Milk Street Fast and Slow: Instant Pot Cooking at the Speed You Need by Christopher Kimball

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    • Categories: Soups; Low salt
    • Ingredients: coconut oil; yellow onions; fresh ginger; curry powder; garam masala; butternut squash; chicken broth; yogurt; toasted pumpkin seeds
    • Categories: Soups; Basque; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: leeks; bay leaves; potatoes; carrots; garlic; dried red pepper flakes
    • Categories: Soups; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: sliced almonds; carrot juice; carrots; cilantro; fennel seeds; ground cumin; limes
    • Categories: Soups; Summer; American; Low salt
    • Ingredients: corn ears; scallions; poblano chiles; canned hominy; potatoes; chicken broth; heavy cream
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: potatoes; half and half cream
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: potatoes; green cabbage; caraway seeds; half and half cream; dill
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: potatoes; half and half cream; Fontina cheese; Asiago cheese; black peppercorns
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: potatoes; celery root; sour cream; tarragon
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Side dish; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: coconut oil; yellow onions; tomatoes; habanero chiles; collard greens; crunchy peanut butter; canned black-eyed peas
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course
    • Ingredients: wheat noodles; toasted sesame oil; toasted sesame seeds; shallots; scallions; garlic; oyster sauce; hoisin sauce; chile and garlic sauce; cremini mushrooms; fresh ginger
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; North African; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: garlic; yellow onions; grape tomatoes; fresh ginger; ground cumin; sweet paprika; ground cinnamon; eggplants; canned chickpeas; lemons; cilantro
    • Categories: Curry; Main course; Indian; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: coconut oil; red onions; fresh ginger; garlic; sweet paprika; turmeric; garam masala; ground cayenne pepper; potatoes; canned tomatoes; frozen peas; cilantro
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Side dish; German; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red onions; ground allspice; caraway seeds; red cabbage; unfiltered apple juice; apple cider vinegar; tart apples
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Side dish; Indian; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: grapeseed oil; unsweetened flaked coconut; roasted unsalted cashew nuts; sesame seeds; yellow mustard seeds; cumin seeds; garlic; jalapeño chiles; sweet potatoes; cilantro
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: cauliflower; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: white miso; rice vinegar; honey; cauliflower; white pepper; cilantro
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: yellow mustard; honey; cauliflower; parsley; feta cheese
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: mayonnaise; harissa paste; cauliflower; mint
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: pearled farro; ground cardamom; dried apricots; honey; yogurt
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: butter; steel-cut oats; ground allspice; dried apples; maple syrup
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    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; Suppers; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: stoneground yellow cornmeal; roasted salted pistachio nuts; dried apricots; white balsamic vinegar; Parmesan cheese
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; Suppers
    • Ingredients: stoneground yellow cornmeal; fig jam; prosciutto; Manchego cheese
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; Suppers; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: stoneground yellow cornmeal; honey; rosemary sprigs; Gorgonzola cheese
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Peruvian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: grapeseed oil; yellow onions; garlic; tomatoes; yellow peppers; habanero chiles; sweet paprika; ground cumin; dried oregano; red quinoa; queso fresco; cilantro

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  • Eggplant, tomato and chickpea tagine

    • jaelsne on July 13, 2020

      My family enjoyed this recipe. I made it exactly as written with very good results. Made about six servings according to my family’s appetites.

    • Skamper on May 01, 2020

      Easy with good flavor and a nice silky texture. The night I made it I served it with chickpea flour flatbread, and two nights later, over couscous. Better with couscous.

  • White bean dip with roasted red peppers

    • jaelsne on July 25, 2020

      This must be the most flavorful white bean dip I have ever made! My family is raving about it. It will be great to bring to pot lucks... one recipe makes about two cups.

  • Pork and tofu soup with miso and cabbage

    • Emily Hope on February 08, 2021

      This was pretty good and weeknight-friendly in the sense that you have to do a relatively small amount of prep work/cooking and then the IP does its thing--though it does have about an hour of cooking time. I upped the pork a little bit (and next time might do that even more for my own preference, though C would have preferred the pork just to be used for broth and not in the stew since he's not a big fan of stewed meats). My biggest complaint is that with 1/2 cup of miso, the broth was pretty salty--it seemed like adding 3 tablespoons of soy sauce on top of that (as the recipe indicates) would have made it way too salty, so I left out all but a teaspoon or so. If I make again, may cut down on the miso a bit. I thought it needed some acidity so added a little lime juice at the end. Served it with a small scoop of white rice in the bowl.

  • Cannellini beans with tomatoes, basil and Parmesan

    • southerncooker on July 13, 2020

      I couldn't find dried Cannellini Beans so I used great northern, which was one of the suggested subsitutes. I used the fast method in my Instant Pot. Hubby and I really enjoyed this dish. We had ours with cornbread.

  • Pasta with cremini mushrooms and miso

    • southerncooker on July 31, 2020

      Supper in the Instant Pot tonight was half a recipe of Pasta with Cremini Mushrooms and Miso. I was out of dry white vermouth so I used dry white wine instead. Quick, easy, fast, and delicious meal.

  • Mushroom and toasted sesame noodles

    • southerncooker on July 17, 2020

      I did deviate from recipe a bit. I was out of sesame seeds. Instead of udon noodles, I had planned to use the suggested linguine, but my store was out, so ended up using fettuccini. For the oyster sauce I mixed up some extra hoisin, black soy sauce, and Red Boat fish sauce, and instead of shallots some sweet onion. I only used 2 Tablespoons chili-garlic sauce, but it was super spicy. Hubby and I opted out of the optional hot chili oil on finished dish, but son added some to his. It was good, but son thought a little too sweet.

    • SACarlson on May 16, 2020

      I'm not generally salt-sensitive, but I found this recipe to be rather salty.

    • Skamper on May 01, 2020

      I used brown rice noodles. Made half batch with no problem. I made this a few days ago and already can't remember much about it. It was ok I guess?

  • Two-corn chowder with green chili and scallions

    • southerncooker on June 30, 2020

      Picky hubby loved this and so did I. I used peeled russet potatoes instead of Yukon gold since that's what I had. I went with fast method in Instant Pot.

    • lou_weez on October 07, 2020

      This was really tasty. I used frozen corn and omitted the chili.

    • Maefleur on August 04, 2020

      This chowder is full of corn flavor, we loved it! Sweetness from the fresh corn and nice chewiness from the hominy. I used what was available, butter and sugar corn, yellow hominy and white potatoes. I also omitted the cream out of preference. Summer in a bowl! I used The fast version in an instant pot but this could easily be done in a stove top pot as well.

  • Mashed Yukon gold potatoes

    • southerncooker on July 20, 2020

      While everyone enjoyed the potatoes with the stew, from p. 233 they said not as much on their own. Could have been my fault. I made a recipe and half to serve 6 and don't think I should have doubled the water. Too much liquid when finished. Instead of drying up liquid on sautee I had to drain first before continuing with recipe

    • Pizzacat13 on January 04, 2022

      Followed the recipe and this worked out great. Texture more smooth and creamy rather than fluffy, but delicious. The only way I am making mashed potatoes from now on.

    • Shewi128 on September 26, 2022

      These turned out really well, and they were easy to make. However, my kids don't like the skins in their potatoes, so I would peel them next time.

  • Tuscan beef and black pepper stew

    • southerncooker on July 20, 2020

      I used instant pot. I realized when I started making the stew I only had one cup red wine, so I used it plus dry red vermouth for the other cup. Son and hubby don't like rosemary very much, so I used herbs de provence instead. Has ton of pepper and garlic in this which adds a ton of flavor. The stew was liked by all, especially that gravy over the potatoes p. 14. I also cooked green beans and homemade biscuit rolls to go with. Delicious Sunday supper.

    • kateiscoooking on February 07, 2021

      Not a dish we'll make again. The sauce had a very bitter background. I debated putting in orange juice, cranberry juice or ketchup. I also sauteed a large onion, a green bell pepper, 8 oz of mushrooms and cooked a big handful of baby carrots to add in. Wound up adding ketchup, mustard and worcestershire based on a lovely beef stew from a friend. Next time, I'll use that recipe!

  • Carnitas with pickled red onions

    • bernalgirl on September 24, 2021

      Very flat and bland. Not a replacement for carnitas at any level.

  • Braised pork with ginger and star anise

    • bernalgirl on September 24, 2021

      Great recipe, I was worried about the 3 T of sugar but it caramelized a bit in that time before the liquid ingredients are added and the total effect is full of umami goodness. Served with bok choy and shiitakes over jasmine rice

  • French beef or lamb and vegetable stew with tarragon

    • FJT on March 12, 2022

      Made with beef stewing steak. I forgot to buy the tarragon, but even without it this was a fantastic stew. I know this for certain because my husband kept on commenting on it ...very unlike him. Lovely flavours, easy and quick to make (well, once you've peeled the pearl onions but I blanched them to get the skins off quickly so that was no big deal); what's not to love?!

  • Indonesian coconut-curry beef

    • FJT on December 31, 2021

      Whilst this didn't remind me of beef rendang, it was a really nice curry and I would make it again.

  • Braised red cabbage with apples

    • FJT on November 19, 2021

      Easy to make. I added one apple chopped before pressure cooking and grated the second one in afterwards as instructed. Next time I would just add the apple at the start. Nice taste - can't say I was really aware of the caraway in the final product - and really quick and easy compared to making it the normal way. We'll eat more red cabbage now that it's so quick to make.

  • Lemony orzo with chicken and arugula

    • sharifah on March 09, 2021

      We really enjoyed this. Very quick and easy to prepare. Pleasant, comforting and lemony! Perfect for a cold night.

    • jbny on February 24, 2021

      used all the juice from the lemon that I zested, which helped the flavor. My feta was starting to mold so I used mozzarella, and that was fine.

    • bwhip on July 28, 2020

      Just okay for us. Somewhat gooey and bland.

  • Indian-spiced kidney bean stew

    • okmosa on January 12, 2021

      This recipe is very good but made more like 8-10 portions, even as a main dish. The garam masala was too strong; 2T is A LOT. And I had to process mine for an extra 10 minutes to fully cook the beans. I found a recipe online for Rajma and the ingredients are similar but different; I’d call this a simplified version. I will definitely make this again but will: halve the recipe, make at least 3 cups of basmati for four at the table, halve the garam masala, substitute some of the Rajma spices/ingredients, add 10 minutes to the second processing, and offer chopped cilantro in the table.

  • Coconut rice with red beans and scallions

    • okmosa on September 25, 2020

      I don’t think this tastes much like coconut but I also haven’t had the original dish, resanbinsi from Honduras/Nicaragua, that it’s based on. I would cut the oil in half, too. The instant pot cooking time and process were good, though. I’ll look up the real resanbinsi now to see how it’s different. ;)

  • Butter chicken

    • SACarlson on May 16, 2020

      This was good, but I did miss the cream and added a bit at the end. I prefer the Cook's Illustrated recipe or the one that was reprinted in the New Yorker.

    • imaluckyducky on July 31, 2020

      4 stars. The base of this recipe is good - there is some depth of flavor although I think it could benefit from a heavier hand on the spices and salt. You will need more lime than you think. The recipe as written is super-saucy, and adding the pulverized cashew "milk" made for much longer time needed to reduce the sauce. For some strange reason my chicken completely shredded in the cooktime as written. Tastes much better the next day.

    • ripleypickles on July 19, 2021

      Good recipe. Be sure not to mix in the cashew mixture early as it will burn. Also added several splashes of cream for fat.

  • Persian barley-lentil soup with spinach

    • clkandel on July 15, 2022

      Very hearty and filling soup. Made this using swiss chard in place of spinach. Destemmed the chard and added the sliced stems with the onion. Added the leaves after the quick release. Love the brightness the lime zest and juice add to this soup.

  • Red lentil and bulgur soup with browned butter and yogurt

    • clkandel on September 23, 2022

      Using the IP this is a quick and tasty soup to make. I used harissa olive oil in place of butter, used rose harissa paste instead of plain harissa, and sprinkled with dried mint instead of using fresh while cooking.

  • Jamaican-style yellow split pea soup

    • clkandel on September 01, 2022

      So flavorful and tasty! I did cut the turmeric in half because a Tbsp seemed like a lot. I also used green split peas because I didn't have any yellow on hand.

  • Cranberry beans with Spanish chorizo and red cabbage

    • clkandel on September 06, 2022

      This soup isn't particularly appealing, but the flavor is great. Very filling - great for a meal with a simple side salad and bread.

  • Pakistani-style spiced beef stew

    • susankay on February 07, 2021

      Marvelous! If I only use my Instant Pot to make this one dish, it will have been worth the price.

  • Chicken in green mole

    • dinnermints on June 01, 2021

      For the effort of charring the veggies, I was hoping for more flavor. I made 1.5 recipe and added the juice and zest of two limes, which helped. It doesn't look that appetizing in the bowl.

    • lou_weez on May 31, 2021

      As I've never had mole, let alone a green mole before not sure what it was supposed to taste like but we all enjoyed this dish. It was good but not great and probably not a meal worth repeating. I held back on the green chilli so as to just have the slightest hint of heat.

  • Miso and bourbon smothered chicken

    • dinnermints on April 25, 2021

      It's not that this wasn't tasty; I just expected something a bit more unique-tasting given the miso, bourbon, and orange juice. But it pretty much tasted like mushroom gravy. I used cremini mushrooms instead of the shiitake, and served it over a combination of black and hulled barley mixed with cilantro (which was delicious with those flavors, would serve that combo again if I ever make this again). I'd maybe reduce the oil to 1 T. I'm very tempted to try the Edward Lee recipe upon which this recipe is based - would not be surprised if it's a lot better.

    • ripleypickles on May 29, 2021

      Add more mushrooms and know this dish is very saucy. Tastes much richer and less healthy than it is, which is nice. Best served on rice or noodles.

  • Chicken rogan josh

    • dinnermints on April 27, 2021

      I can’t compare this with other recipes for chicken Rogan Josh as it’s the first time I’ve made it, but I thought this was just delicious. I made 1.5 recipe and did the fast version; sprinkled my portion with ground Kashmiri pepper = excellent. Served over basmati rice with roasted cauliflower on the side.

  • Filipino pork adobo

    • dinnermints on August 26, 2021

      This was delicious, but very rich, with no veggies to cut the richness - probably would not make it again for that reason. If I did, I'd remove all of the pork from the pot and then put the liquid into a fat separator rather than try to spoon it off of the top, which is not very effective. I thought it might be a bit on the salty side (and I love me some salt), but no one else thought so.

    • Shewi128 on July 25, 2022

      I made this recipe using the "slow" technique with the venting open on the Instant Pot. After 4.5 hours, the meat wasn't super tender like I wanted. I ended up turning the Instant Pot back on for pressure cooking for 3 minutes. It definitely did the trick. This had rave reviews from friends and even the kids.

  • Vermouth-braised chicken and potatoes with fennel

    • Genscooking on February 26, 2022

      This was good, but next time I will double the fennel (and slice a bit thicker so it falls apart less) and eliminate the potatoes if planning to serve over polenta. Also, add more arugula and more salt and lemon.

    • Skamper on May 09, 2020

      We both enjoyed this. Next time, after cooking, remove the chicken pieces first and cut them into bite-sized pieces, then scoop up the potatoes and fennel with a slotted spoon. Removed pot and simmered on stove top (Instant Pot says this is a no-no; I'm a rebel) while I made Bon Apetit's polenta cacio e pepe (using much less cheese) in a second pot. The two went very well together. The next day, Mark ate some over brown rice and also liked that. Added some additional salt and lemon juice to the chicken dish before serving.

    • nnirl on January 05, 2022

      This was good if you like fennel (I do). I'm thinking of omitting potatoes next time 'round, especially if served over polenta or another starch (potatoes did turn to mush, although chicken seemed fine). Might add more arugula for its little spicy kick.

    • dc151 on October 04, 2020

      This was just so-so for us. The cooking time was too long with the natural release, and the chicken and potatoes were falling apart. I agree with the other reviewer about needing more salt and lemon juice.

  • Jollof rice with shrimp

    • jbny on October 30, 2020

      Used 2/3 the amount of rice and stock; added ginger paste and cayenne with garlic. Delicious!

  • Steamed whole cauliflower with harissa and mint

    • jbny on June 28, 2020

      no texture. lots less cooking time? or just don't steam cauliflower.

  • Steamed whole cauliflower

    • jbny on June 28, 2020

      made one of the variants. Don't bother, unless you are recovering from a dental operation. It's textureless. maybe good if you plan to mash it.

  • Beef stew with paprika and caraway

    • jbny on July 04, 2020

      Delicious! Fine to use less meat, keeping other proportions as is (maybe just a little less broth).

    • dc151 on August 31, 2021

      This was ok, I liked it, but a bit one-note for me. That is a lot of paprika. The caraway is a nice touch. My partner loved it and has been eating the leftovers for several days now.

  • Caramelized carrot soup with fennel seeds and cumin

    • uk2nl on June 17, 2020

      Lovely and very carroty (is that a word? ??). I think it needs a little kick when serving and added a small splash of hot sauce.

  • Spicy Korean braised chicken and vegetables

    • uk2nl on July 04, 2022

      Comfort food! The spice level is good and the whole dish is lovely, warming and soothing. Very easy to make as well.

  • Brown basmati rice pilaf with spiced beef and green beans

    • lou_weez on July 29, 2020

      This was a good, not mind-blowing, mid week meal. I cooked my beans on the BBQ while the rest of the meal was cooking to reduce time.

  • Risotto with sausage and arugula

    • lou_weez on August 06, 2020

      Doubled the amount of sausage as well as the cooking time as my rice was not cooked in 3 minutes. Great, easy mid-week meal.

  • Peruvian-style arroz con pollo

    • lou_weez on October 06, 2020

      Took Skamper's advice and doubled the cumin, could possibly have tripled the quantity. We all really enjoyed this as a midweek meal. Go easy on the salt as there is a lot in this dish. I would make this again.

    • Skamper on May 01, 2020

      This was good but could have used more spice. Not 100% sure there will be a next time, but if there is, at least double the cumin and leave the seeds and ribs in one jalapeno. Edited to add that this froze very well. I added some extra cumin and red pepper flakes as it reheated.

  • Three-cheese pasta with basil and black pepper

    • lou_weez on June 03, 2021

      Soooo cheesy!!! Kids loved this as it was overloaded with cheese, but still mild in taste. This is comfort food!

  • Pork, corn and butternut squash stew

    • bwhip on August 12, 2020

      Very good depth of flavor. Pretty easy to put together, relatively quick with the pressure cooker. Pork was delicious and super tender. Definitely needed a good bit more salt and pepper at the end. Main complaint is that even though my butternut squash cubes were at least 1” per the recipe, they pretty much turned to mush. As the recipe said, plenty of liquid, so no need to add more.

  • Chicken biryani

    • bwhip on August 25, 2020

      We enjoyed this very much. Prep is simple, and the dish has great flavor from all of the interesting spices. The technique of keeping the rice on top while in the pressure cooker, and then letting it rest for 10 minutes under a towel when finished worked very well. Easy for a weeknight, interesting, and delicious.

  • Pork ragu with green olives and warm spices

    • kateiscoooking on February 09, 2021

      This was good. I only had a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes and didn't want leftovers so that got added in. This is one we'll absolutely make again.

  • Farro with cremini mushrooms and arugula

    • kateiscoooking on February 07, 2021

      We liked this a lot. I used half of the farro and added a cooked, chopped chicken breast thanks to my husband's dietary requirements for low carbs. I wound up doing this on the stovetop thanks to the instant pot being in use for another evening's dinner. Perfect with rotisserie chicken!

  • Turkey meatballs in tomato-chipotle sauce

    • Skamper on August 03, 2022

      M really liked these but I thought they were just fine. I followed the recipe exactly and got a burn error twice.

    • Plumberful on January 04, 2021

      This dish was easy and the sauce is delicious. The meatballs were perfectly cooked, flavorful, and tender. I will use this method for other meatballs in the future.

  • Dan dan noodles

    • Skamper on June 26, 2020

      This was tasty and we both enjoyed it. I made a half batch for two, but after sauteeing was concerned there wasn't enough liquid and I'd get a burn error, so I transferred to pot in pot for cooking. After releasing the pressure I dumped it back in the pot to add in the ginger. A bit of a pain but worth it as I think it would have burned otherwise.

  • Hoisin-glazed baby back ribs

    • Skamper on May 11, 2020

      These were delicious and very easy - no long marinade but wonderful flavor. I used a half batch of sauce for a 3.3 lb rack and it was plenty. I cut the rack in 3 pieces, which worked just fine. My husband balked at being served ribs with pieces of cilantro and green onion stuck to them, and I had to agree they didn't really add anything.

  • Spicy South African beef stew with olives

    • Skamper on December 09, 2020

      This was delicious. I had a bit less than two pounds of short ribs so used just 1/3 cup brandy and full amounts of every thing else. The meat was very tender and flavorful.Next time I'd like to try adding vegetables.

  • Steamed whole cauliflower with miso and honey

    • Skamper on May 16, 2020

      Meh. There are just way better ways to prepare cauliflower than steaming.

  • Curried chickpeas with cilantro and scallions

    • Skamper on August 18, 2020

      Second time making this and we've enjoyed both times. First time made exactly as written, second time soaked the beans overnight and skipped preliminary 5minutes in the IP. Second time used a jalapeno with ribs and seeds in place of the serrano.

  • Spaghetti with sausage, fennel seed and broccolini

    • Skamper on May 01, 2020

      This was delicious. I used all hot Italian turkey sausage and no red pepper flakes. Used high protein pasta and cooked in IP for 4 minutes.

  • Indian chicken and cilantro stew

    • Skamper on May 16, 2020

      I liked this more than Mark did. Made a half batch and was concerned there wouldn't be enough liquid so cooked it PIP. In retrospect, don't think this would have been a problem. Next time, add some kind of tarka.

    • hbakke on September 30, 2021

      Nice, light, herby-tasting soup. The chicken was moist and flavorful from the brief marinade. I used a full can of coconut milk instead of 1 cup and I would do that again since it made the soup a little creamier. I like the idea of serving this over rice, so I might try that next time.

    • nnirl on June 09, 2020

      This is indeed a stew, quite liquid, but great flavor (and I'm not usually a cilantro fan). Serve in bowls over rice.

  • Pulled chicken with chipotle chilies

    • Plumberful on January 05, 2021

      We love the smokey taste of Chipotles and have always liked Tinga. This Is so easy to make in the Instant Pot. Made it as written with a squeeze of fresh lime to finish. It is delicious in a tortilla or over rice with crumbled Cotija and cilantro. We enjoyed it with leftover Hoppin’ John from our New Year’s Day dinner. Will make this again.

  • Ropa vieja

    • Plumberful on December 22, 2020

      We really enjoyed this! I had a 1.5 lb piece of flank steak, but kept all of the additional ingredients the same for extra sauce. Delicious, served over rice and beans with chopped cilantro and jalapeños. Will make again!

    • Apepin on November 14, 2020

      This was good. The leftovers made a great burrito filling.

  • Beef and chickpea stew with cilantro and warm spices

    • Plumberful on December 03, 2020

      This stew is simple and perfect. My husband loved it and so did I. I made it exactly as written and it comes together easily. I did add some Harissa, as suggested, as well as a spoonful of homemade yogurt. This is a keeper!

  • Meatballs in spicy tomato-basil sauce

    • hbakke on September 07, 2020

      These were good. The meatballs are a bit fragile after they're cooked and kind of a mushy texture. I served these in rolls like a meatball sub.

  • Peruvian quinoa stew with queso fresco

    • hbakke on October 05, 2021

      I wouldn't really call this a stew since there wasn't any liquid left after it came out of the pressure cooker. The flavor was good, but there wasn't any texture and it looked like a bowl of glop. Not my favorite quinoa preparation.

  • Toasted pearl couscous with chicken and chickpeas

    • Shewi128 on May 27, 2022

      Wow, this was super easy and tasty. It ended up being really creamy with a pleasant flavor. I didn't 100% LOVE the spices in it, but the method and outcome was great. If I make it again. I might try a different flavor blend.

  • Two-cheese pasta with cauliflower

    • Shewi128 on September 19, 2022

      I really like Milk Street's Instant Pot recipes and methods as they always turn out well with good results. I tried this recipe as I had both cheeses that needed to be used up. Didn't love it, but it wasn't bad. It tastes like provolone/pecorino, and I just don't love those cheeses. I liked the method of browning the cauliflower first. Make sure you follow instructions on how to cut cauliflower into quarters. However, it didn't completely crumble when you break it apart at the end, so that was good.

  • Pasta with spicy tomato-lentil sauce

    • Shewi128 on August 30, 2022

      The flavor was pretty plain, to be honest. We all thought it was a little too heavy on the parsley. The pasta and lentils were both well-cooked. Don't double this recipe unless you have a ginormous Instant Pot. I did love the crunchy panko on the top. I would consider making this again, but with maybe 1/4-1/3 of the parsley the recipe calls for.

  • Senegalese braised chicken with onions and lime

    • jenburkholder on August 20, 2022

      Good! I really enjoyed, nice strong citrus flavor. My son thought it was on the sweet side - I might have caramelized my onions a bit too much, but I thought it all blended nicely. The one chopped habanero gave it a little kick but not too much. I have a stovetop pressure cooker and cooked the full 10 minutes then natural release. Thighs were large - 4 in 2.5 pounds - so wouldn't have wanted less time. Would repeat.

  • Pasta all'Amatriciana

    • amgenove on July 19, 2020

      I cooked this dish as directed, but it came out overcooked. Couldn't taste the pancetta or the sauce.

  • Spaghetti puttanesca

    • BrendaD1962 on March 05, 2022

      Fast, easy and delicious. We loved it!

  • Potato and green pea curry

    • BrendaD1962 on December 22, 2021

      Absolutely delicious! We served this with basmati rice, mango chutney and naan. The potatoes were perfect. Not too soft, not at all hard. The whole dish was perfect. So much flavour. A keeper.

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  • Edition Illustrated
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Voracious

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