The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

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Notes about this book

  • featherbooks on April 19, 2013

    Notable Recipes according to 101 Classic Cookbooks (2012): Chicken Marbella, p. 501, Chili for a Crowd, Curried Butternut Squash Soup, p. 348, Decadent Chocolate Cake, Pasta Puttanesca, p. 444, Roast Lamb with Peppercorn Crust, Salmon Mousse, p. 322, Six Onion Soup, Tarragon Chicken Salad, p. 369, Tomato, Montrachet and Basil Salad.

  • nomadchowwoman on January 17, 2010

    With this book, published just as I was teaching myself to cook, I became obsessed. I learned to care about ingredients, appreciate olive oils, vinegars, fresh herbs. I've probably made more recipes from The Silver Palate than any other in my collection.

  • crjoburke on December 26, 2009

    Historic and authentic Italian recipes. Every Italian bride receives this book

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Chunky apple walnut cake

    • jzanger on September 27, 2010

      This cake has it all: it's moist, full of apple flavor, and it's got booze goin' on! Really, it's consistently impressive and delicious. 09/12 addition: because there is so much apple be sure to cut cubes between 1/2 and 3/4 inches. I've also decided that next time I will try using only 1 and 1/4 cups sugar baked into the cake

  • Chicken Marbella

    • Laura on November 05, 2010

      I know this is a really popular dish, howver, I have to say, I'm just not crazy about it.

    • ellabee on December 22, 2012

      This is excellent made with skin-on thighs. Original recipe is several times too sweet; restrict sugar to amt needed to dust the skins sitting above the braising liquid (so that they glaze and crisp; if necessary, run them under broiler to do so).

    • KarenS on September 18, 2011

      Love this recipe! The play of sweet, sour, salty, savory flavors is marvelous. Plus it's a great make ahead dish for a crowd -- marinate it the night before, dump on a baking sheet and stick in the oven. I use a generous variety of dried fruits, especially apricots, not just prunes, and I quarter them so they scatter more nicely. I use skinless, bone-in chicken thighs rather than a whole chicken. I'm pretty generous with the capers and olives. And I never put the brown sugar on (which isn't even on the EYB list) -- I accidentally left it off the first time, and thought the dish was plenty sweet without it.

    • lorloff on May 02, 2016

      Excellent dish used a combination of prunes and apricots. Doubled the garlic and used about 1.5 X the olives. A real winner delicious. used only chicken thighs bone in with skin

    • jenn on December 23, 2012

      As others have written, this is a great go-to recipe, but it is much better with only a small amount of brown sugar sprinkled over the top before baking.

    • damazinah on June 28, 2016

      I wasn't crazy about this. It was really just another marinated chicken recipe.

    • themadladybug on July 11, 2020

      We love this recipe. I make it for special dinners with guests. I agree with the others only using enough sugar to sprinkle on the chicken. I am always amazed how people come back and dig around for all the prunes. Delicious. But I have noticed that people who do not like meat cooked with fruit do not like this recipe.

    • Amyateit on November 20, 2021

      I make this often enough that I like to play around with it. Sometimes adding dried apricot, golden raisins and/or roasted red peppers.

  • Braised short ribs of beef

    • Laura on November 14, 2009

      Pg. 129. Made this last night and it was quite good, although I expect it will be even better as leftovers tonight as the flavors will have had more time to deepen.

  • Navarin of lamb

    • Laura on April 14, 2011

      I have owned this book for at least 20 years and yet I had never made this recipe before. I chose it as a way to use up some homemade beef stock that has been in my freezer since January. This is a nice, light spring stew, not to be confused with a hearty stew. The sauce was, as intended, quite thin, although tasty. It did not have the depth of flavor of a heartier stew, it was more delicately flavored. I realize that the snow peas were intended to compliment the spring-like nature of the stew, but they really didn't work for me. I'd replace them with mushrooms and new potatoes. I'd also add more pearl onions.

    • Dannausc on March 30, 2018

      I made it without the cognac. I accidentally put the sauce ingredients in the casserole with the lamb instead of cooking the sauce first in the skillet. It still turned out fine. It was a pretty decent dish, though not necessarily one I'd make again.

  • Chili for a crowd

    • Lee on January 10, 2015

      Very nice chili. Some wanted it to be hotter, but it is a great base recipe that can be tweaked.

    • Salt on May 24, 2011

      This chili is outstanding! The use of sausage in it is wonderful. We have been making this for years without the beans...I always add a little extra mustard. Terrific flavor - even better the next day.

    • Rachaelsb on October 30, 2013

      Great straightforward chili--not too complex. Easy and quick to make. Could even add more sausage.

  • Minted sweet pea and spinach soup

    • ellabee on May 26, 2014

      Excellent. Lunch guests 28 May 2014 asked for recipe (served w Smitten Kitchen asparagus-stuffed eggs). Used two 9-oz pkgs spinach, one 12-oz peas, and 3.5 cups homemade chicken stock; also squeezed thawed spinach v thoroughly before cooking. Didn't do separating etc, just buzzed with immersion blender until smooth enough. In retrospect, having recently read tip from Judy Rodgers of Zuni Cafe on immersion blending, would follow SP advice because my all-at-once approach took way too long to reach desired smoothness. Made day before; removed from fridge an hour ahead of gentle reheating, which took 20 minutes.

  • Hummus bi tahini

    • mlbatt on June 10, 2017

      This is my favorite Hummus recipe. I have been making this for over 20 years using either canned or freshly cooked garbanzos (preferred); this was a real favorite back in my catering days. Over time, I have adjusted the amount of garlic, lemon, salt and cumin to taste (lots of each, but must be balanced).

    • Bloominanglophile on June 13, 2013

      I have been making this recipe for almost 20 years now. Store bought hummus cannot compare to this. I confess to using canned chickpeas for a quick evening meal--someday I will try it with dried chickpeas. Anyway, I just use 2 cans of chickpeas instead of ending up with a partially used can--works out fine. I also toast the cumin seeds before grinding for more flavor. Do add the lemon juice gradually--I usually use less than called for. I serve this with pita bread, carrot and celery sticks, red pepper and cucumber for a light meal. This is also great for a picnic--travels well.

    • adukeman on March 01, 2015

      I made the recipe as directed. I used dried chickpeas, cooked in a pressure cooker therefore skipping the usual overnight soaking. I put them in the food processor bowl while still warm. This made for a smooth-as-silk hummus. I was surprised the recipe needed all the lemon and garlic, but it most certainly did. Perfect batch!

  • Tapenade dip

    • CorgiMom on January 14, 2013

      This recipe is easy as can be and makes a tapenade which blows the socks off what you can buy commercially. I usually skip the tuna and add a couple more anchovies, and skip the mayo and basil.

  • Zucchini-watercress soup

    • jodies on January 09, 2020

      Excellent and easy!

    • ashallen on December 08, 2019

      A very simple but very nice soup. I use homemade chicken stock and usually leave it unpureed.

  • Chicken Dijonnaise

    • DKennedy on February 23, 2015

      This has been a go to recipe of mine for many years. It is wonderful topped with artichoke hearts, reminiscent of a dish that once on the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. I prefer to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

    • Dannausc on March 11, 2018

      Pretty decent.

  • Sour-cream coffeecake

    • DKennedy on October 13, 2017

      This is the recipe Carol Bietcher served at her brunch. Very very good.

  • Creamy coleslaw

    • AgusiaH on May 02, 2012

      Nice flavour. I added napa cabbage instead of green cabbage, some finely chopped celery and substituted natural yogurt for sour cream.

    • Dannausc on March 30, 2018

      I used creme fraiche in place of the sour cream and heavy cream. It turned out pretty good. We used it on top of pulled pork sandwiches. I liked the addition of the caraway seeds.

  • Raspberry chicken

    • Salt on May 24, 2011

      Although the name and flavor of this might seem unusual or unconventional.... it is divine and a flavor/dish not to be forgotten. Our go to chicken dish for years. A real keeper. I am always surprised that chicken marbella gets the spotlight..this is much superior and complex flavor! Try this one!

  • Parsleyed rice

    • nadiam1000 on January 23, 2018

      I love the freshness that the parsley adds to the buttered rice. a very nice side and a step up from plain rice.

    • Rachaelsb on April 23, 2018

      SO simple to prepare and yet so satisying. Great to pair with more complex flavored dishes like Monterey Chicken.

  • Butterballs

    • nadiam1000 on January 23, 2018

      a very good version of the cookie I know as Russian Tea Cakes - less sweet dough than the usual recipe

  • Pasta with pesto

    • nadiam1000 on January 23, 2018

      This recipe taught me to make pesto and I have made it this way ever since. I love the addition of pasta water and cream which smooths it out and helps it cling to the pasta

  • Marinated garbanzo salad

    • Ivy on December 13, 2012

      page 216 must be marinated for 24 hours

  • Chicken breasts baked on a bed of wild mushrooms

    • ckbkaddict on April 25, 2017

      My copy of The Silver Palate Cookbook (print and kindle version) does not contain this recipe so I had to find it on the internet. Was looking for an easy mid-week hands-off chicken recipe. This one worked a treat. Mushrooms are delicious although I only soaked mine for about 30 minutes in the end. Would definitely make again but will remove foil before the end of cooking time so chicken can take on some colour.

    • Devons on November 12, 2020

      More effort than reward. Sort of like chicken breasts poached in mushrooms and liquid. served it over jasmine rice, with steamed buttered broccoli. The rice was essential to soak up all of the juice.

    • ashallen on May 24, 2020

      I was worried that the chicken in this recipe would taste bland and "steamed" and so decided at the last minute to saute the breasts separately (rather than use the cooking method specified in the recipe) and serve them with the recipe's sauce. It turned out that the sauce is so rich and flavorful that it probably wouldn't have mattered if the chicken had tasted like cardboard. I used fresh cremini and dried porcini. Sauce is earthy, creamy, umami-rich, and has a bit of sweetness from the port and shallots. I'll try the recipe's technique of cooking the chicken next time since it's much quicker and easier than sauteeing it separately.

  • Bismarcks

    • mike245 on December 04, 2012

      I made the Bismarck in a seasoned, cast iron skillet and reduced the butter to 1.5 tablespoons. It turned out well (and rose beautifully, almost like a souffle), but still had excess butter that I had to pour off after it cooked. I can't imagine how greasy it would have been with a whole stick. Next time, I'll use just enough butter to barely coat the pan before adding the batter.

  • Black walnut cookies

    • hillsboroks on December 22, 2016

      This cookie recipe is a waste of time and ingredients. My black walnuts had turned rancid so I substituted toasted regular walnuts but even so the cookie should have been at least edible. For the first time ever I tossed out a complete batch of cookies after my husband suggested it. I followed the recipe to a T except for the substitution of the walnuts but the results were terribly bland and tasteless. I tried baking them a bit longer to add some crispness which didn't work and even made a lemon glaze to try to give them a flavor boost. Alas none of it worked. I love the Silver Palate cookbooks and this is the first recipe fail I have encountered in more than 25 years of using them.

  • Black bean soup

    • PinchOfSalt on November 13, 2013

      I used only 4 quarts of water instead of six. The soup was just right - a little on the thick side, like split pea soup. Six quarts would have been watery. Also, omitted the red pepper because I didn't have any and did not miss it.

  • Grandma Clark's soda bread

    • PatriciaAnn on February 20, 2013

      I make this every St. Patrick's Day. It's delicious. It's more cake-like than bread-like and is not dry, but melt-in-your-mouth buttery. For even more flavor, serve with Irish butter. We serve it for breakfast, wrap the extra and serve it again along with our dinner. It keeps for a few days.

  • Stuffed artichokes Fontecchio

    • bktravels on May 29, 2020

      FRESH breadcrumbs are key to a tasty, moist stuffing.

  • Glazed corned beef

    • bktravels on April 26, 2020

      My favorite way to make corned beef -- just delicious.

  • Banana bread

    • Rachaelsb on October 20, 2019

      Not too sweet, wish the banana flavor was stronger but still very satisfying.

  • Chocolate mousse

    • Rachaelsb on December 09, 2017

      delicious but very rich....can half recipe and make smaller portions

  • Chicken Monterey

    • Rachaelsb on March 26, 2018

      I haven't made this in many years...still just as delicious twenty years later. Pure comfort and full flavored. Made with pasta as my side. Didn't have rosemary but thyme was just as delicious.

    • ashallen on October 22, 2019

      The sauce in this dish is both bright-tasting from the orange, tomatoes and other veggies and rich from cooking alongside the chicken.

  • Wild mushroom soup

    • julesamomof2 on December 28, 2017

      Made this for Christmas dinner- in 2017 no less! Still love this book. I used just a tiny splash of cream at the end and it was perfect.

  • Strawberry chocolate tart

    • bching on May 22, 2021

      pretty and delicious. The crust takes patience.

  • Date-nut pudding

    • bching on May 23, 2021

      Very good and old-fashioned. I poured about 1/4 cup of grand marnier over the warm pudding.

  • Phyllo triangles: spinach-feta

    • kkillebrew on January 01, 2015

      Lynne made these for New Year's Eve 2014. Yum!

  • Chicken with lemon and herbs

    • mharriman on November 20, 2019

      This was a good recipe to pop in the oven and do other things. I think this would have been better with fish. The fresh dill, parsley, and mint with lemon slices were just okay for us. I think those specific herbs and the lemon would have been much better with fish fillets. Served with a baked potato which I put in the oven 60 minutes before the chicken. Will repeat with fish fillets.

  • Salmon mousse

    • mamacrumbcake on March 25, 2016

      Love this! I remember making it for the first time 25 years ago--I felt so accomplished and grown up. The flavors of the salmon, herbs, and Tabasco are delicious and well balanced. I never make this anymore because this type of dish is not the current fashion. Too bad! It is so good and deserves a comeback!

  • French dressing

    • damazinah on January 05, 2016

      Fantastic dressing, so much better than store bought!

  • Oatmeal raisin cookies

    • e_ballad on October 02, 2020

      Excellent. Make into 55g portions & worked perfectly. Have also prepped some for freezer & will report back.

    • e_ballad on October 12, 2020

      These are perfectly chewy when cooked from frozen. Highly recommend.

  • Chocolate hazelnut cake

    • bgbmus on December 22, 2015

      Of course, I made this on a sweltering late September afternoon as a birthday gift for someone. It feels like hours, peeling hazelnuts. Was it worth the effort? In a word yes.

  • Lime mousse

    • bgbmus on December 22, 2015

      The mousse in this book is good. Easy to create, in addition.

  • Creme brulee

    • Smokeydoke on January 06, 2017

      Someone else rated this two stars, so good, it wasn't just me. Ha. Yeah, was excited to see this book at the thrift store and tried their creme brulee. I don't know if this is how they ate it in the eighties, but my creme curdled, was flavorless, and no one makes it in ramekins anymore. Also there wasn't enough sugar to create a proper crust. So many better variations out there now.

  • Chocolate-chip cookies

    • Bwolfe2 on April 19, 2017

      These were delicious. I added coconut and pecans, using the variation options.

    • averythingcooks on April 20, 2017

      I read a review somewhere (maybe here?? I can't remember) that said "I'll stick to my go to Silver Palate chocolate chip cookie recipe"... So I made them that weekend - and will make them again and again . They were delicious and VERY popular with everyone!

  • Molasses cookies

    • averythingcooks on May 29, 2021

      These cookies have a lovely warm & deep flavour. The headnote clearly says that these are not gingersnaps so hopefully they do stay soft/chewy as promised. This was the first time I've baked cookies with foil on the cookie tray but I also checked this recipe in FOOD52 Genius Recipes (2015) and it also calls for foil. So foil it was and it seemed to work fine. I will make these again for sure.

  • Blue cheese soup with bacon

    • Katielang on January 08, 2017

      Really lovely soup with a lot of character. I have made it as-written several times to great success. This time, I added a tsp dry mustard and a few dashes of Worcester sauce as well as freshly ground black pepper. Oh, and a few bay leaves for the simmering portion. Much easier to make if you have an immersion blender! I would also suggest withholding salt until the very end of the recipe, as the chicken stock and blue cheese add quite a bit.

  • Pasta puttanesca

    • kateiscoooking on April 23, 2017

      This is my go-to Puttanesca recipe.

    • ashallen on November 07, 2019

      I made this recipe a few times and it always seemed too salty (and I'm generally not shy about salt) even though I held back more each time on the amount of added salt. The fishy side of the anchovy flavor also came through each time. I like the savory side of anchovy flavor but not the fishy side! I subsequently tried Cook's Illustrated's pasta puttanesca recipe and found I preferred it to this one.

  • Twice-baked potatoes with lobster

    • kateiscoooking on April 23, 2017

      These potatoes were spectacular. And, the sauce before adding it to the potatoes was just over the top.

  • Bread pudding

    • kateiscoooking on April 23, 2017

      One of my favorite bread puddings!!!

    • aromo on January 18, 2019

      really delicious, this is my go-to. especially with the decadent sauce

  • Banana cake

    • amandabeck on March 26, 2021

      This is a tasty recipe-- super moist banana cake, frosting is nice too. My only complaint was that the cream cheese frosting didn't seem to get a lot of volume, and it was hard to get it to coat the side of the cake and stay, and get the nuts to stick, which results in it being a little homely. But tasty.

  • Spicy tomato sauce

    • Dannausc on March 30, 2018

      Good. I used canned tomatoes.

  • Pizza pot pie

    • Dannausc on March 30, 2018

      Quite a few steps/quite time-consuming. However, it's quite good and hearty. I'd make it again. The top crust came out really good and stayed firm several days later even after microwaving.

  • Pizza dough

    • Dannausc on March 30, 2018

      It came out really good. I made it for the pizza pot pie.

  • Pasta carbonara

    • pmbake on October 09, 2021

      Page 92 in my book

  • Osso buco

    • greatembini on January 09, 2019

      Delicious! The lemon zest thrown on at the end is a wonderful touch. I served this with saffron rice, as suggested in the recipe, and Autumn Apple and Walnut Salad (pg 269 in Silver Palate Cookbook). A wonderful meal.

  • Autumn apple and walnut salad

    • greatembini on January 09, 2019

      I loved this salad! The flavors worked so well together. I didn't have any green onions on hand, so substituted some chopped red onion. Do reduce the amount of dressing - there was way too much! Maybe 1/4 cup vinegar, and 3-4 tablespoons walnut oil.

  • Carrot and orange soup

    • ashallen on December 05, 2019

      This was tasty but seemed quite sweet. I love sweet (and sweet/savory) foods and like pureed soups in general, but that sensation of sweetness combined with the smooth, pureed texture made me feel like I was eating very tasty baby food :). Perhaps my ingredients just happened to be particularly sweet, or perhaps some ginger or orange zest instead of orange juice would help balance things out. As it was, I liked it best in small amounts vs. as the center of a meal.

  • Decadent chocolate cake

    • ashallen on August 23, 2019

      I think of this cake as having a middle-of-the-road style - moderate chocolate intensity, moderate texture in terms of moisture and crumb lightness. It's a fine cake, but because I tend to prefer more intense chocolate flavor, it's not one of my routine cakes.

  • Sour-cream apple pie

    • ashallen on November 23, 2019

      Very nice apple pie! The sour cream cooked in a custard-like way around the apples.

  • Strawberry shortcake

    • ashallen on August 28, 2019

      Note on just the biscuit part of this recipe - good, basic shortcake biscuits!

  • Lentil soup

    • ashallen on December 02, 2019

      This is a very nice, simple lentil soup. Easy to make. I always ended up eating the bacon before I could crumble it on the soup, so now I just use rendered bacon fat and skip making fresh bacon. The soup has a depth of flavor and a slightly smoky-sweet edge from the bacon which works really well with the lentils. I use a rich homemade chicken stock - that also adds a lot of flavor. Freezes great.

  • Mediterranean chicken salad

    • BethH4 on July 06, 2019

      I adore this salad. NOT your grandma's chicken salad! Elegant and "fancy" enough for a special event. A little more trouble than some, but well worth it. Healthy, fresh, perfect for summer.

  • Scandinavian potato salad

    • Christinalego on May 08, 2020

      Super! Fresh and cool. I made cod Provençal to go with it.

  • Pecan pie

    • ImCookingIt on November 26, 2020

      Cooking time was off -- crust & top very done after the 25 minutes at 325 but the filling was still soup. Temps don't seem very standard (too high, then too low) compared to other recipes. Tasted good despite the problems.

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      I’ve since made this dish for a million potlucks and picnics, always to great acclaim. It may not be absolutely traditional, especially in the olive department, but it’s really quite good.

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  • Linzer hearts

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      I have a soft spot in my heart for Linzer Torte, from my time living in Austria, and these cookies play off the traditional flavors of nuts and fruit jam.

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