This week: When good cookbooks do bad things; EYBD Previews of upcoming releases; recipes; and more

I have been buried – figuratively and almost literally – in managing the indexing of books and magazines along with my regular duties. I am loving the new work. I tell you this to explain a little about why things got so bad. Read on.

For this roundup, instead of some well-thought-out words on a particular recipe or cuisine – I am going to share a funny/not-so-funny story.

The last few years I have been having some health issues – nothing life threatening – but these issues, which we are on the way to resolving, prevent me from lifting. Physical chores are spread out to avoid further aggravating my issues. So when books come in for review or James Beard related work, I have been just stacking these books up in a dangerous “book Jenga” way in my office and even outside my office.

This Sunday I got ready to get to work and went to open my office door. It would not budge. For one second, I thought humidity may be the culprit causing the door to stick. Then realization hit me like a ton of books, my piles by the door had fallen over sometime in the night.

Securing a broom I tried to poke inside the inch or two of space that I was able to leverage, but after fifteen minutes of this activity, I managed to move one book. Next, I decided to grab a spatula from the kitchen and try to poke under the door in an effort to loosen up the congestion of books and perhaps get some movement. No luck.

I called Jane to laugh and cry about the situation and told her that my husband was going to be less than amused. Yes, he was not happy but he did get out his saw and made me a “Dutch door” to get into my office. I joke that I always wanted a “Chandler door”. Needless to say, I have purged a hundred or more books and plan on continuing but doing a little bit at a time.

Let me warn you – do not pile up your books or you too could be the victim of a booknado/book avalanche and that just isn’t fun for anyone. I tell people I’m buried in my work and well….that could very well happen.

Be safe, friends.

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Strawberry sheet cake from Snackable Bakes: 100 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Exceptionally Scrumptious Sweets and Treats (page 55) by Jessie Sheehan submitted by member Astrid5555

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Flaky paratha from Observer Food Monthly Magazine, June 2022 by Cynthia Shanmugalingam

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  • Indio32  on  June 24, 2022

    Have pre-ordered the Kindle version of Mushrooms by Martin Nordin and will be doing the same at my local bookshop for the hardcopy. Despite the sea of new books out there being able to get a decent look at it with the EYBDigital Preview has swung it for me. definitel WISH more publishers would see the benefits of offering a good prewiew in this way.

    BTW in the UK Kindle Sale section you say that Amazon update it weekly. From my experience it’s actually being updated monthly and has been since August last year. Unless I’m missing something.

    • Jenny  on  June 24, 2022

      Amazon updates their publisher sales weekly and those links are automatic so they are updated weekly. If there is a super deal, I will add it. There are times when I do a thorough update but only periodically.

  • Indio32  on  June 24, 2022

    Hmmmm interesting….. is it possible that an Amazon update doesn’t necessarily change anything? The current selection from the link hasn’t changed since the 1st June. I normally check kindle deals daily as most of the best ones only last a few hours ie Falastin was 99p about 18 months ago but hasn’t dropped below £8.50 since.
    Also “Fast Feast” by John Gregory-Smith is listed in the Kindle deals section but was pulled about 10 days ago by the publisher as the formatting was a dogs dinner. There is currently no Kindle version.

    • Jenny  on  June 24, 2022

      The publisher’s link change weekly. The 99 link changes weekly. The last week I have not updated or removed sales because of deadlines with indexing and June cookbook review. Maybe it is time to forego the Kindle post.

  • Ren23  on  June 24, 2022

    So, I was wondering, where do all the cookbooks go that you purge?

    • Jenny  on  June 25, 2022

      I either donate them to library or give to a friend (my doctor) – her son loves to cook.

  • matag  on  June 25, 2022

    Yard sale book purge in the future? If so I’d fly out for that!😂

  • cpandrew  on  June 26, 2022

    I have way too many books — including way too many cookbooks (I believe my EYB count is about 305 not counting those in storage). My husband is glad that many of my current purchases are electronic rather than print. I think he can picture himself having to cut a Dutch door!!

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