delicious. My only snag on this cake was with the chocolate glaze. Mine seized up horribly. Probably my fault, though, as I was running all over the kitchen that day. Easy to fix, though, with a splash of cream.

    • LadyCJKT on January 03, 2018

      The cake is absolutely sublime. It's so moist and delicious and I envisage making this many more times in the future. I halved the recipe to great success. I haven't yet made the ganache for it as it's not cool enough but the cake is delicious without it.

    • etcjm on October 24, 2021

      Beautiful. As per all of the other notes. Easy to make. Although I was a bit scared of the glaze I opted to try it - for me, it didn't take very long to get the caramel colour and it also didn't melt all of the chocolate. A quick blast in the microwave sorted it. Kept lovely for 4/5 days. As per the recipe - it is nicer the next day. Hope it isn't too different when cooked dairy free at Christmas for my son.

    • Jardimc on January 17, 2022

      First made this in the loaf pan and it had a strange gummy layer on the bottom. Since it is a remarkably easy cake to make, I quickly whipped up a second batter and this time baked it in the 9” round pan for a perfect cake. The glaze I wasn’t sure of, but it turns out that the glaze takes the cake to the next flavor level. I highly recommend this cake for its super moist coconutty charm and grown up glazed presentation. Will definitely put this cake into regular rotation

  • Celebration cake

    • Jane on June 04, 2019

      Lovely cake and really not hard to do. I didn’t plan ahead so didn’t have time to freeze the cake layers for 24 hours. The only reason to do this is so you can move the layers on top of each other. But since they are getting covered in cream anyway it doesn’t matter too much if they break. Lovely combination of rich chocolate sponge, light white choc mousse and berries. This is going to be my favorite summer dessert for a crowd.

    • Zosia on July 04, 2019

      This was as good as others have said and was quite painless to make. I did find that I had to whip the ganache and cream for much longer than indicated before it thickened to the desired consistency and my cakes were baked in 13 minutes at 350. Canada Day 2019.

    • steinsm on June 21, 2019

      I agree with Jane. I also didn't manage to freeze it for 24 hours; just refrigerated it, and it was fine. It was gorgeous, delicious and devoured by all for my daughter's 39th birthday.

  • White chocolate cheesecake with cranberry compote

    • Jane on November 24, 2019

      A lovely cheesecake. The sweetness of the cheesecake (with 600g/21oz of white chocolate!) is well balanced with the cranberry raspberry compote. I made it a day ahead and followed the recipe and it worked perfectly.

    • aargle on June 20, 2018

      Another fabulous recipe. One of the best baked cheesecakes that I have made. The only problem was I couldn’t get fresh or frozen cranberries so next time will just use raspberries. I reconstituted dried cranberries but felt they were too sweet in the compote.

    • dinnermints on November 12, 2017

      Took this to a friend's crab feed, and once word got around, it disappeared very quickly. I don't think I had a post-cheesecake conversation that didn't involve how good it was (and it was gorgeous-looking). Not too sweet, and then the sweet-tart topping with it was the perfect foil. Next time I'd make it the morning before the evening I wanted to serve it, and possibly do some prep the day before that if need be. It took me around 90 minutes to get it in the oven, with a few distractions. It would be better to chop the nuts rather than put them in a food processor for consistency's sake. I didn't notice distinct chocolate chunks in it, so maybe I could have let the melted chocolate mixture cool longer.

    • Rradishes on January 19, 2018

      Made this on NYE and it’s the first recipe I tried out of this book. Was so excited considering all the great book reviews and the combination of white chocolate seems foolproof. Unfortunately I won’t be making this again. The cheesecake was too dense for my liking and the flavor of white chocolate was too rich for me.

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on December 26, 2017

      Made this for Christmas dinner, after dinner this was enough for 16. I didn’t purée and sieve the raspberries for the compote, I just added them at the end of cooking time. Also added extra water since the compote was very thick. The cheesecake was a very big success, everybody loved it.

  • Lemon and poppy seed cake (National Trust version)

    • jzanger on February 02, 2020

      I made this with a few changes. I used Meyer lemons and then before using the final thick lemony glaze I created a lemon soak and brushed it on while it was still warm, a la Ina Garten’s lemon loaf. There was extra zest from the juicing so I added that into the lemon glaze. Also I put a few drops (like less than 1/8tsp) of almond extract into the cake.

    • TrishaCP on May 06, 2018

      This is for sure the best lemon poppyseed cake that I've ever made, and it will be my standard from here on out.

    • Astrid5555 on December 09, 2017

      Simply divine! Since I used Meyer lemons I reduced the sugar in the batter by 10% and used only half the sugar for the glaze. Still a little bit too sweet for my taste, yet one of the best lemon and poppy seed cakes ever!

    • FJT on August 26, 2020

      Finally remembered to buy poppyseeds and made this cake. Lovely light texture; really more-ish!

    • Rachaelsb on March 25, 2018

      Lives up to reputation:-) Light but nice lemony overtones. Great texture to cake.

    • Frogcake on March 21, 2018

      Excellent, but this is the same recipe as the lemon raspberry cupcakes with a few tweaks.

    • anya_sf on May 10, 2018

      Delicious, with a lovely, soft texture. I might try to reduce the sugar next time though.

    • LadyCJKT on March 03, 2019

      This cake has a wonderful texture and a delicious lemon flavour. Next time I would double the poppy seeds though. I would highly recommend it if you want something simple but delicious.

  • Campari and grapefruit sorbet

    • mirage on December 09, 2023

      Very good, but a little goes a long way

  • Apricot and almond cake with cinnamon topping

    • caitmcg on September 08, 2018

      I made this with purple plums from my backyard tree in place of apricots, and the result was quite lovely. I made a few small tweaks to the recipe: I cut the sugar in the cake batter by a third and used soft brown sugar in place of caster; used orange zest rather than lemon as I prefer it with plums; doubled the almond extract to 1/2 tsp.; and used half brown sugar and half caster in the topping. Everyone loved this cake.

    • FJT on June 11, 2021

      Delicious! I made this with crème fraîche rather than sour cream and used a gluten-free flour mix. I accidentally mixed the almond meal in with the flour but this wasn't a problem. Very light texture and tasted wonderful. Baked at 180 C fan for 1 hour 5 minutes.

    • Lepa on May 07, 2020

      I did not like this cake. It was bland and greasy. There was too much cake for the amount of fruit. I will not make this again.

    • FritB on June 07, 2020

      Came out perfect. Made it with fresh apricots. Good taste.

    • bwhip on July 20, 2018

      Absolutely delicious. Made this last night using fresh apricots, and it was fantastic. Took most of it to the office to share today, and everyone raved about it. The apricots became quite silky during the bake, and when combined with the great flavor and texture of the cake and topping, became a really perfect blend. The only ingredient I left out was the almond extract, as we didn't have any.

    • luluf on September 22, 2017

      The cake component was great but mine was a lot higher than the picture so the cake to apricot ratio was not quite right. I used tinned apricots because apricots aren't in season yet, but they weren't flavoursome enough so I will only make it with fresh apricots in future

    • ChelseaP on July 08, 2022

      Absolutely delicious. Definitely will make this one again.

    • Paola_Albanesi on September 13, 2019

      Buonissima. Fatta seguendo la ricetta, ho inavvertitamente mischiato la farina di mandorle all’impasto. Usato pesche noci. Squisita.

  • Rolled Pavlova with peaches and blackberries

    • mlbatt on February 27, 2020

      Made this with blackberries and used mango in place of peaches. So amazingly good! Guests were quite impressed.

  • Brown butter almond tuiles

    • Avocet on December 28, 2021

      We found these a bit too sweet. The baking time was too long, 12 minutes at 350 was plenty. I have other almond tuiles recipes that we prefer.

    • elysedc on June 16, 2022

      I found that mine burned, even accounting for my oven (which runs a bit hot) - I would cook for a bit less time next time. I also expected a more "almond-y" flavor, but these just tasted kind of sweet.

  • Spiced praline meringues

    • cespitler on November 25, 2018

      I am loving these meringues! I have used a different recipe for years so was happy to have a new technique and flavor profile. I shortened the baking time (started checking at 1 hour and finished at 1 h 15 min) and the texture came out beautifully.

  • Peanut sandies

    • aliradloff on February 24, 2019

      I've made these a few times now and they are delicious! It's difficult to not eat the whole batch. I have had to bake them for a little longer to get them nicely browned, and also use a slightly smaller cookie cutter (5cm). They're also super easy to make, and I suspect you could also make them as a slice and bake cookie too.

  • Festive fruitcake

    • Apollonia on December 25, 2021

      We have made this incredible cake every year since this book came out, and clearly we love it. I tweak a little bit, in part based on the interview AlexH noted below. First, I usually macerate the fruit itself for closer to a week rather than the 24-28 hours the recipe calls for. Second, I aim to bake the cake in time to age it for at least 6 weeks, ideally longer, before Christmas, feeding it once or twice a week with a couple of tablespoons of cognac and rum. Definitely not one to be served to the kids, but it's otherwise perfect!

    • eliza on December 04, 2022

      Made this today to compare it to my family’s traditional recipe. I soaked my fruit for about a week and cut back a bit on the raisins and currants so I could add some pecans and crystallized ginger. Baked at just under 300 fan and covered for first 1 hr 40 min to control browning. I used a 7” springform pan and did the double parchment they recommend. Recipe says to cover near the end but I find covering at the start works better. Cooked the full 2.5 hours; check frequently towards the end of baking time. Extremely easy to make, will update when we eat it. Updated to add: this was a really delicious cake, and my friends who ate it all loved it (with 2 layers of icing). My family members all preferred the traditional family recipe, but also liked this cake a lot as well.

    • AlexH on September 15, 2017

      There's a wonderful article (with video interviews!) all about their Christmas Cake on Ottolenghi's site! They start macerating their fruits in giant buckets in September/October. http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/blog/yotam-discusses-ottolenghi-christmas-cake/

    • popy on January 02, 2022

      This makes a marvellous Christmas pudding! Rather than baking the mixture in the oven, I put it in a pudding basin and steam as usual. It also works beautifully with gluten-free flour.

  • Vineyard cake (aka Cleopatra cake)

    • DKennedy on January 26, 2024

      I don't know what made me stop and decide on this recipe, it is a strange one, but I am glad I did. A couple of things to note about this recipe: you will need an angel food cake pan (which I recently inherited from my mother) not something I would have ordinarily been inclined to own/acquire. The sugar crust technique is a new one for me and I will def be riffing this technique and using it elsewhere. The dessert wine ingredient makes this a costly cake. You need 1 3/4 c. I opted to use 1/2 c of muscat (which is what I had open in the fridge) and the other 1 1/4 c I subbed an inexpensive Sauvignon blanc, (also open in the fridge). The cake was sufficiently sweet, nuanced, and fragrant even with this substitution. I used every day grapes but I think if you could get your hands on muscat grapes, this cake would be insane. Would be a lovely addition to or to accompany a cheese board or to serve at book club, etc. It is quite stunning. I am keeping it in my back pocket.

    • Astrid5555 on October 12, 2019

      Pound-cake like texture with a subtle dessert wine flavor. Had to substitute Sauternes wine and some milk because I could not find the muscat de Beaumes de Venise wine required. Like anya_sf I would have preferred even more grapes, especially since I had not halved mine because they were so small. Overall a very good yet a little grown-up tasting cake which I will happily make again next fall.

    • anya_sf on September 30, 2019

      I made 3/4 recipe but with the full amount of grapes, since there weren't that many and the pan size was the same. After the initial 20 minutes, remaining baking time (after adding the topping) was 25 minutes. The texture and flavor of the cake were similar to pound cake, except for the pieces with grapes and sugar topping, which were the best. There weren't many grapes though. The dessert wine flavor was noticeable, yet subtle, in that I'd be hard pressed to identify it. My family liked this just fine, but it didn't wow us.

    • SunkenSouffle on November 22, 2020

      Sort of a strange cake, I will only make again to take to a wine and cheese night.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      yes, very special cake and good tasting. may add some more grapes

  • Coffee and walnut financiers

    • DKennedy on October 23, 2017

      My second recipe out of the book - made for Tea '17. Lots of steps for mis en place can be done in advance (brown butter, toasting the walnuts, sifting the dry ingredients, making the coffee). If all that is done in advance the recipe will be quite simple to throw together. If done all at once, a bit overwhelming. Note that I bought the straight sided pan referenced in the book/photo and using that mold, made 17 financiers baked at 400 for 14 minutes. I loved how these came out. Note that the icing sets quickly so it is best to make just before using and put on while the cakes are hot so it will run down the sides. The icing is wildly sweet and makes a ton so next time 1/2 the frosting recipe and maybe add cream instead of milk to cut through the sweetness and maybe add more liquid? So, so good.

    • Astrid5555 on November 25, 2021

      As mentioned by other reviewers, most components can be prepped ahead so the final baking and decorating can be done quite quickly. Reduced the sugar in the cakes and the frosting (all the recipes in Sweet are way too sweet for my taste), worked beautifully. Recipe makes too much frosting. Great textural contrast from the walnuts.

    • darcie_b on February 23, 2019

      I wasn't wowed by the flavor, but this is a solid recipe and good for coffee lovers.

    • jluvs2bake on June 17, 2018

      Love the melding of the flavors. The brown butter and coffee almost have a caramel hint together. My husband ate the leftover icing plain... I made mine with pecans instead of walnuts, and it was delicious! I made mine in a popover pan because the book said that's how they make them, and that's what the accompanying photo was. I wanted mine to look like that rather than a muffin. It would have made 6 regular popovers nice and tall, but I filled them slightly less and put the extra batter in 2 ramekins for a total of 8 financiers. These would be lovely for a coffee or brunch.

    • bwhip on September 22, 2017

      These turned out excellent. A nice crispy edge, with a moist, delicate crumb, and wonderful flavor from the coffee and brown butter. The glaze was a little sweet for my taste, but overall we really enjoyed these and will make them again.

    • anya_sf on December 06, 2017

      I made half the recipe and got 21 mini-muffins, so my molds must have been small. They baked in 12 minutes. They were a nice two-bite size. I omitted the espresso powder (didn't have it), but the financiers still had plenty of coffee flavor from the instant coffee. These were easy to make, but do require a couple hours of chilling, so plan ahead. I used less icing, but it seemed like enough. The icing was quite stiff; I had to add a bit of water to thin it enough to spread, and even then it didn't drizzle. I tried a few cakes plain, and they were good too, so the icing isn't needed, although it looks pretty. We really enjoyed these.

  • Baked ricotta and hazelnut cheesecake

    • DKennedy on September 14, 2022

      These are good but not great - presentation was beautiful. Served tiny versions at Temple Tea.

    • dinnermints on November 11, 2018

      Delicious, moist cake. I don't believe the errata correction from Eat Your Books is correct - I left everything at 350°F, and it was perfect. The ganache, however, was a complete fiasco. The sugar didn't want to melt in the corn syrup, and then once poured over the chocolate (and after sitting for 5min), the chocolate seized up, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Luckily I had some good-quality unsweetened chocolate. I combined 100g of that (finely chopped) with 100g water and 3T sugar in a double-boiler and then whisked in 40g room temp butter, and it was perfect.

  • Lemon and raspberry cupcakes

    • TrishaCP on May 27, 2018

      The flavor of these cupcakes is great, both the cake and the icing. The icing came out a bit runny for me, maybe because it was quite a hot day to be baking, or maybe because I used jarred lemon curd instead of the book's recipe. Regardless, I will definitely be making these again!

    • Frogcake on March 21, 2018

      Fabulous cupcakes! These are OMG lusciously lemony. I used frozen wild blueberries in place of raspberries. Otherwise they come together very quickly as bwip notes. My guests couldn’t stop raving about them. Definitely a repeat.

    • bwhip on December 14, 2017

      Another excellent recipe from this outstanding cookbook. The lemon curd prep technique is quick and easy, and the frosting, which is made with the lemon curd and mascarpone, is wonderful with just the right amount of tang. The cupcakes turned out great. We'll definitely be making these again.

    • SunkenSouffle on November 22, 2020

      Icing didn't work for me at all, too runny on both attempts. Flavor was excellent though

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      great taste for birthday work party and looks beautiful

  • Lemon, blueberry and almond "teacakes"

    • pumpkinspice on February 27, 2018

      Tender, tasty and just the right balance of flavors and sweetness.

    • lilham on May 06, 2018

      Simple but so delicious.

    • stockholm28 on April 22, 2018

      Very nice and fairly quick to make. Love the lemon almond blueberry combination. Mine were a little overbaked around the edges, so next time will check a few minutes earlier.

    • Smokeydoke on May 11, 2018

      I had problems getting them to unstick from the pan, so be generous with the butter and flour. The icing is forgiving and covers a lot of flaws. But, oh my, these are so delicious!

    • bwhip on January 26, 2018

      These are fantastic. Nice and lemony, and they just melt in your mouth. Delicious.

    • koolMoD on March 09, 2018

      So easy and simple to make and so delicious. Tart and sweet cakes that are soft and moist. Will definitely make again.

  • Strawberry and vanilla mini-cakes

    • Astrid5555 on May 02, 2021

      These are delicious but way too sweet for my taste. Like in most of the recipes in this book you can reduce the sugar by probably 20%. Since the unfrosted cakes were already so sweet I just only added enough sugar to the strawberries to make a glaze otherwise they would have been inedible for me. Nevertheless, the rest of the family devoured the cakes within the hour.

  • Speculaas biscuits

    • Astrid5555 on November 29, 2018

      Lovely cookie for a Christmas cookie platter. The dough comes together quickly in a standmixer and is easy to work with. I rolled it out between two pieces of parchment paper. I expected the spice mix to be more pronounced, so next time I would add more of it. Made only 2/3 of the dough (ran out of dark brown sugar) and used a 5cm cookie cutter, which resulted in 80 cookies. Reduced the baking time to 9 minutes.

    • elysedc on June 16, 2022

      Agree with reducing the baking time - these can get too crispy if you're not careful. These have become a holiday tradition and are worth the trouble of putting together the spice mix. Didn't count, but makes a LOT of cookies. Not too sweet, though, so they'll go fast. Great with a cup of tea. I didn't have a circle cutter so used a light bulb shape, then used the almond flakes to make them into pinecones

  • Tin cake pan part 1 (butternut, honey and almond)

    • Astrid5555 on February 02, 2021

      While I really enjoyed this cake, (which I made in a loaf pan rather than a tin), the rest of the family unisono declared their unhappiniess about “obvious vegetables in sweet bakes”. Quite sweet from the raisin and sugar combination (less would be more), a little crumbly, still delicious!

    • eliza on December 02, 2017

      My first recipe from the book, this is definitely a dessert. It's very sweet and I would reduce the sugar slightly next time. The flavours are excellent and I liked the toasted almonds with the orange and raisins. I used 3 small loaf tins instead of cans; for this, the baking time needs to be reduced to about 35 minutes. I'm disappointed that the book (Canadian edition) calls for self raising flour which we don't have in Canada so I used 2.25 tsp baking powder in the flour, and this seemed about right. I froze one loaf and it reheated beautifully. Great with a cup of tea as an afternoon snack; will definitely make again.

  • Tessa's spice cake

    • Astrid5555 on December 28, 2017

      This cake is worth baking just for its Christmas-y smell while in the oven, heavenly! This is an outstanding cake, perfect with a cup of tea. Quick to throw together, but do check it before the 50 minute mark, mine was done and quite dark already after 45 minutes. Used apple cider vinegar with honey instead of malt vinegar. Will definitely be making this one again!

    • FJT on October 20, 2017

      Ignoring the facts that I should have checked and put some foil over the top of the tin to stop the cake over-browning (almost burning) on top and my loaf tin is obviously slightly smaller than the one specified in the book, this is a really, really nice cake and does indeed go very nicely with a cup of tea. I made it with home-made mixed spice (Nigella has a recipe on her website), a gluten-free flour mix and cider vinegar in place of malt vinegar. I have a suspicion that, just like gingerbread which is very similar, this cake will only get better after a day or two ... if it lasts that long!

    • cultus.girl on June 23, 2019

      This is the cake I have made over and over from Sweet. Beautiful spicy flavour.

    • anya_sf on February 25, 2022

      I was skeptical about the high oven temperature; after 40 minutes, I reduced the temp to 325 F since the cake was already getting quite dark, and the cake baked another 18 min. The cake was lovely, moist and dense like a pound cake, with delicious brown sugar-spice flavor.

  • Louise cake with plum and coconut

    • Astrid5555 on September 12, 2017

      A little sweet, but sooo good. Three different layers (a coconut cake bottom, plums in the middle and a meringue with flaked almonds on top) that complement each other perfectly. I was a little hesitant to follow the instructions which tell you to bake the cake layer by itself until fully cooked and then top it with the plums and the meringue and continue baking for another 35 minutes. I was afraid that the cakey part would be dry, but it was perfect! I used Italian prune plums instead of dark red plums because these are what we have in abundance here at the moment, worked perfectly.

    • Lepa on August 24, 2018

      I think this turned out well but ultimately it wasn't my favorite cake. I like cake with a more complex flavor and this one is just sweet. I think it would be better with a more acidic fruit- maybe strawberries or apricots.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      delicous cake. base is very sweet, maybe use a bit more acid fruit on top

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      Errate: Dutch version, step 8: cook for 45 min

  • Apricot and Amaretto cheesecake

    • Astrid5555 on June 11, 2019

      This was an easy to make but quite impressive looking, delicious cake. The 350g of apricots for the base were not enough to cover the whole bottom of the cake, which would have made the cake even better in my opinion. Apart from that another winner from this book!

    • anya_sf on June 14, 2018

      Like most cheesecakes, this was easy to make. The only problem I had was that the roasted apricots got awfully dark on the bottoms. I was worried they'd taste burnt, but fortunately they tasted OK. The cheesecake was creamy and delicious, with a bright flavor. I thought there was a lot of amaretto, but it wasn't that strong in the baked cake. Note: I did not see the correction to reduce the oven temp to 325, so baked it at 350 and it turned out OK.

    • Lsblackburn1 on July 29, 2022

      This was delicious! The texture was perfect and no cracks in the top! I quartered the apricots for the topping and also might have used more for the bottom.

  • White chocolate woodland meringues

    • Astrid5555 on December 27, 2021

      Adding a very small amount of baking powder results into very crispy meringues every time, this is genius. Dipping the meringues into the chocolate and coating them with the crushed freeze-dried strawberries is very fiddly but so worth it! Preferred the chocolate-hazelnut version though.

    • elysedc on December 28, 2022

      Followed the meringue recipe exactly, meringues came out perfect and crispy! I think I preferred the dark chocolate version of these, although these were still very very good. Swapped freeze dried strawberries for different colors of sprinkles to make "elf hats." Only potential issue was they did take some time to dip and coat (I got closer to 100 out of this recipe), and needed to rewarm the chocolate a few times -- all fine, except beware of dipping the delicate meringue into the warm chocolate for too long, as it will start to melt!

  • Dark chocolate woodland meringues

    • Astrid5555 on December 27, 2021

      Adding a very small amount of baking powder results into very crispy meringues every time, this is genius. Dipping the meringues into the chocolate and coating them with hazelnuts is very fiddly but so worth it!

    • eliza on December 18, 2019

      These are so so good. I made my meringues way ahead of time as I was sure they would last well in an airtight tin. I did the chocolate hazelnut coating the night before and they held up well. That being said, these are quite fragile and are really finicky to dip and coat so be sure to have plenty of time set aside to finish them. They are very sweet, but are as light as air and the flavours blend beautifully. Everyone loved these! These are worth the time and are definitely on my repeat list for special occasions.

    • elysedc on December 28, 2022

      These were so scrumptious. Followed the meringue recipe exactly, meringues came out perfect and crispy! My husband preferred the white chocolate version of these, while I thought these were the best ever. Used very dark chocolate for the coating, swapped hazelnuts for toasted almonds, they were divine. Only potential issue was they did take some time to dip and coat (I got closer to 100 out of this recipe), and needed to rewarm the chocolate a few times -- all fine, except beware of dipping the delicate meringue into the warm chocolate for too long, as it will start to melt!

  • Apricot and thyme galettes with polenta pastry

    • Astrid5555 on June 25, 2021

      Delicious flavor combination. Loved the crunch the polenta added to the dough. Didn’t bother with individual tarts, made one big galette.

    • dinnermints on June 05, 2019

      Wonderful flavor combination. Even though the apricots I picked up could've been a tinge riper, they still worked well in this recipe. I cut them into eighths, and used five pieces per galette. I ground up my regular polenta a bit finer for the crust, and next time would search out instant polenta, as it was still a little gritty. And next time would cook the pastry cream a little less (maybe 2min), and would not trim the dough (ended up with seven galettes, one smaller round one using the trimmed dough). Served with Jeni's baked rhubarb frozen yogurt. A huge hit with my visiting family!

  • Rhubarb and blueberry galette

    • Astrid5555 on May 31, 2021

      Excellent, flaky, easy to make dough! Used ground almonds instead of amaretti cookies since this is what I had on hand. Will definitely make again also with other fruit.

    • dinnermints on June 27, 2018

      Excellent dessert. I haven't made this kind of crust before, and it came together far easier than the pie crust recipes I'm used to. I used Trader Joe's mini almond biscotti instead of the Amaretti cookies, and frozen blueberries instead of fresh. The pastry did seem to get a bit soft, but I didn't want to take the time to chill it for an hour in the fridge. I baked it straight away (35min turned out to be perfect), and it turned out nicely anyhow. I agree with Zosia re: flavor combination and crust - delicious. I served it with Alice Medrich's sour cream ice cream = fantastic combo.

    • Ann.Koekepan on May 25, 2021

      One of the best tasting dough and galette I had in years. Such a nice combination, such a flaky, crisp dough. You can tell Helen and Yotam tested this thoroughly. I used cornflour instead of tapioca and this worked superb.

    • Zosia on June 04, 2018

      Fabulous! I didn't expect this combination to be so good but the blueberries' natural sweetness was a great foil for the tart rhubarb. Making this recipe was a last minute decision to use up 300g rhubarb (I used the full amount) so I did make a few changes but nothing that would have affected the results dramatically: cake crumbs from a failed vanilla genoise to absorb the juices (omitted the amaretti, sugar and flour); frozen wild blueberries that I layered under the rhubarb; reduced the sugar by 25g. The crust was excellent too, crisp and flaky.

  • Tin can cake part 3 (banana, date and walnut)

    • eliza on March 11, 2018

      These cakes were very good. I liked the method of heating the dates with the sugar, butter and water since that softens the dates making them easier to cut in the finished loaf. I'm glad I made the date mixture ahead of time as it takes quite a while to cool. I cut back the sugar by about 10% and it was still plenty sweet. Again there is self raising flour in this recipe so I used all purpose plus 2.25 teaspoons of baking powder for the flour. Along with the extra baking powder as stated in the recipe, this seemed about right. Three mini loaves took 40 minutes at 350 convection in my oven. In the future I will make this again when I want a sweeter loaf and/or I have only 1 banana, and I will continue to make the Smitten Kitchen banana loaf for a less sweet/more bananas version.

    • lou_weez on September 15, 2017

      When I make banana cake, it's usually because I have a glut of overripe bananas. This cake however, only uses 1 banana , so I doubled the recipe (2 bananas...woohoo!!) and made two loaves. The cake itself is very nice, sweet and soft with a slightly chewy crust. I will definitely make this again, though I might try knocking back the sugar and adding a banana.

    • LouiseQuasiChef on January 23, 2023

      The date-brown sugar-butter mixture is swoon-worthy! And that's the flavor of the cake which has the texture of pudding cake, with the banana in it. Very sweet, moist (too moist?) and delicious!

  • Persian love cakes

    • eliza on March 25, 2018

      These were nice cakes with a very nutty flavour. I used the almond extract option and would reduce the amount next time. In the recipe, a silicon loaf pan is recommended. I don't have this so I used metal tins of the same size, and found lining with parchment was important to extract the cakes after baking. I'm not sure if I'd make these again...possibly.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      delicious!! let cool down for a while otherwise the bottom is sticky. very easy to make in silicon mold

    • Anea25 on November 27, 2023

      Really easy and tasty, the texture is very nice. I would reduce the nutmeg a bit as it overtook other flavours

  • Hazelnut crumble cake with gianduja icing

    • apattin on December 28, 2018

      It's very good. Sadly I over baked, but even as a dry cake it was good. Do not miss the Nutella ganache. For me, it needed a bit more liquid, cream I suppose.

  • Hazelnut crumble cake with Nutella icing

    • lilham on January 06, 2018

      This is a variation of the Hazelnut crumble cake with Gianduja icing. I always have a jar of nutella at home, so I made this variation. I cooked this in a large bundt tin in a fan oven at 160C for 55 min. The cake was just cooked, but the outside was a slightly too crisp for my liking. Next time I'll use a lower oven temperature. The authors gave the instructions to thinly sliced hazelnuts using a mandoline for sprinkling on the ganache. Because I was feeling lazy, I used flaked almonds instead. I also reserved 1/3 of the ganache for serving and would recommend it. The cake looks great and was very delicious too. Will definitely make again.

    • Jojobuch on August 28, 2018

      This was a big hit - I made individual bundt cakes with Nutella ganache. Having the crumble as layers in the cake makes for a nice textural contrast, and the ganache came together and set beautifully. When filling the bundt pans, I was a bit worried that the individual layers of the fairly firm batter separated by crumble would not hold together after baking. As suggested in the recipe though, I pressed down on the final crumble layer, which seems to have compressed the individual layers, and most cakes held together nicely upon unmolding - the one that didn't was a nice snack for the baker :) Also, I initially wasn't sure if I'd get too much of a rise since I filled the bundts to the top; again, I didn't have to worry about that - maybe the trick of mixing the soured dairy with baking soda ahead of time ensures they don't rise too much later on. They still had a nice light texture without spilling out of the pans.

  • Chocolate banana ripple cheesecake

    • lilham on November 12, 2023

      Very rich but so delicious. This isn’t much harder than other cheesecakes I have made before. What sets it apart is the base. It is deliciously chocolatey. So much better than using chocolate digestives.

    • darcie_b on October 03, 2017

      The crust is divine and the remainder of the cheesecake is excellent. The white chocolate flavor is nearly indiscernable so don't worry about using it even if you aren't a fan of white chocolate.

    • anya_sf on December 07, 2017

      I made the crust 2 days ahead. All the steps are easy, but the whole thing still takes quite a while, as cheesecakes usually do. I melted the chocolates in the microwave, but otherwise followed the instructions exactly, and the cake turned out great. It tasted just like it sounds - chocolate, banana, and cheesecake. The banana flavor really comes through. The white chocolate isn't noticeable. It looks really impressive, but isn't at all difficult. Highly recommended if you love chocolate, banana, and cheesecake.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      amazing! serve small pieces because it is very heavy. maybe add some fresh fruit

  • Soft date and oat bars

    • aargle on June 20, 2018

      These are delicious and turned out perfectly. Mine didn’t fall apart but nor were they hard. I used golden syrup and will make them again

    • Rutabaga on October 29, 2017

      This is the first recipe I've made from this book, and it's a winner. Everyone who tried them liked them, and my one-year-old was an especially big fan. I myself find them difficult to stop eating. The only issue I had was that they fell apart easily, which probably means I didn't grind the oats finely enough. That didn't affect the taste, fortunately.

    • Lepa on May 21, 2018

      I was disappointed with this recipe. My bars were dark brown and hard and too sweet. I wanted something soft and chewy and healthier. Mine didn't fall apart but I suspect it's because they were overcooked? I will keep searching for a date bar that I feel good about sending in my kids' lunchbox.

    • Illyria on October 23, 2017

      I chopped the dates a bit more finely & also used golden syrup instead of date syrup.

  • "Anzac" biscuits (aka honey, oat and raisin cookies)

    • FJT on March 31, 2020

      I made a few changes: quinoa flakes instead of bran flakes (which made them gluten free along with GF oats and GF flour) and dried cranberries instead of raisins as that's what was in the cupboard. I should have read the comments here first as mine were on their way to being scorched in less than the stated cooking time too! I reckon 15 minutes rather than 18 might have been ideal. Nice flavour.

    • Rutabaga on September 10, 2018

      This is a quick, versatile, and very snackable cookie recipe. And as far as cookies go, they're reasonably healthful. I was happily surprised that they don't include eggs, because that meant a friend with an egg allergy could eat them. They could probably easily be made vegan by substituting an alternative for the butter. Since our family isn't into raisins in our cookies, I substituted a smaller amount of dried cranberries. They would also be good (and a little more decadent) with chocolate chips or simply plain.

    • e_ballad on May 14, 2019

      These are in no way an ANZAC biscuit, with the only common ingredient being the rolled oats. As an oatmeal cookie, these are ok, though I had to reduce the cooking time quite a bit as the first batch was scorched.

  • Amaretti with honey and orange blossom

    • darcie_b on May 27, 2020

      A tad complicated for a cookie but delicious. The orange flower water and orange zest elevate this above traditional amaretti.

    • LadyCJKT on January 27, 2018

      I really enjoyed this recipe. It's quite straightforward and easy to follow. I used double the almond extract called for as my one is not a good quality one. I didn't think the orange blossom came through strong enough so may try a little more next time. I would also try rubbing the zest into the sugar next time to release the oils more from the zest. I loved these both warm and cold and will be making them again. They would be perfect to take along to dinner at a friends.

    • elysedc on December 28, 2022

      I followed LadyCJKT's lead by using double the almond extract, as mine was also not a high quality one. I came into this recipe thinking they would require a lot of me (as do most recipes in this book, and Ottolenghi recipes in general) and was surprised by how well they came out and how relatively easy they were to make. Yes, multiple chills in the fridge are required, but the rest was fairly straightforward and resulted in a soft little cookie with a delicate crunch on the outside and a lovely depth of flavor. Where most xmas cookies are a bit one note, these are not and will add variety for sure! Good cold, VERY good warm. Oh - I also went out of my way to use a delicious orange blossom honey. Probably didn't make any difference either way but will try to use this in the future as well.

  • Chocolate chip and pecan cookies

    • Nossovitzky on June 14, 2020

      Very delicious but a little dry in the dough - might try reducing the flour slightly next time. Makes a lot of biscuits so froze half.

    • mondraussie on February 18, 2018

      I didn't bother with the 1 hour in the fridge and they turned out just fine. I didn't have SR flour so I mixed baking powder with plain flour. Next time reduce the quantity of baking powder to make the finished product a little denser.

    • Tatiana131 on January 25, 2018

      The dough does not contain enough moisture as written, especially in our very dry climate. As written the dough was super crumbly and did not spead into cookies when baked. We added just enough milk to bind the dough together to get actual cookies. The balls that didn't spread tasted of uncooked flour in the middle. Very mediocre recipe.

    • stef on June 22, 2018

      Made these again with corrected amount of flour. They turned out well. Will reduce sugars a bit next time.

    • stef on December 06, 2017

      I made the dough and refrigerated it overnight. Next day it was very crumbly even at room temperature. Maybe because I made my own self rising flour. Cookie is good with a shortbread type of texture.

    • raybun on March 23, 2020

      I almost didn’t make these after reading the previous Notes, but am glad I went ahead. I slightly reduced the sugar and the texture was perfect, not dry at all. My new favourite CCC!

    • Livmichelle on May 06, 2020

      Great recipe! Didn’t see any note before I made them, 1st dozen no fridge time pressed the dough flat a little, perfect; 2nd doz. 2hr in fridge and didn’t flatten balls and they didn’t spread at all, still delicious. No fridge time, flatten a bit and and alls good

    • Mtetpon on December 12, 2017

      I agree the dough was very crumbly. The cookies do not spread very much at all.

  • Chocolate tart with hazelnut, rosemary and orange

    • Kattancock on December 03, 2023

      This was good, but for all the effort of making a tart crust I think it would have been more enjoyable as a mousse.

    • Scubadiva on December 29, 2017

      The pastry recipe in the US version has way too little liquid. There must have been an error in conversion or a failure in testing.

  • Pistachio and rose water semolina cake

    • romy.backus on November 27, 2017

      Like baklava in cake form - dense and moist, but not too sweet. Would be the perfect end to a Middle Eastern themed meal.

    • Zosia on June 04, 2018

      Rose and lemon flavours came together beautifully in this rich cake. I served it the day after it was made and it was perfectly moist with the syrup evenly distributed throughout. The rose water cream was a delicious finishing touch.

  • Chocolate Guinness cake with Baileys Irish cream

    • hillsboroks on March 17, 2020

      These were some of the best chocolate cakes I have ever made. I did not have the little cake pans called for in the recipe but I found the batter filled my Bundtlette pan of six little Bundt cakes perfectly. Using the Bundt shape also make it quite easy to pipe the Irish Cream filling into the center of each little cake. But before filling them I moved the cooled cakes onto individual 4" round paper baking cups I had on hand to prevent any mess from the filling leaking out. These little hard paper cups also were perfect to contain the ganache as I poured it over the cakes. I had a small bit of the filling leftover and piped a small mound on top of the ganache before grating the chocolate over it all. They were beautiful, delicious and got rave reviews at the St. Patrick's dinner I took them to. The appearance would have been perfect except that my baking cups were red with white polka dots. Oh well!

    • bwhip on March 27, 2020

      Absolutely delicious, what a wonderful cake. Pretty easy to make. Cake is moist and tender, with a really lovely and rich chocolate flavor. Filling amount is just right. I had to beat mine in the mixer quite a bit to thicken it up enough, but it turned out creamy and delicious. I used 8” springform pan, which worked out quite well.

    • anya_sf on December 07, 2020

      My husband requested this for his birthday and was very happy with his choice. I baked it in an 8" pan (not springform) for 35 min, which worked, although I needed a knife to loosen the edges, which were crumbly. The top sank slightly, but was covered by the ganache. In my cool kitchen, the ganache cooled to spreading temperature in less than 30 min. I wouldn't have minded more filling for visual appeal, although the flavor was definitely there.

    • Kinhawaii on March 07, 2021

      Agree with everyone- delicious! Used a pan for 8 small rectangular loaves slightly bigger than the specified ones & filled 6 of them. Took about 23 minutes. I think it was the brand of mascarpone I could find, but my filling seemed lumpy, next time may try the cream cheese based one from David Lebovitz’s Irish coffee cupcakes- or use cream cheese for this one.

    • pattyatbryce on February 15, 2021

      Fantastic! I used two 6-in pans and baked 30 min. It made it easy to fill. This took some time, but not as hard or time-consuming as I thought it would be. It's definitely a show-stopper.

    • DFarnham on February 28, 2020


  • Grappa fruit cake

    • mondraussie on January 01, 2020

      Totally agree with dinnermints! I also made it in a brioche pan, and it did turn out very, very brown (almost burnt around the edges). Next time, I will try reducing the temp a little, and covering with foil after about 30mins. And yes the icing needs more liquid than the recipe states.. not a big deal, just keep adding liquid little by little until you have the consistency you want.

    • dinnermints on December 17, 2017

      I made this in a brioche pan, and while it wasn't exactly burned, it did brown more than I would've liked. I couldn't have taken it out sooner, because the center wasn't done. I know my oven was at the correct temperature, and this hasn't been an issue for his other cakes so far. Am guessing I should try baking it longer at a lower temp next time? Also, for feeding 10 people, it was a lot smaller than I expected. I was a bit sheepish about bringing it out to our table full of people for dessert, being that it was small and on the darker side of brown, but then it turned out to be delicious (used Grand Marnier instead of grappa). I believe there is a mistake in the recipe for the icing, though. 1.5 tsp of liqueur made a very stiff clump that could in no way be drizzled, but 1.5 T of liqueur was perfect. And would taste fabulous on gingerbread.

    • Kinhawaii on April 20, 2023

      I thought this was just ok. Got 9 small cakes in a muffin pan & it took over 20 minutes to bake for me. Used Grand Marnier & orange zest & juice instead of lemon zest & juice. I thought it was better on the second day.

  • Schiacciata with grapes and fennel seeds

    • KarinaFrancis on January 26, 2022

      Roasted grapes are my current obsession and this will be on repeat. Not difficult to make and totally delicious. It’s thinner than a focaccia which means there was plenty of topping in each bite. We took it on a picnic and it got rave reviews. Update: I loved this so much I tried it with tomatoes/oregano in place of the grapes/fennel, it was also very good.

    • Zosia on November 24, 2017

      Such an interesting sweet and savoury flatbread that was a big hit served before the meal at a recent dinner party. The crust had a crisp bottom as promised and the egg yolk added a little richness to it. I used red grapes so it was less dramatic looking than if I'd used black but it was delicious nevertheless.

    • stef on January 01, 2018

      This went so well with chardonnay. Next time I will crush all the grapes

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on October 01, 2017

      Delicious! Easy, not fast, but very much worth the effort.

    • anya_sf on August 26, 2018

      Not difficult to make, just requires a few hours. The dough is similar to pizza dough. I used red grapes, but any would be good. The sweet-salty-fennel-grape flavor combination was addictive!

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      delicious! for a picnic or to go with a salad

  • Chocolate-coated ruby red grapefruit peel

    • KarinaFrancis on February 28, 2021

      After making the chicken and grapefruit salad I decided to candy the peel. Very straight forward recipe and I kept nibbling on pieces as they were drying. The chocolate coated version is delicious but very unphotogenic. Note that it took closer to 2 hours for the syrup to boil down, I haven’t discarded it, I’m thinking it will have cocktail applications

  • Parsnip and pecan cake with aniseed and orange

    • corylavell on November 12, 2023

      This turned out excellent except the top went very dark - needed covering prob half way through the bake. (My oven runs to temp, and the cake was done at the 60m stated in the recipe)

    • SunkenSouffle on November 22, 2020

      Mine turned out very dense and compact. Flavor was great though and the icing is fantastic!

  • Banana cakes with rum caramel

    • dinnermints on December 14, 2021

      While doing a freezer re-org, I excavated nine frozen bananas. Having already made several rounds of banana muffins, I opted to finally try this banana cake, which turned out to be absolutely fabulous. Both the cake and the caramel rum sauce are delicious and freeze beautifully.

    • EskieF on March 26, 2021

      I made these (7) in mini pudding tins - large muffin tins. I made one change - 50 g creme fraiche and 50 g greek yogurt instead of 100g soured cream (I didn't have any!) They were quite dense (possibly because I pureed the banana/cream/yogurt mixture rather than just mashing the bananas) and sweet and delicious. While I successfully made the caramel-cream-rum sauce, I think I'll keep that for ice-cream (too sweet to have with sweet cakes) and have the banana cakes on their own or warmed up with some creme fraiche mixed with a little rum!

    • amandacooks on May 21, 2018

      This turned out beautifully in a single 6 cup bundt pan. Mine took about 40 minutes to bake in that size pan. Didn't make the glaze, but the cake is great without it. Moist, as you’d expect from a banana cake, with just a hint of rum. I’m sure it would be much “rummier” with the rum caramel on top.

    • anya_sf on July 05, 2018

      I got 6 mini bundt cakes plus one jumbo muffin. The cakes were very easy to make. I loved the almond with the banana. They were delicious with vanilla ice cream. I would even eat the plain cakes (without the caramel) for breakfast.

    • sdutton on November 03, 2018

      I don't have jumbo muffin tins or mini bundt cake pans. I used popover pans and made 6. I also made the rum caramel sauce. I don't know if the almost burnt flavor was intentional or a result of an inexperienced cook. It was however absolutely delicious combined with the almond/banana/rum combined flavor of the cakes. The cakes themselves were wonderful and delicious eaten alone without the sauce. I ate the last one 3 days later. It was just as moist and delicious as it was on bake day. A winner! I will make these again.

  • Beetroot, ginger and soured cream cake

    • dinnermints on November 18, 2017

      Very good cake, and it does have a lovely color. I especially like that instead of butter the frosting uses heavy cream, which makes for a luscious mouthfeel. The frosting is quite soft and I thought it would sploop down the sides of the cake, but it stayed put. I'm curious about stem ginger after MelanieG's comment and would like to try that, as I agree that the ginger flavor could be stronger.

    • MelanieG on November 02, 2017

      Use stem ginger- the alternative candied ginger process is not great as not very gingery result. I grated ginger into the frosting instead of adding ginger juice and thought it was better probably as more gingery taste. Addition of vit C tablet really does make the beetroot stay brighter than in other cakes.

    • LadyCJKT on February 24, 2019

      What a delicious cake! We had a lot of grated beetroot left over and this was the recipe that stood out when deciding what to do with it. Stem ginger is difficult to get where I live so I used about 70g of fresh ginger instead. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't work but having just tasted the cake I'm really pleased with the substitute. Walnuts are difficult to get too so those had to be left out but I can see how they'd add texturally to the cake. We also left off the frosting as my OH doesn't like frosting on cakes and this had no detrimental effect on the cake.

    • SunkenSouffle on November 22, 2020

      This one got VERY mixed reviews. Once I got "used" to the flavor, I loved it, but it wasn't love at first bite.

  • Gingerbread with brandy apples and crème fraîche

    • dinnermints on December 10, 2017

      Very, very good. Didn't try it with the brandy apples, but was lobbying for it (we were taking it somewhere for a Thanksgiving dessert, my fam thought dealing with the apples would be too fussy...next time!). I really don't see the point of steeping the crystallized ginger in water; it just leeches flavor out. The crystallized ginger doesn't need to be softened. I added it as is, and it was great - would even add a bit more (wish I'd done that with his beet cake too).

    • coryelizabeth on February 15, 2018

      I made this cake twice (in the same day). The first time was a disaster; the second time, it worked out pretty well. Here is what made the difference. You must use a spring form pan to bake this cake. The recipe says it will work in a Bundt pan, but it's not possible to line a Bundt pan with parchment and, without parchment, the cake will stick hopelessly and eventually fall into pieces. In addition to using a spring form pan, take the time to butter the pan well, before lining the bottom AND the sides with parchment. Additionally, 50 minutes at 400F led to a burned cake. The second time around, I covered the cake with tin foil at 30 minutes and pulled it out at 40. It was still a bit scorched on the top and bottom, though it still tasted good. Next time, I might try a slightly lower oven temperature to avoid burning.

    • coryelizabeth on February 17, 2018

      **UPDATE: I just ate a leftover slice of this gingerbread and can report that, a week later, it is still moist, tender, and even more delicious than it was originally. The brandied apples and creme fraiche make this into a "showstopper" dessert, but the cake on its own is lovely and complex. Worth the effort, with a few adjustments (see below).

    • anya_sf on March 19, 2020

      I made 1/3 recipe in a 6" round pan. After 24 minutes, it was done or perhaps overdone, as the cake wasn't as moist as I'd like, although the flavor was good. I didn't line the sides with parchment and had no trouble removing the cake, but parchment might have protected against overbaking. We loved the brandy apples (I used Braeburn) and had lightly sweetened whipped cream on the side instead of creme fraiche.

  • Pineapple and star anise chiffon cake

    • dinnermints on October 08, 2017

      First time I've made a chiffon cake, and was desperately afraid it would turn into a frisbee. Thanks to some online tutorials about how not to eff it up, it turned out really well (can't say if it's perfect....don't think I've ever even eaten chiffon cake before). I used an oven thermometer and determined I needed to turn it down to 390 for the desired temperature, and tried to not over-stiffen the egg whites. And I lightly greased the foil before putting over the cake after 25 min in the oven. I couldn't get the pineapple slices to form flowers - wish there was a video on this - but the pieces still looked nice on the cake (though difficult to slice into). Verdict: it was delicious even though the pineapple I bought was not the most flavorful, and an impressive-looking dessert to bring to the table. And everyone appreciated the lightness of the cake.

    • Zosia on November 12, 2017

      Chiffon is my favourite type of cake and this one turned out very well: the crumb was light and fluffy and the pineapple, orange, and star anise flavours went together beautifully. In place of self-raising flour, I used 215g cake & pastry flour and 10g baking powder, and needed 10 egg whites and 6.5 yolks to meet the required weights for those ingredients using Canadian large eggs. My oven doesn't bake cakes well at high temperatures so I baked this at 175C; there was no need for foil and the cake was done in the allotted time.

    • anya_sf on April 02, 2018

      The dried pineapple flowers were a bit difficult and confusing - at first I couldn't tell whether the pineapple was supposed to be unpeeled or peeled for those. I went with peeled. I had trouble slicing it thinly enough, then didn't leave the pieces in the oven long enough - they seemed dry and leathery, but apparently not dry enough, as they didn't retain their shape after unmolding. But I had enough OK pieces to decorate the cake. The cake itself was straightforward, although the flour weight didn't seem to match the measurement; I went with the weight. The cake took 50 minutes to bake, and I covered it with foil after 35 minutes. The pineapple taste wasn't that pronounced, and amazingly neither was the star anise (which smelled overwhelmingly strong in the jar), but blended with the orange zest to give the cake a lovely, bright flavor. We loved it.

  • Not-quite-Bonnie's rugelach

    • Zosia on December 20, 2017

      This is an excellent recipe for one of my favourite pastries that produces a flaky dough with more flavour than most of its type. I'll definitely repeat this one but I'll use a little less flour next time (130g instead of 160) as my dough was a little on the dry side. I used apricot jam.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      amazing, one of my favorites! can easily be frozen and then baked fresh

  • Saffron, orange and honey madeleines

    • Zosia on November 20, 2017

      These weren't as airy and spongy as others I've made, but they were moist and tender, and my mini chopper did the work of making the batter. They were also very flavourful, with the saffron quite prominent, on the verge of being overpowering. I'd like to try these again without the saffron, which is actually listed as an optional ingredient, to let the orange, honey and pistachio flavours shine.

    • Jojobuch on March 04, 2018

      I liked the simplicity of the recipe (using your food processor) and dipping them in the pistachios makes them very pretty; however, I agree with the last reviewer that the saffron is a bit more prominent than I'd expect - next time, I'd boost the orange zest and omit the saffron.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      very nice taste, especially when served just after baking. but not extremely special

  • Coffee and cardamom pound cake

    • Zosia on January 06, 2018

      Delicious cake with a moist, fine crumb and excellent coffee flavour. The cardamom was too subtle to taste, though its fragrance wafted through the house as the cake baked, but I used pre-ground cardamom that perhaps wasn't as new as I thought it was. I baked the batter in two 21x11cm loaf pans but would have used smaller if I'd had them as there really wasn't enough batter for them. I replaced the self-raising flour with cake & pastry flour and 1-1/2tsp baking powder and used only half the glaze.

    • rchesser on February 27, 2018

      The cake was easy and non fussy to put together, and it came out moist and with a wonderful crumb. I put only a teaspoon of ground cardamom as opposed to the 1 1/2 tsps called for in the recipe because cardamom can be a bit overwhelming and floral to me. I'm glad I did not use as much cardamom as specified as just the 1 teaspoon caused the cake to get a few thumbs down, one of the testers said it tasted like a florist shop smells. The coffee flavor was subtle in the cake but absolutely delicious in the icing, overall not my cup of tea but I am looking forward to cooking through the rest of Sweet.

    • anya_sf on November 20, 2019

      I used espresso powder instead of instant coffee. In the cake, I used the same amount, but in the glaze I only used 1 Tbsp espresso powder. I miscalculated and divided the batter unevenly, so the coffee part had much more batter, but with the espresso powder, the flavor was still there. Next time I won't make that mistake so that the cardamom batter is more prominent. The glaze needed extra milk to become pourable. The texture of the cake was lovely - tender and soft. My bundt tin is very dark, so I reduced the temperature to 350 and the cake was done in 45 minutes. We enjoyed the cake several hours after baking, but I thought it tasted even better the next day. Next time I'd probably skip the glaze, as I didn't think the cake needed it.

    • Ms20 on April 25, 2022

      This is a really nice, unusual take on classic pound cake. Would absolutely make again to bring to events or share with coworkers. Did not bother with the glaze.

  • Gevulde speculaas

    • Kitchengeek on November 24, 2017

      These were fairly easy to make, and fantastic - not to sweet. // I did not have dried ginger so I subbed a bit of fresh ginger, adding to the wet ingredients rather than the dry, and that worked fine.

    • Lsblackburn1 on December 05, 2021

      Loved these! Not too fussy to make and that almond filling is delicious. Baked for about 25 minutes.

    • elysedc on June 16, 2022

      this recipe looks fussier than it actually is, and the final product is 100% worth it. So delicious. These have become a regularly requested treat.

  • Lemon and semolina syrup cakes

    • jluvs2bake on June 15, 2018

      Delicious! Light, lemony. Very simple but attractive appearance. Recipe as written except used a little more zest (because I had it) and then added another Tablespoon or so of sugar to the syrup because mine tasted a little too bitter. (I think it was just my lemons, not the recipe.)

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      taste is good but unfortunately they fell apart, not sure why

  • Kaffir lime leaf posset with fresh papaya

    • Joyceeong on March 02, 2018

      This is so yummy! Rich but good! The cream is heated and infused with kaffir lime leaves fresh from my garden pot. Instead of bruising the lime leaves, I merely snipped the leaves into pieces with a scissors. The only changes I've made is, to reduce the sugar to only 4 tablespoons. I tasted after the sugar has melted into the cream, and the sweetness was just right for us with 4 tablespoons (about 50gm, instead of the original 140gm). I made it in the morning, refrigerate until serving time as a cold dessert after dinner, and it was perfectly set. The papaya needs to be sliced to thin slices, so that they can bend easily, otherwise they will break, but then that is not really a problem, only look prettier when they are in one piece. The lime zest and juice which is sprinkled over the posset, helps to reduce some of the richness of the cream. Smells deliciously fragrant from the kaffir lime leaves and the lime. We really enjoyed this. I would definitely be making this again! Yum!

  • Rum and raisin cake with rum caramel icing

    • Littlebirdchoc on July 20, 2020

      Wife and I loved it. Kids didn’t like the raisins because of the rum.

    • anya_sf on May 15, 2020

      We are fans of rum raisin ice cream and loved this cake. Half the recipe just barely fit in a 6.5" fluted pan. Baking time for the smaller cake was about 35 minutes. The weight of the raisins is more than the volume measurement; I used the volume as it seemed right.

    • Lsblackburn1 on December 25, 2018

      This cake was the perfect level of sweetness and the rum came through but was not too strong. Excellent holiday dessert!

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      nice cake but note extremely special

  • Chocolate ganache

    • Poppyseedbagel on October 27, 2018

      Excellent flavour with clear instructions. Makes enough to cover the top of a 20cm cake generously

  • Chocolate, rose and walnut ice cream

  • Pecan snowballs

    • Lepa on December 21, 2018

      We liked these but I'd add a touch more salt next time. Maybe a 1/4 teaspoon? Mine were approximately 20 g each and perfectly cooked at 18 minutes.

    • sosayi on December 08, 2017

      Great iteration of this cookie. I used the Greek variation mentioned in the headnote (where you sub walnuts and ouzo) and loved it. I'd definitely do that again. My cookies were a mite on the small side (around 18 g, not the recommended 20g) and I think were slightly overcooked at 17 minutes. I'd try 15-16 instead (from the listed 16-18). Still melt-in-your mouth, but just with an initial bite. Two days later only 3 are left so I'd call it a win.

  • Tin can cake part 2 (pineapple, pecan and currant)

    • e_ballad on July 29, 2018

      Really tasty & very simple if you use crushed pineapple, rather than canned pineapple rings. At 40mins, it was perfect when cooked in a standard loaf tin.

    • lou_weez on May 31, 2020

      I really wish I read the reviews before making this cake. All went well apart from the fact I overcooked it :(. Apart from that it does still taste really good. Will make it again and reduce the cooking time and oven temp by 10.

    • anya_sf on December 09, 2017

      I baked this in a 9x5 loaf pan. It started browning too quickly, so I turned it down to 350 partway through, and it was done after 50 minutes. I adjusted the ingredients as follows: 1 20-oz can crushed pineapple; 1 stick butter; light brown sugar instead of demerara; a mixture of white whole wheat flour, baking powder, and salt instead of self-rising flour. The cake turned out well, and we enjoyed it for breakfast, as it wasn't too sweet.

  • Sticky fig pudding with salted caramel and coconut topping

    • lindayorke on November 20, 2017

      I substituted dates that I already had on hand for figs and it worked perfectly. Also, I made it in a 9" springform pan and cooked it 30-35 minutes before adding the coconut topping. Killer dessert!! Serve with a little ice cream and caramel sauce to take it up another notch...but not necessary.

    • anya_sf on December 24, 2019

      I baked the puddings in a muffin tin using jumbo liners. The batter barely fit in 8 cups (about 150 g in each). Before adding the topping, I moved the puddings into a baking dish because the topping would clearly drip, although more of it stayed on top of the puddings than I expected. As kinhawaii mentions, 1 cup coconut weighs less than 95 g; 1 cup was plenty. Baking the puddings ahead and reheating them individually in the microwave worked fine. Since this topping isn't that saucy (and some of the sauce falls off), the puddings benefited from being served with vanilla ice cream. The cake part tasted a lot like traditional sticky toffee pudding, but the topping was more like German chocolate cake topping without the nuts; the salt wasn't noticeable. If I make these again, I'll make 10 puddings to be sure the topping can be contained.

    • Kinhawaii on November 30, 2018

      I love this book but this was not my favorite recipe. I did have only 6 oz of figs instead of the 7 oz, which I thought would be ok, but mine came out like a nice soft apple cake dotted with figs. I tried to weigh finely grated coconut, which was listed as an alternative, & my gram measurement was way more than the 1 cup called for, so my topping was more like toasted coconut- should have used a cup. I think using bigger flakes, as in the photo, would have been better. I am not sure if I enjoy fig & coconut together. I used those taller parchment paper liners in a muffin pan & got 12 instead of 8. I think if I tried to force it into 8, it would have overflowed.

  • Ginger crème caramel

    • raybun on May 18, 2018

      Let me start by saying that the flavour is fantastic. I made the mistake of using my le creuset braiser for the water bath and it dried out, so don’t be lazy like me and get down the turkey pan! The flan curdled and was dimpled and motley looking, nothing like the glorious glossy smooth crème caramel in the book! I will definitely be attempting this recipe again asap.

  • Frozen espresso parfait for a crowd

    • lou_weez on April 06, 2018

      This is a recipe that requires serious commitment. Whilst not difficult, it is very time consuming. Having said that it was definitely worth it. It tastes amazing, with a serious hit of coffee and has both smooth, crunchy, bitter (coffee) and sweet elements.

  • Neapolitan pound cake (for the family)

    • lou_weez on November 16, 2017

      When I went to check on my cake, it was considerably higher on one side. So then I needed to cook it a little longer, which meant it was overcooked and dry...oh the injustice of it all!! The kids still ate it, and I will make it again, without ruining it!

  • Passionfruit cheesecake with spiced pineapple

    • lou_weez on November 05, 2017

      As far as cheesecakes go, this is relatively easy to make. It got a big thumbs up from everyone, not too sweet and oh so delicious. The topping is amazing! As passionfruit is expensive at the moment ($2 each), I opted for tinned passionfruit pulp, it worked but we probably didn't quite get the full passionfruit hit. Can't wait to make this again.

  • Fig, orange and mascarpone cheesecake

    • lou_weez on August 10, 2020

      I used some jarred spiced baby figs instead of dried and skipped the step of boiling them in orange juice. This is a very grown up cheesecake, beautiful, rich flavours. One to be enjoyed with a glass of port.

  • Lemon and blackcurrant stripe cake

    • Frenchfoodie on June 03, 2019

      Made with raspberries and it was great, icing tasted like raspberry ripple ice cream. Made sponge a day ahead and it kept fine.

    • steinsm on February 28, 2018

      This is absolutely delicious. But, I found that the first time I made it, it was only 4" high (which is logical when the strips are 4" wide.) So, this time I doubled the recipe and made the strips 6" wide. Much better! Also, I use my own Swiss meringue buttercream recipe as the one in Sweet made a huge mess and just didn't work for me.

    • Nikapai on February 09, 2018

      Beautiful both to look at, and eat. Can make the buttercream up to three days ahead and refrigerate, which I did and am glad I did, as it reduced the cook time on the day. Really interesting textured cake too. So many rave reviews from people who ate it!

  • Flourless chocolate "teacakes"

    • bwhip on December 03, 2017

      My favorite recipe so far from this cookbook (most all of which have been really good). They absolutely melt in the mouth, with just the right amount of chocolate. Fantastic! I didn't bother with the almond praline, and I didn't have Amaretto so I used Kahlua instead.

  • Hot chocolate and lime puddings

    • bwhip on September 22, 2017

      These were fantastic. We made them with orange, rather than lime, as the recipe had indicated might be a good option. Loved them and will definitely make them again.

    • anya_sf on February 07, 2020

      I used orange zest instead of lime. Made a few hours ahead (stored at room temp), they were dense and intensely chocolatey, more like flourless chocolate cake than pudding or souffle. The dollop of creme fraiche was nice, but next time I'll top them with unsweetened whipped cream for more lightness.

  • Apple and olive oil cake with maple frosting

    • sosayi on October 09, 2018

      This seems to essentially be a scaled-up, larger version of the same cake from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook. Delicious fall celebration cake. Echoing comments from that earlier recipe, the bake time still seems long (and, yes, I have the adjusted, newer version of Sweet). I needed only 75 minutes to bake, not 90.

    • SpatulaClark on March 14, 2020

      Keeps beautifully moist, so the large quantity isn't a problem, and the un-iced cake freezes very well. Divided batter between a 23cm round and mini cake tin. Used Granny Smith apples, and the chunks added interest to the cake. Replaced water with orange juice, which took it up another level! Sweet enough by itself, but the icing is worth it for those with a sweet tooth - though I think the maple overrides some of the more subtle apple flavour. Followed recipe for baking time and had no problems. This might be the most sophisticated apple cake I've encountered.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      my go-to cake for something easy to make, bring along and then top with the glazing. lots of raving critics

  • Yoghurt panna cotta with basil and crushed strawberries

    • anya_sf on April 11, 2020

      My review isn't completely fair since I did not have basil, which I'm sure would add another level of flavor. Even without the basil, we loved the light, refreshing flavor of the panna cotta. For 1/2 recipe, 2 leaves of silver gelatin made the texture firm enough to unmold, although I didn't bother. A combination of lowfat and whole milk worked (with whole milk yogurt). We topped the panna cotta with extra strawberries, which I recommend.

  • Rice pudding with roasted rhubarb and tarragon

    • anya_sf on April 09, 2020

      I baked the pudding and rhubarb a day ahead. I used lowfat milk and dried bay leaves in the pudding, baked in an 8"x8" dish. I imagine fresh bay leaves would have been more flavorful. The pudding formed quite a skin, which I removed. I wasn't sure I'd like tarragon in a sweet dish, but it was nice here. This was an enjoyable breakfast, serving 4. (If I had it for dessert, I might be slightly disappointed, as it's not super sweet.)

  • Mont Blanc tarts

    • anya_sf on March 29, 2019

      I made half the recipe made as one 6" tart, which served 4. I used leftover flaky pastry crust from a Tartine recipe and not the recipe in Sweet. Once the crust is made, this tart comes together quickly. The combination of flavors and textures was quite nice. I did not need all the pecans, but they were tasty.

    • Kinhawaii on January 04, 2020

      I loved these. Had trouble finding the chestnut spread where I live but it was worth it. The crust was nice & flaky but may try more of a pate sucree next time. I had trouble getting the nuts to be crunchy with this recipe- may be too humid for where I live- so will make candied nuts another way next time. ...so may not make the exact recipe again but will make a version of it- tastes wonderful!

  • Blackberry and star anise friands

    • anya_sf on July 21, 2018

      I baked the friands in a regular muffin pan. I had trouble with the baking time - the centers did not quite seem done after the stated time, so I left them in a couple of minutes longer, but then they burned on the edges. I cut away the burnt parts, but the friands were probably a bit dry as a result. Next time I might lower the temperature a bit. Still, they were quite tasty. The combination of blackberry and star anise flavors was unusual but good.

  • Tropical fruit cake

    • anya_sf on October 22, 2019

      After 40 minutes at 400 degrees, my cake was nearly done in the center and slightly burnt at the edges. I'd lower the temperature next time and definitely check early. There wasn't enough frosting for a "thick" layer on the whole cake (per the recipe), but there was enough for our taste. Despite overbaking, the cake was still moist. The texture was quite coarse, similar to carrot cake. The spices were very nice. The mango-cream cheese frosting was absolutely delicious. This cake was just for family, so I didn't decorate it fancy, but did top it with diced pineapple and coconut flakes. The fresh fruit on top really added to the overall cake. My family really liked this.

    • Trentinla on December 26, 2021

      oh man.. this one of of the best tasking cakes I have EVER made.. BUT its not really the prettiest/most sophisticated looking cake out there.. BUT oh man... it does taste good

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      great moist flavour, though very sweet

  • Raspberry lollipops

    • Rutikazooty on January 25, 2018

      I made this with a friend who went to culinary school. We followed the directions and the lollipops looked beautiful and the taste was delicious. But the sugar must have cooked to the wrong stage; we used a good digital thermometer. They ended up being more like something that totally sticks to your teeth and which would be a real problem for anyone with dental appliances in their mouth (oh, there's my denture). If I did this again, I would research the temperature etc of making a lollipop.

  • Cats' tongues

    • Livmichelle on January 23, 2018

      Yummy hard to get the right shape

  • Raspberry and rose powder puffs

    • Kinhawaii on March 10, 2020

      Loved these - but didn’t used rose water since my family is not a fan of it, used different jams- strawberry, cherry, mixed berries with vanilla cream. Like a wonderful stuffed ladyfinger. I made mine too big so ended up with 20. I opened the door to flip the sheets halfway & some deflated so didn’t open the oven for the other sheets. Will definitely make again.

  • Chocolate and chestnut powder puffs

    • Kinhawaii on December 31, 2021

      Delicious- delicate cookies, like eating a cloud. Half of the cream filling was enough for a generous scoop of cream. I think they are better made the evening before for the next day.

  • Almond butter cake with cardamom and baked plums

    • Wojtanowski on August 15, 2018

      A nice easy cake for a quick dessert with poached fruit...also works well to put plums in the batter though they will sink

  • Middle Eastern millionaire's shortbread

    • babasach on July 29, 2018

      A brilliant recipe that has (so far) been a great success anytime I've made it. The first time around, I accidentally burnt the caramel, so I decided to start again, and it was the right decision. In this recipe, it's the tahini/halva that makes the difference, and takes this shortbread from "classic" to "unusual and exciting".

  • Chocolate and peanut butter s'mores

    • SunkenSouffle on November 22, 2020

      These make fantastic gift cookies. They look amazing stacked on top of each other in a little celo bag with ribbon, and they are super tasty. Don't overbake the cookies, they are done before you think.

  • Lemon, yoghurt and juniper berry ice cream

    • Corrieallison on February 01, 2020

      This is one of my favorite ice creams I've ever made. It's different, and addicting. I have made several times - try and double the recipe next time, it never lasts long enough.

    • Ganga108 on February 15, 2022

      What a lovely flavour this ice cream has - lemon, bay leaf and juniper. It is lemony at the front, but not acidic, with a lovely, almost unnoticeable, softening flavour provided by the bay and juniper. I was nervous about making this recipe because the ratio of liquid to dairy is very high - normally I make egg-free ice creams that are primarily high-fat cream, milk and condensed milk. They are smooth-as. And I was right to be nervous - this one from Ottolenghi is more on the "ice" side than the "cream" side. Still, on a hot day, what is better than something lemony and cold. I won't be complaining.

  • Orange and star anise shortbread

    • SpatulaClark on October 15, 2021

      Had been wanting to make these for a while and expected something out of ordinary from Ottolenghi. A tender standard shortbread, but bland if made to recipe - needs more spices to make it interesting.

    • DePollepel on June 19, 2021

      taste good, but not extremely special

  • Ricotta crêpes with figs, honey and pistachio

    • Shaxon on March 28, 2021

      Note the 1 hour wait time on the crepe batter, time to cook each crepe, and the 30 minute bake time. Great to make ahead and then bake when company arrives.

  • Cape gooseberry Pavlova

    • Shaxon on April 03, 2022

      2 hours of cooking time plus leaving the pavlovas in warm oven to cool is WAY TOO MUCH. The pavlovas were golden brown on the outside, but also golden brown throughout. They tasted burnt. Very disappointing.

  • Almond, pistachio, and sour cherry wafers

    • elysedc on June 16, 2022

      I really enjoyed this recipe (photo I added is NOT a good representation of my cherry/almond ratio, lol) but I did find it difficult to cut the slices as thinly as described, even after freezing the dough, even with a very sharp knife. I can imagine that slicing with a deli slicer, as Ottolenghi describes, would result in an even crispier cookie (which is already delightful, as is)

    • Anea25 on January 29, 2024

      these are amazing. the recipe makes so many of them !

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